Friday, October 31, 2014

2006 Gage Benefit revisited

We're going to change things up a bit for the remainder of the year before the Bandits season starts up with a look back at some of the appearances and events from the Buffalo Bandettes. The first appearance we're looking at is actually a combined appearance with the Jills. The same weekend the Jills exhibit opened at the Toy Town museum, there was a charity appearance at the Buffalo Brew Pub in Williamsville. A few months before, a beloved local doctor was in a car accident that he was in the process of recovering from when he tragically passed away 10 days later.
This was actually my 1st time working with the Bandettes and I was lucky that I had a pair of familiar faces there in the forms of Jills alumnae Julie F and Amanda F. When I arrived, Julie spotted me right away. I had only met her once or twice when she was on the Jills, but she was familiar with my work over the years and it's likely she knew to expect me as a rookie on the Bandettes that season, Meghan F had been emailing me back and forth after joining the squad about appearances and the like. After talking to Julie for a bit, Amanda showed up, who didn't recognize me right away but did after I showed her a photo I had taken with her and her squadmate Melanie at the 2001 Bills Opener.
Erin H and Amanda
Erin showed up shortly afterwards and after introductions were made, I let them get to work on selling raffle tickets, while taking the occasional photo. About halfway through the event, it was almost time for Amanda and Erin to leave but not before their relief showed up. Making the appearance on behalf of the Jills were Allison and Omarlla. After introductions were made, to Erin that is, since Amanda had cheered with both of these beauties during her time on the Jills, a group photo was taken before the Bandettes took off for the day.
Amanda, Alison, Omarlla, and Erin H

Alison and Omarlla with a fan
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 From the Jills comes a photo from the Lions preseason game in 2013. In one of the 1st appearances for some of these young ladies comes this photo from Stampede Row. Shown getting set to welcome the Bills onto the field are Lisa, Allysha, Hannah, Kristina, and Shelby G.
Lisa, Allysha, Hannah, Kristina, and Shelby G

Friday, October 24, 2014

2008 Buffalo Jills Away Game Parties part 4 and Comedy Show-revisited

We continue our look back series with the final Away Game Party at Rhinos and the 2008-09 Buffalo Jills Adult Comedy Show.
The crowds had dwindled a bit as the Bills' record dropped through the season but there was still a good-sized crew of regulars for a divisional matchup with the Jets. The diehards at Rhino's were rewarded with not 2, but 3 Buffalo Jills onhand for the 1st half of the game. Super-cute rookie dancer Lonna was there along with a pair of 2nd year vets. Providing the veteran presence were a couple of young ladies having big years for the Jills. Vincenza was the covergirl for the 2008-09 Buffalo Jills Swimsuit Calendar, a cover that I still think is the sexiest cover of any of the Jills calendars. The other vet got her year made big just prior to that party by getting elected to the Pro Bowl by her squadmates. Once I saw Jess was there for the party, I made sure to let James know so he could announce it to the fans in attendance. Anyone who's known Jess at all, even just from seeing her on the sidelines, knows how incredible her smile is. When she was getting congratulated personally by the fans in attendance, I think she was beaming brighter than I have ever seen her.
Vincenza, Jess, and Lonna with James from The Edge
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The Jills finished up their 2008 season with their popular Adult Comedy Show at Club Paradise in Blasdell. As it turned out, this Friday night event coincided with a rare Friday night Bandits home game so I left the game a little early. I arrived just prior to the start of the event and was greeted with one of the most pleasing sights I could've expected. I had mentioned that earlier in the season, Ambassador Squad captain Kelly H had taken ill and had to miss appearances and games. When you consider how well we interacted over the years, it was pretty disheartening for me that she wasn't well and that I didn't see her during the season. When one of the 1st sights I saw upon my arrival was Kelly flashing her fantastic smile, I couldn't have been happier.
Kelly back in action alongside her boyfriend
Rob Lederman from 97Rock helped with the emceeing duties as well as the comedy but this year, Rochester native Joel Lindley headlined the show. At the time, Joel was a regular on the Conan O'Brien Show and was seen on MTV, Boston Public, and the Bob & Tom Show. He's been a writer on Comedy Central and besides his stand-up tours that keep him on the move, currently works on the Holland America Cruise Lines making enjoyable cruises even better. Get a look at some of his act on YouTube.

