Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Buffalo Jill of The Week Jessica

Bri and Jessica
This week, we take a look at Jessica as our Buffalo Jill of The Week. Spending her gamedays as an Ambassador, Jessica kept it quiet to her family that she was trying out for the Jills and when they found out, they couldn't have been more proud. She didn't keep it quiet to her entire family, mind you. Her younger sister Briana shared her secret...and followed her big sister's example and tried out as well. I've been working closely with the Jills since 2005 and while we've had 2 pairs twins on the squad  in that time, this is the first set of sisters of different ages that the Jills have had in that time. But besides being a loving big sister, Jessica is also reportedly quite a cook as well and loves trying out cooking from all over, which makes living in Western NY so nice since there's such a wide variety to choose from all over the area. Obviously she stays in great shape though and loves to run. She even finished a half-marathon and I would imagine she plans to do it again and maybe more. You can read more about Jessica at Jessica's secondary pic comes from the 9th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament and features sisters Briana and Jessica posing for the camera before the golfers started arriving for the day.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Congratulations to Laura!

Victoria Hong, Laura, and outgoing CW23 host Allie Hartwick 
The last few months, TV station WNLO, CW23 in Buffalo, has been searching for its newest star and after auditioning over 60 people, including 1 Bandettes alumnus and 6 Jills and Jills alumni, they narrowed the list down to 23, including 4 Jills and alumni with the use of online voting. The final 5 were selected and were brought to Hamburg's McKinley Mall, where it all began, to tape the selection to be aired Wednesday night on CW23. They taped 5 different endings and when they aired it finally, Jills ambassador squad co-captain Laura emerged victorious. In addition to appearing in commercials and at community events, Laura will be co-hosting Winging It Buffalo Style weekday mornings on CW23 at 8am for the next year.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Valerie headed to Hawaii!!

Last night, the Buffalo Jills became one of the 1st squads in the NFL to elect their Pro Bowl representative and this year chose 6th year vet Valerie! Val gets to head to Hawaii the week before the Super Bowl and represent the Buffalo Jills after her 1st season as a captain. She's one of only 2 6th year vets on the squad, along with fellow captain, Christina, who went to the Pro Bowl 2 years ago. In her time on the squad, she's been a photographer's dream with her fun and sexy poses and is known for going to the prom more than anyone. You see, 97Rock held contests for a few years with the prize being a prom date with a Buffalo Jill. The 1st couple of years, it was automatically Valerie. The last, she was chosen by the contest winner from a pool of 6 Jills.
Congratulations Valerie on a well-deserved honor!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Katy and Laura vying for the CW23 job

Laura, Allie Hartwick, and Katy (2009 Jills)
WNLO-TV, CW23 in Buffalo, has employed a spokesperson for the last 4 years, a person who represents the station in the community and in advertisements among other things. For the 1st two years, Lydia Dominick held the job, which is given with 1-year contracts so that there's always a fresh face in the job to attract the station's normal demographic of viewers. Lydia brought a style to the station with her personality as well as her beauty and covered Buffalo Jills tryouts in 2008 and 2009 for the station. She even wound up becoming a sort of honorary Jill after her work with the squad. Her replacement, Allie Hartwick, brought a different sort of style to the job for the last two years as she grew with the role and had many experiences to take from it. Now, they've been looking for the next person to take the job for the last couple of months and they have it narrowed down to a field of 5. Today, they taped a special at the McKinley Mall in Hamburg, NY to introduce the new CW23 star to the public. However, they kept the winner a total secret, even to those competing for the role. They filmed 5 different endings for the show, one with each of the contestants winning the job. They'll be airing the finished product on Wednesday at 7pm ET and while we wish the best for whomever is chosen for the role, we definitely have someone we're rooting for to get the job, or in this case, 2 someones.
See the pics from today at
Katy spent the 2009 season as a Buffalo Jills Ambassador, including a cover shot on the Buffalo Jills swimsuit calendar, after having interned at 97Rock and helping out with Jills events in 2008. She's less than a month away from graduating with her degree in broadcast journalism.
Laura is currently in her 5th season with the Jills and is the co-captain of the Buffalo Jills Ambassador Squad. In addition to her work on the Jills, she's very possibly the world's most well-known Jill as the Martin Archery Girl and has done her share of TV work with her own show on ESPN2 last summer.
Good luck to everyone in this contest but especially to our own Katy and Laura.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Buffalo Jill of The Week Jill

