Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Bandette of The Week Amanda F

Our featured Bandette this week is blonde bombshell Amanda F. Longtime fans of this beauty will remember she spent 3 years as a Jill before her 2 years, so far, as a Bandette. She's grown a lot since her rookie year with the Jills when she was actually a bit shy. I myself can attest to that as I remember meeting her that rookie season when she and another Jill were out touring the parking lots with swimsuit calendars. Shyness is no longer one of her attributes as she's quite outgoing these days. Read a little more about Amanda at and don't forget her video profile at

Also, check the files section of the webgroup (registration required) for a special treat...her 2001 Buffalo Jills bio
Also..a look at her 2002 swimsuit pic at

Buffalo Jill of The Week Nicole P

With eyes as deep as the water she was posing in on the last swimsuit calendar's cover, Nicole P is our latest Jill of The Week. 2007 will be her 4th on the squad and her dance skills show no signs of diminishing. Of course, 15 years at the Lorraine Goddard Dance Studio aren't going to be forgotten anytime soon. The studio prides itself on the fact that many of their students have gone on to professional dance careers and Nicole, whose future plans include teaching, chose to instead utilize her what she's learned for the fans of the Buffalo Bills. Don't let that make you think she couldn't have gone on to a pro dance career or anything. She did, afterall, win an Outstanding Overall Achievement Award at a Showstoppers National Dance Competition, a competition that boasts several big name former competitors like Britney Spears, LeAnn Rimes, as well as members of boy bands Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. You can read more about Nicole in the files section of the webgroup (registration required) and don't forget to check out her sizzling hot photos on FCI's website.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Bandette of The Week Erica

Vivacious rookie Erica is our current Bandette of The Week and keeping people happy is her goal in life. It goes beyond making people smile by watching this petite beauty dancing, though. This former Bandits season ticket holder also likes to sing but takes things further than that as well. She's the Buffalo director for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, a noteworthy position to be sure. Read more about Erica at and don't forget her video profile at

Buffalo Jill of The Week Brianne

Move over Natalie Gulbis...there's a female golfer in the Western NY region who's even hotter. Natalie can be happy that our current Jill of The Week just got her degree in public relations and sociology. Otherwise, Brianne, entering her 3rd season as a Jill, would be getting all the attention...and probably winning more tournaments than Ms. Gulbis as well. Well, the LPGA's loss is our gain. Still, even with work, school, practice, appearances, and the like, she also finds time to golf regularly...and showed off her skills just a bit at last year's Jills Golf Tournament. Brianne has been cheering since the age of 9 on 5 different levels overall and also has a few years of experience in gymnastics. For more on Brianne, take a look at the webgroup's files section (registration required) and don't forget to see how stunning she looks in a string bikini at FCI's site

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jills Co-captains announced

In addition to each squad on the field having a returning captain who doesn't have to try out for the squad and is in charge of making sure her squad is lined up properly, does the routines, etc, they also have case the captain can't make the game and to help coordinate things out there on the field. Jills practices have been going on ever since the squad was selected and it wasn't that long ago that girls were put into their squad assignments and co-captains are selected.
  • Joining 8-year vet Omarlla will be fellow 8-year vet Eileen as her co-captain once again.
  • Also returning as co-captain will be Nicole P, last year's Swimsuit Calendar covergirl and 4th year vet. This year she moves over to 6th year vet Jamie R's line.
  • That leaves Pro Bowl Jill Aimee without a co-captain and selected as her co-captain this year is 3rd year vet Katie K. Congratulations Katie!
  • On the Ambassador Squad, 5th year vet Kelly will be handling the captain duties on her own.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

2007 Buffalo Jills softball game pics

After Durf's Dollies backed out of their annual softball game with the Jills (probably due to fear of getting beaten handily again), the Taste of Niagara organizers brought in the WNY Challengers Sports League and rather than play against them, the 10 Jills on hand acted as buddies to the Challenger athletes as they divided into 2 teams for a relaxing and fun softball game. For more information on the Challenger League, see Overall, a fun time was had by all as 3rd year vets Autumn and Rachael were joined by rookies Amanda, Stacy, Kaitlin, Jessica, Stephanie, Lisa, Katherine, and fans a glimpse at some of the beauty the Bills sidelines will see this fall.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Bandette of The Week Ashley

This week, we take a look at one of our rookies on the Bandettes. If you're a longtime fan of Buffalo's pro cheerleaders, you might just recognize Ashley. She was actually on the 2002 Buffalo Jills as well and cheered alongside her current coach...Erin J was the captain of the squad that Ashley cheered on. Besides being a student and personal trainer, she has devoted a lot of time in her life to community service as much so that she once won the Martin Luther King Keeping the Dream Alive award for community service. You can read more about Ashley at and don't forget to check out her video profile at

Also, as an added bonus, check the webgroup's files section (registration required) for a look at her 2002 Jills bio.