Comedian Joel Lindley does a Jills pose
Being from Rochester, Joel was only too happy to do this show, which raised funds to help run the squad. He even did a Jills pose before he went on! Of course the comics weren't the only attraction at this event as most of the 2008-09 Buffalo Jills squad was in attendance for the event. Various members of the squad sold raffle tickets for a 50-50 raffle as well as for Chinese Auction prizes that were handed out at the end of the show. While the show was going on, attendees had 4 special waitresses circulating around serving drinks and food in the forms of Lisa, Valerie, Dr. Amanda, and Ambassador Squad captain Kelly. Tips they received went to the squad.
Ayeshia, Omarlla, Kristin B, and Jill D
Anna and Amelina with comedian Joel Lindley

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From the Bandettes comes a photo from the NLL Eastern Finals vs the Rochester Knighthawks. Posing for a photo at halftime are last season's 2 stunning rookies, Janelle and Mandy! It won't be long to see what rookies join the Bandettes in 2015 while these two young ladies acquire the status of veteran.
Janelle and Mandy

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Buffalo 716ers schedule released!!

Today, the Premier Basketball League announced their schedule for the 2014-15 season and included in that is the schedule for the Buffalo 716ers, which gives us the chance to see not only some professional basketball in Buffalo, but the 1st Buffalo 716ers Girls Dance team in action. All of Buffalo's home games are played at Tapestry Charter School at 65 Great Arrow Avenue in Buffalo, just a few blocks south of Hertel Avenue just off of Delaware Avenue.
  • Saturday, Dec 6 2pm Lynchburg Titans at Buffalo
  • Saturday, Dec 13 2pm Erie Hurricane at Buffalo
  • Sunday, Dec 21 time TBA Buffalo at Rochester Razorsharks
  • Saturday, January 3 2pm Lynchburg Titans at Buffalo
  • Sunday, January 4 time TBA Buffalo at Rochester Razorsharks
  • Saturday, January 10 7pm Buffalo at Lynchburg Titans
  • Sunday, January 11 time TBA Buffalo at Carolina Pee Dee Vipers
  • Saturday, January 17 2pm Carolina Pee Dee Vipers at Buffalo
  • Saturday, January 24 1pm Buffalo at Philadelphia Flight
  • Saturday, January 31 2pm Rochester Razorsharks at Buffalo
  • Saturday, February 7 2pm Erie Hurricane at Buffalo
  • Sunday, February 8 3pm Buffalo at Erie Hurricane
  • Saturday, February 21 2pm Philadelphia Flight at Buffalo
  • Sunday, February 22 3pm Buffalo at Erie Hurricane
  • Saturday, February 28, 3pm Buffalo at Rochester Razorsharks
  • Saturday, March 7 2pm Philadelphia Flight at Buffalo
  • Sunday, March 8, 3pm Buffalo at Lynchburg Titans
  • Saturday, March 14 7pm Buffalo at Lynchburg Titans
  • Saturday, March 21 2pm Rochester Razorsharks at Buffalo
  • Saturday, March 28 2pm Erie Hurricane at Buffalo
Tickets go on sale at midnight tonight for all the games. In addition to Dec 6 being the season opener, it's also Kid's Day. Get season or individual tickets at
The tickets for the Red & White game on November 15th is sold out but there are plenty of tickets for the First Annual 2014 PBL Thanksgiving Charity Tournament, hosted by the Buffalo 716ers. There will be four teams from the PBL battling it out November 29th & November 30th. Tournament action begins at Noon, featuring the 2014 PBL champs, the Rochester Razorsharks vs. Grand Rapids Cyclones. At 2pm, the Buffalo 716ers take on the Philadelphia Flight!!! All the games will be held at Tapestry Charter School! Tickets are $10.00 per day, which include access to both games.

