Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Bandettes Profiles: Danielle

This week, put up a video profile of Meghan's co-captain, Danielle, back on the squad after a season off. In it, she talks about being originally from Canada, her history with dance, and the fact that she was already going to Bandits games before trying out for the squad among other things. You can find the link to her video at

Buffalo Jill of The Week Laura

If you're really into archery, you already know who Laura is. Originally from the state of Utah, she's the face of Martin Archery and isn't just modeling for them. She's an accomplished bowperson herself and has won 3 national and 2 state tournaments. This 2nd year Ambassador is frequently on the road to various archery tournaments around the country, shooting her bow as well as meeting people. When she's not on the road with archery, charity events, or as a Jill, she spends those rare times with her husband and her kitchen. She loves to cook and is, by all reports, great at it as well. Beyond all that, she loves shattering stereotypes. You'd think someone with her looks would make it known that she's proud of them. Well, she's quite the opposite. Out of the entire squad, she's one of the most physically fit of all of them but likes to joke that she's "chunky" when it's impossible to see anything remotely resembling fat on her body. You can read more about Laura at and don't forget to check out her 97Rock photo album at

Monday, January 26, 2009


Meghan, a Captain of the Buffalo Bandettes, is entering her fourth season as a dancer for the World Champion Buffalo Bandits lacrosse team. Last season, as a co-captain, Meghan demonstrated outstanding leadership skills, dedication to her team and a positive attitude that made her an obvious choice as Captain of the 2009 Bandettes.

In addition to dancing for the world champions, Meghan is an expert on Bandits lacrosse. She consistently follows the team's statistics, knows their history, and is always trying to learn more about the sport.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some pics from Albany

A few weeks ago, Q103 in Albany brought a couple of the Jills out to the capital region for an appearance at City Sports Grill and adorable Pro Bowler Jessica and the exotic Anna posed for dozens of photos with Bills fans as well as fans of the Giants, Eagles and Steelers among others. 
Back in September, Q103 also brought out a pair of Jills to not only City Sports Grill, but Bentleys and Ravenswood as well. Last year's calendar covergirl Jenica joined bright-smiled captain Katie K in posing for several dozen photos with fans of many teams throughout the day.

Coming up next for the Jills, there is an open, FREE, required workshop for all interested Dancer and Ambassador Jills on Sunday, March 29th, 2009 at 10am at Fusion Dance Studio. Ending time will be determined by number of attendee’s. Please come early to check-in and pack a healthy snack. The actual audition dance routine will be taught at this workshop as well as learning all the requirements for both the Dance squad AND the Ambassador squad. On the 29th, young ladies auditioning for the Dance squad should wear shorts and ½ top- Young ladies auditioning only for the Ambassador squad should be in business casual attire on the 29th. If you are not sure what squad you’d like to audition for, wear dance attire so you can try that first.  There is no fee for this 1st workshop. You will not be judged at this workshop however; it is still important that you look your best because video and photos are taken. There will be a short question and answer period during this workshop to help you understand what to expect throughout auditions and what is expected of a Buffalo Jill. More details can be found at

Friday, January 23, 2009

Bandette Profiles: Meghan

2 years ago, put together a series of video features on our lovely ladies of lacrosse. They start that up again this year and begin the series with 4th year vet and 1st year captain Meghan. In it she talks about things such as why she first tried out, her history in dance, and the added responsibility of being a captain this year. Check it out at

Buffalo Jill of The Week Katie K

This week, we take a look at 4th year vet Katie K, a dancer who served as Nicole's co-captain this year in her 2nd season as a co-captain. Katie is the last remaining member of the 2005 rookie class who has grown a lot in her time on the squad. She started out being a rather shy young lady but worked through that and is seen by her squadmates and everyone who knows her as a pretty strong and assertive young woman. It's almost to the point that if you had heard that she was shy, you wouldn't believe it. But beyond the increased confidence, she's gained a lot more in her time on the squad thus far. She's had the opportunity to travel...all the way to Iraq, has gained a lot of new friends, and has gotten to bring smiles to the faces of little children, troops overseas, and of course the fans. You can learn more about Katie at

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

97 Rock Health Fair

On Saturday, 97Rock, Mix104.1, the US Army, and the Buffalo Jills will be holding a Health Fair at the Eastern Hills Mall from 10am-4pm.
The event includes free gifts, demonstrations, health and fitness info, and booths with the US Army, the Buffalo Jills, Atwal Eye Care, UB Medical, and many more. It'll be a great time to learn a few ways to get healthier as well as meet some of the 2008-09 Buffalo Jills.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pics from the Buffalo Jills Adult Comedy Show