Buffalo Jill of The Week Marissa

She has one of the brightest smiles in Western New York but Marissa only spent a small part of the 2006 season with the Jills after spending 2005 on the squad. She was a natural to make the Jills as she spent 4 years as a varsity cheerleader in high school and also spent a year with the WNY Elite Allstar cheerleading team. One can only hope she decides to return to the sidelines one day although her hands may be full with a pair of Rottweilers named Rocky and Beretta, each of which is as gentle as a teddy bear but larger than 5' 1" Marissa. Read more about our Jill of The Week in the files section (registration required) and don't forget to see her showing off more than her incredible smile at

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Buffalo Jills softball game

Looking for something to do this weekend? Maybe you're looking for something to do with your father on Father's Day. Well, if you or your father likes food, wine, sports like softball, or beautiful women, then I have the answer for you. Father's Day weekend at Outwater Park in Lockport, NY is the setting for the Taste of Niagara Festival which features foods and wines from the Niagara-Buffalo region as well as a Kidz Zone, live music, a basketball tournament, and live tigers.

The biggest part of the weekend, however, is the annual Father's Day softball game between the Buffalo Jills and Durf's Dollies. Durf's Dollies is a local volunteer fire department dressed in drag and what they lack in athleticism, they make up for in humor. Last year, the Jills built up a 35-12 lead before the Dollies bent some rules to claim a 39-38 win. We can only hope that whichever rookie Jills are playing this year have been warned about some of the pranks the Dollies will be pulling on them. Definitely a fun event to see.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Bandette of The Week Amanda H

One of our three Bandette rookies graces our front page this week as Bandette of the Week. Amanda H has been dancing since the age of 2 and, as a 13-year old ballet dancer, performed in The Nutcracker at Shea's. Now that summer is practically here, her free time will likely be spent on the beach turning heads with her friendly smile and beautiful body. You can read more about Amanda H at and don't forget to check out her video profile at

Buffalo Jill of The Week Kaitlin B

Kaitlin B is now entering her 2nd year on the Jills and it just so happens, it's also her 2nd year as a cheerleader on any level.

It's not like she had no experience in the area...but that her experience was more in the area of dance itself, with many years of ballet, jazz, and hip hop dance lessons. She's also quite athletic, as she showed us last summer at the Father's Day softball game against Durf's Dollies. She also must be blessed with a high metabolism as anyone who's ever met her can see she's about as slender as they come...yet she's a big fan of the foods that Buffalo is known for like pizza and, of course, wings. You can read more about Kaitlin in the files section of the webgroup (registration required) and check her out in a stunning blue bikini at FCI's website

Friday, June 1, 2007

Bandette of The Week Kimberly

She's been a Bandette for 4 seasons now and if she listens to the fans, she won't be stopping anytime soon. Kimberly's outgoing and friendly personality shows with a smile on her face everytime you see her...a trait that's certainly endeared her to the fans. She's been sharing her love of dance and cheer since the age of 4 and even in her first two seasons on the Bandettes, she was also cheering for her college team. That had to have made for a hectic schedule. You can read more about Kimberly at and check out her video profile at

Buffalo Jill of The Week Jillian

Three plus seasons is all we got from our current Jill of The Week. Jillian spent 2003 until early in the 2006 season as one of the First Ladies of Buffalo. All totaled up, she spent 17 years as a cheerleader at some level, having started cheering at the age of 9. She once said that the best thing about being a Jill was all the friendships she's made and I'm told that those aren't just meaningless words. Even though she left the squad in midseason, she still keeps in touch with plenty of her former squadmates. You can read more about Jillian in the files section of the webgroup (registraton required) and check her out in a beautiful black bikini at FCI's website, the official photographers for the Buffalo Jills.