Friday, October 17, 2014

2008 Jills Away Game parties Part 3-revisited

After a couple weeks away from Rhinos with a bye week and a home game, the away game parties continued with the Bills in a bit of a slump, with 3 straight losses, all at the hands of division rivals, this early November game against New England being the final one of those. While the game itself was nothing to write about, the fans at Rhino's had few complaints with James keeping things lively and a pair of stunning Buffalo Jills on hand for the 1st half. Lisa and Ali had spent time with the Rhino's crowd earlier in the season so they knew what to expect and in addition to helping with prizes and signing autographs, they were able to watch the game as well, cheering on the good plays and covering their eyes on the bad ones.

Lisa and Ali with James from The Edge
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A couple of weeks later, a week after a rare MNF appearance, we were back at Rhino's for an away game party while the Bills visited Kansas City. For this game, Brandi made a return engagement with 3rd year vet Christina. Christina kept very busy on this day with not only visiting with patrons but paying close attention to the game. Out of all the Jills I've worked with over the years, she has to be one of the most devoted to the game as any I've ever met. It was a common occurence throughout her career to, after she's done a training camp appearance, to switch into civvies and watch the rest of the practice with the rest of the fans. 
posing with Christina

Brandi and Christina with James
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From the Bandettes comes a photo from the game against the Minnesota Swarm. Kirsten and LB, the Bandettes captains, would grab a photo together almost every game, including this great shot from pregame, just before they led their squadmates out to perform. LB said 2014 was her last season and while I wish that hadn't been the case, she was a pleasure to work with these past few years. Kirsten, who also retired, was noted for her love of the camera and as a photographer, there's no better type of person to work with.

Friday, October 10, 2014

2008 Bills Away Game Parties Part 2 and some Bayou bartending-revisited

We take another look back at an away game party that was held in 2008, as well as an appearance by some of the Jills bartending at a local hotspot.
The Miami game was the 1st one against a division opponent that season, in week 7, and the Away game parties at Rhino's Rock Bar had gotten to be a pretty popular destination when the Bills were on the road with James from 103.3 The Edge handling things with giveaways and a prize board each week. Of course it didn't hurt to have a pair of beauties from the Buffalo Jills on hand for the 1st half each week and they didn't hold back on the beauty that week as 2nd year vets Amanda F and Lisa were there for the game. During their years on the Jills, they were each well-known for not only their looks, but how easy they were to get along with.

Just before halftime, we were joined by another pair of Jills. They weren't there as part of the appearance though, but to watch the game. In 2008, a group of the Jills customarily gathered at Lisa's place to watch the road games together and obviously that was out that week with her at an appearance. 2nd year vet Ayeshia and rookie Jennifer were at a different appearance at the start of the game and made their way to watch the second half at Rhino's. Amanda and Lisa had made other plans for the 2nd half so Jennifer and Ayeshia hung with me for the rest of the game that looked promising for a while but the Bills couldn't pull out a win.
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As I had posted earlier, Bayou was the favored nightspot for the Jills in 2008 with Jills and alumnae employed there and it being the preferred spot for birthday parties. I went to 4 of those myself and with all the loyalty from the Jills, the nightclub graciously allowed the Jills to run a small fundraiser there the 1st Friday in November. What it involved was some of the Jills doing some guest bartending for a portion of the evening with all the tips raised going to help fund the 2009 Calendar Trip.
I started out my evening at the Buffalo Chophouse spending a gift certificate I had received on the best steak I've ever had. Afterwards, I headed on over to Bayou just as they were opening up. Alecia was already there as it was her regular job but it wasn't long before Val, Lisa, Danielle, and Lynn showed up to learn what they were to be doing behind the bar for the evening and to meet the rest of the staff. Some of their squadmates showed up to support their efforts as well and it wasn't long before the club was packed and a good sum of money was raised for the cause.
Danielle, Lynn, Val, Alecia, and Lisa
Val loves her hat

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From the Bandettes comes a photo from the 2nd home game against the Philadelphia Wings. Taken at halftime, some of the girls were excited to show off their Valentine's Day-themed shirts. Shown posing for the camera before they went out for their performance are LB, Stephanie, Ashley, and Chelsea.
LB, Stephanie, Ashley, and Chelsea