Emily and Jill
This week, we take a look at 2nd year vet Jill as our Jill of The Week. In her rookie season, Jill did an amazing job wowing the fans with her gymnastics abilities. Unfortunately, she sprained both of her ankles during practice this past summer and has yet to make it back to the sidelines. Thankfully, she's off her crutches and rehabbing and hopes to be back performing soon. Even while injured, she found a way to help with the Jr Jills program this season and is targeting the Christmas game for her return, though she's also hoping to be back sooner. Regardless of when she's back on the sidelines, I doubt very much that she'll retire after the season as her pretty smile always seems its brightest when finishing up a big performance. Besides her gymnastics abilities, Jill also contributed to the Jills last year by performing in 2 separate trips that members of the Jills took to the Middle East to visit the US military. Like Bills fans at home, the soldiers loved the sweet and petite gymnast who finds it easy to get along with everyone she meets and whose father couldn't be more proud as he supports her in everything she does. Away from the field, Jill is a self-professed "math nerd" currently teaching in the Rochester area.You can read more about Jill at Jill's secondary photo is from the Bills Draft Party held in the Healthy Zone Fieldhouse Shown posing for the camera are Emily and Jill.

After they both made the squad last year when performing together, Amanda V and Jill decided it was good luck to dance together so they performed together at 1st cuts again, this time on purpose. If anything, they improved on their rookie performance as seen in their tryout video.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bandits Open Practice announced!

Buffalo Bandits Director of Lacrosse Operations Scott Loffler today announced the team will hold an open practice event at First Niagara Center to offer fans their first chance to catch the Bandits in action before the start of the 2012 National Lacrosse League season
The open practice will take place on Saturday, December 17 from 10 a.m. until noon, with doors opening at 9:30 a.m. Afterwards, an hour-long autograph session featuring all practice participants will begin at 12:30 p.m. in the 100 level concourse.
Admission to the event is free, as is parking in the First Niagara Center ramp. The Sabres Store will be open for fans seeking Bandits merchandise and select concession stands will be open throughout the practice. The Buffalo Bandettes dance team will also be on hand to perform and sign autographs.
Get all the details at
This will be the 1st time we'll get to see the full 2012 Buffalo Bandettes squad in action!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good luck to Katy and Laura

As we've been telling you, a few of the girls who've been a focus on the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog are in the running to become the new CW23 spokesperson in Buffalo, a role originated by Lydia Dominick and currently held by Allie Hartwick. On Saturday, the five finalists will be at McKinley Mall in Hamburg for the taping of a special to introduce the public to the new CW Star. Among those finalists are 2009 Jills covergirl Katy and current Ambassador Squad co-captain Laura. Leading up to the special, CW23 is having each finalist on Winging It each weekday morning.

Monday they led off with Katy and you can see her feature at
Tuesday was Laura's turn. You can see her feature at She also appeared on Norton in The Morning on 97Rock Tuesday morning talking about the contest and the TD celebration that Bills WR David Nelson had on Sunday involving his girlfriend, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Kelsi Reich. They've podcasted the interview and you can listen or download it at

Friday, November 11, 2011

Buffalo Jill of The Week Rebecca

Amanda F (2001-03), Rebecca, Shannon, and Jenn (1997-2004)
This week, we take a look at Rebecca as our Buffalo Jill of The Week. In her rookie year on the squad, she's spending her time as an ambassador but has also put in a little bit of work as a dancer despite not even tried out for it. At the Uniform Unveiling, the Jills Ambassadors were given the opportunity to join the dancers for one of the performances and Rebecca was the only one who took that opportunity. Plus she was also one of the ambassadors who joined the dancers and Jills alumni for the HUGE pregame performance at the Eagles game. When not performing her duties as a Jill, she's one of Buffalo's 2 sexiest RN's (the other being Noelle of the Bandettes of course) and working on furthering her nursing education with the goal of working on helping deliver babies. Even that isn't enough though as she's turning into a 1-woman band. She loves learning to play instruments and is proficient with 4 of them and is currently learning to play the guitar. If the Jills start featuring some singers at any events in the future like they did a few times in 2006 with Aimee and Keiyonna, they'll have some musical accompaniment this time around. The trick is talking Murissa into singing before an You can read more about Rebecca at Rebeccas's secondary photo was taken at the Blondes Vs Brunettes kickoff party where she and Shannon were helping with raffle tickets as well as posing for photos. Shown posing for this photo are Amanda F (2001-03), Rebecca, Shannon, and Jenn (1997-2004)

Monday, November 7, 2011

More pics from Sunday's game are up!