On Friday night, the 2008-09 Buffalo Jills invaded Club Paradise for their last event of the season, the Buffalo Jills Adult Comedy Show. 97Rock's own Rob Lederman emceed the event which featured Joel Lindley from the Conan O'Brian Show. Lindley has also been seen in Boston Public and the MTV Half Hour Comedy Show and is a regular on the Bob & Tom Show.
Of course the comics weren't the only attraction at this event as most of the 2008-09 Buffalo Jills squad was in attendance for the event. Various members of the squad sold raffle tickets for a 50-50 raffle as well as for Chinese Auction prizes that were handed out at the end of the show. While the show was going on, attendees had 4 special waitresses circulating around serving drinks and food in the forms of Lisa, Valerie, Dr. Amanda, and, in her first Jills appearance since September, Ambassador Squad captain Kelly.
That event, unfortunately, pretty much ends the Jills 2008-09 season with the exception of some smaller appearances and troop visits over the next few months.
Next up, the Jills will be holding an Open Workshop at Fusion Dance Studio on Sunday, March 29th as the 1st step in getting a new squad ready for the 2009-2010 NFL season. Full details can be found at

Bandits-Knighthawks pics

Last week in Toronto, Bandits netminder Ken Montour held the Rock to 6 goals in an 8-6 win for the visiting Bandits. Back home on Friday night, Montour stifled the visiting Rochester Knighthawks just as much. However, while the Bandits only put up 8 goals in Toronto, on this night they had those 8 goals by halftime with an 8-3 tally. In the second half, however, the scoring really took off for the Bandits as they piled on an additional 15 goals to humiliate their thruway rivals. Besides goaltender Ken Montour stepping up in a big way, last year's Championship Game MVP Mark Steenhuis made his presence felt to the tune of 8 goals while Roger Vyse chipped in 5 goals of his own, including one that squeaked in as time expired at the end of the 1st half.
The Bandits weren't the only ones putting on a show for the 15,494 in attendance as the league's premier dance team, the Buffalo Bandettes put together exciting routines in pregame and during the intermissions. During the game itself, the Bandettes kept the fans near the arena's Zamboni entrance enthralled as they danced to the tunes played throughout the game.
More photos can be found at
Next up for the Bandettes, they'll be practicing for the next month while the Bandits spend the next few weeks on the road. They next take the floor at HSBC Arena on Saturday, February 14th as the Bandits play host to the Toronto Rock in a game that could be every bit as close as the 8-6 thriller played last week in Toronto.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Buffalo Jill of The Week Tiffany

This time around, we take a look at one of the early departures from the squad this year. Tiffany was a member of the Ambassador Squad until early in the season. Besides be a very giving and caring young lady as she says in her bio, she's also very engaging in conversation, which made her a great fit on the Jills Ambassador Squad. She spent her entire high school career in cheerleading and was a captain her final 2 years. While she didn't have the time to commit to the dance squad (and eventually the Ambassador Squad), she wanted to continue on as a cheerleader and meet lots of new people through events and appearances. You can read more about Tiffany at

Monday, January 12, 2009

A few Bandettes tidbits

First off, the Bandettes have new captains this year. After spending last season as a co-captain, 4th year vet Meghan has been promoted into one of the captain slots. Helping her out as her co-captain is returning vet Danielle, also in her 4th year after a season off. Making her debut as a captain on the Bandettes' other line is 2nd year vet Justina, who was showing great leadership even as a rookie. 5th year vet and resident Bandettes journalist Melissa is helping her out as her co-captain, continuing in the role she started last season.
Also, for more photos from the Bandits Home Opener of the game as well as our Bandettes, bookmark Michael Catena runs the site dedicated to lacrosse and takes dozens of photos at each Bandits home game. He even sets up albums for others to contribute their own photos as well. BuffaloSpotted was also on hand at the home opener and Billfixet's gallery with game and Bandette photos can be found at