Lisa and Murissa

Nicole, Jami, Natalie, Christina, Gina, and Jenny
CNN/SI's cameras grabbed a few pics of the Jills at Sunday's game as well with a few shots of pregame as well as a partial line shot during the game

Krystin, Loren, Melissa, Val, Kelly, and Gabrielle

 got 1 photo of Val's line moving from section to section
And finally, Michael Thomas of has several photos taken of the Jills in Stampede Row at
Emily, Krystin, Lisa, Murissa, and Amanda V

The Jills at the Bills-Jets Game

After 3 weeks away from home, the Bills, and Jills, returned to Ralph Wilson to play the Jets in front of a sold-out stadium full of fans wearing white to match with the Bills, who were wearing their road whites at home for the 1st time in 25 years. Even the Jills got into the spirit sporting white pom-poms for the day.
Alyssa and Keisha
Amanda F and Shannon
Ruby and Miranda
In the Healthy Zone Fieldhouse, Alyssa and Keisha held court with the fans as they autographed calendars and posed for pictures before captaining a game of Family Feud with Quizmaster Dennis George and then heading out to handle gameday promotions in the stadium during the game.
Amanda F and Katy

At the 97Rock Tailgate Party, it was Amanda F, Shannon, Ruby, and Miranda who were on hand selling calendars and posing for photos. While visiting with them, a special visitor stopped by in the form of 2009 Jills covergirl Katy R, visiting some of her former squadmates before heading in for the game herself.
Sara, Courteney, and Jessica
Rebecca and Laura

At the Shredd & Ragan Tailgate Party in Lot C, Sara, Courteney, and Jessica were on hand selling calendars while Rebecca and Laura entertained guests at a private tailgate party nearby. Before long, it was time for Christina's line to make an appearance and perform for the crowd before posing for photos and dancing with the band performing on the Native Pride stage. The funny thing about the day was the fact that even early in November, the Jills have yet to have to really start bundling up for cold weather in Buffalo, even with a snowstorm hitting the east coast just a few weeks ago. I thought the funniest part about it was the fact that the person who brought it up, Beth, has been dancing and cheering indoors for years during her time with the Bandettes.

Jenny, Christina, Nicole, and Natalie
Beth and Jami
Lindsey, Briana, and Myesha smile for the camera

See all the pics at
The Bills are on the road the next 3 weeks before they and the Jills return home to play host to the Tennessee Titans on December 4th

Friday, November 4, 2011

Buffalo Jill of The Week Omarlla

This week, our Buffalo Jill of The Week should need no introduction to anyone. Omarlla has been on the squad an amazing 12 seasons now and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Why does she keep doing it? Well, besides the fact that she is just that good that she's able to dance and look great doing so, she does love the Bills and she loves all the experiences she has as a Jill. She makes new friends every year both on and off the squad and there's always something new.  She made captain after just a few seasons and went to Hawaii following the 2003 season to represent the Jills in the Pro Bowl. In 2007, she got to cheer in her 1st MNF game, got to cheer in Canton in 2009, and this season got to cheer the Bills on to a win for the first time since 2003. Then she topped it off 2 weeks later by performing alongside a lot of girls she cheered with in her rookie season. Her next goal is a playoff run with at least one game at the Ralph to cheer in. But something tells me even that wouldn't be enough and she's hoping to be cheering on the sidelines in the Super Bowl very soon. Away from the Jills, she's using her Master's degree in education to develop curriculum to educate Buffalo's youth. You can read more about Omarlla at Omarlla's secondary photo comes from the Lions preseason game as the girls were headed out to the sidelines and shows Omarlla's line posing for the camera. Shown from left to right are Jaclyn, Emily, Kristina, Omarlla, Briana, Lisa, Myesha, and Lindsey.
Omarlla's line

Since Omarlla has been a captain for many years, we don't have a tryout video for her but we do have something else. She's always been an attractive young woman but, as seen in this collage of pics, she's actually gotten more beautiful with age.
2000, 2001, 2003, 2008, 2010

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More pics to share

I didn't make it up to Toronto myself this year for the game but I'm not without help when it comes to getting pics. Unfortunately, only got 1 sideline shot, but it's a nice one of Omarlla's line in the middle of a routine. See all of's week 8 pics at
In addition, I have had some help with photography this season. Michael Thomas, who takes game and practice photos for various websites including BillsZone and Buffalo Sports Daily, gets a few Jills photos in among his game pics and made sure to get some in Toronto, especially.
Some of the Ambassadors at the Kid's Day game
Nicole, Lisa, and Gabrielle at the Lions preseason game
Emily, Melissa, and Jaclyn at the Home Opener
Pregame at the Pats game
Pregame at the Eagles game
Gina, Valerie, Gabrielle, and Emily in the 3rd quarter break
Thanks to Michael Thomas for sharing these photos!