Friday, January 9, 2009

Buffalo Jill of The Week Jenica

This week, we take a look at 3rd year dancer Jenica as the Jill of The Week. She spent the season dancing on Jamie's line alongside Stephanie Br and Shana and then Lynn and Eileen after Stephanie and Shana left the squad early. When Jenica first joined the squad, she was best known as being half of a set of identical twins that joined up together. Two seasons later, while still as close as can be with her sister Jessica, she's carved out a niche for herself on the squad on her own. She finished off her rookie season with a trip to Kuwait and Iraq along with 7 of her squadmates performing for the US troops stationed on 25 bases and then followed that up with another troop visit to Afghanistan in that following August. Last season was also the year in which this stunning brunette landed the coveted spot on the cover of the Buffalo Jills Swimsuit Calendar. Learn more about Jenica at and don't forget to check out her 97Rock Photo Album at Recently, she and squadmates Lonna and Ashley were the subject of an article in the Dunkirk Observer talking about some of their experiences on the squad and in it, Jenica relates how she's had guys fall madly in love with her in a matter of two seconds. That's a story that those that know Jenica have to wonder about...because 2 seconds seems to be kind of a long time when you consider how well-rounded she is in addition to her beauty. You would think falling madly in love with Jenica would be an instantaneous thing. You can read the article at

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 Junior Bandettes

The Buffalo Bandettes are now looking for girls to participate in the 2009 Junior Bandettes Dance Team. 

The program features three clinics taught by the Buffalo Bandettes and the opportunity to perform at halftime on March 28 as the Bandits take on the New York Titans at HSBC Arena.

Girls from the ages of 7-17 years old are eligible, and no previous dance experience is necessary. 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bandits-Wings Game pics

After a football season in which Buffalo's professional home team fell apart down the stretch, 1 local pro team is starting to defend a championship title that they won last year. The Buffalo Bandits National Lacrosse League team opened up the 2009 season in memorable fashion in front of a sold out crowd in Buffalo's HSBC Arena. Prior to the game itself, an onfield ceremony was held, dedicating the season to Buffalo News writer Tom Borelli, well-known as the best writer in lacrosse, who passed away this past November. The Bandits will be wearing a sticker on the back of their helmets all year with his initials and a lacrosse stick and pen crossed beneath them. 
After the ceremony, the Championship Banner was raised commemorating the 2008 Championship Season before the Bandits faced off against the Philadelphia Wings. After a lethargic 1st quarter, the Bandits poured on the scoring with 4 goals from game MVP Mark Steenhuis and 3 from legendary John Tavares and even received a goal from new addition Tom Montour, a former Bandit acquired in a trade for a 2010 1st round draft pick. Given his contributions off the scoresheet, it looks like the trade is going to pay off for the Bandits.
The Bandits weren't alone in celebrating a championship season as the league's premier dance team, the Buffalo Bandettes, met and posed for pictures with fans entering the game before taking the field themselves for crisp dance performances all night long.  What should be noted about this is the changes in the Bandettes roster. In past years, turnover has been minimal on the squad and it's usually just a matter of incorporating 3-5 girls maximum into the squad. This year, however, only 8 of last year's 15-girl squad returns along with 2 vets from past years and 5 brand new rookie Bandettes! By their performance, unless you actually knew ahead of time which were veterans and which were rookies, telling them apart was pretty much impossible as newcomers Erin M, Alexis, Lauren, Kirsten, and Maggie melded in with Danielle, Denise and the holdovers from last year's squad.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

97Rock Jills Photo Albums are still going up

Even with the Bills season over, the Jills are still active. Of course we have the Jills Comedy Show coming up on the 16th and 97Rock is also putting up photo albums of the Buffalo Jills from some photo shoots they did earlier in the season.
You can check out links to Kristin M, Jenica, Valerie, Kristin B, Omarlla, Murissa, and Nicole at
Angelina, Lonna, Laura, Vincenza, and Alison can be found at
Recently added,


Friday, January 2, 2009

Buffalo Jill of The Week Katherine

This week, we take a look at another of our beautiful Jills Ambassadors as the Jill of The Week in blonde bombshell Katherine. This was her second season on the squad and also her second year as one of the Jills accompanying golfers around the course at the annual Jills Golf Tournament that was held at Fox Valley Country Club this past July. It's rather fitting that she got that duty 2 years in a row as she herself is quite the experienced golfer. Odds are she hit her fair share of golf balls while out there on the links with her golf party. Maybe, after she finishes her degree in pharmacy, she'll find time enough to golf in the LPGA and knock Natalie Gulbis off her perch as the hottest woman in the sport. You can read more about Katy at and don't forget to check out her 97Rock Photo Album at