Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Buffalo Jill of The Week Aimee G

I suppose it's rather fitting that the 2007 season's Inaugural Jill of The Week is Aimee G after the season she just came off of. 2006 was a big season for her for a number of reasons. She got named captain for the first time and helped demonstrate the dance routine at the Jills Open Workshop as part of tryouts the past 2 seasons. Prior to 2006, Aimee spent 2 seasons as Nichole's co-captain. Over the summer prior to the 2006 season, Aimee was one of 2 Jills chosen to go to Six Flags New England for the Inaugural NFL Cheerleader Playoffs. She and Omarlla were standouts, winning every one of their first round events. One notable part of that was the aquatic relay. Omarlla had only learned to swim, thanks to Aimee, a week before the trip but still had them in 3rd place when she finished her leg of the race. When Aimee took over, she made up ground in a fast way...getting into the lead by the midway point and finishing a good 1/2 length ahead of the nearest competitor. With all the rain at the Bills games last season, one has to wonder why Aimee never sprouted a tail like other mermaids. Aimee showed off her singing voice at both the FHM Release and the Swimsuit Calendar Release parties last season and finished off the season with a trip to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. You can read more about Aimee at

Monday, August 27, 2007

More pics from the Titans game

I wasn't the only Pro Cheerleader Blogger there on Friday. James, who runs the big one, the Pro Cheerleader Blog, was there as well and took a lot of great pictures as found at

There's some group shots as well as shots of a few Jills at once...and a lot of individual shots as well. Be sure to check it out. Also, if you like getting news and photos on other cheerleading squads besides the Jills and Bandettes, check his site out

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Titans game pics

August 24th was Kids day in Buffalo and what that meant for the Jills was an appearance by the majority of the Ambassador Squad at the Kids Day carnival in front of the stadium prior to the game and the opportunity to perform with the Jr Jills at halftime for the dance squads. The game itself was nothing to write home about as mistakes abounded for the home team Buffalo Bills. What the football team lacked in performance, the Jills more than made up for as 9 Jills made their 2007 debut after having last week off due to a troop visit to Iraq. In addition to Eileen, Stefanie, Jessica Z, Emily, Kaitlin B, Autumn, and calendar cover girl Jenica making a return, rookie Jill R made her debut and Melissa made her return after a year away from the sidelines. Enjoy these pics of Kids Day 2007 featuring the Buffalo Jills.Next up for the Jills is the previously postponed Beach party at Sunset Bay as well as the Swimsuit Calendar Release party at Club New York Friday before the home opener.

Buffalo Jills on CNN/

Preseason week 2 of's coverage of NFL Cheerleaders featured pictures of our own beautiful Buffalo Jills at

There's a group shot in there along with 3 pics of Jamie, 1 of Ayeshia, 1 of Amanda P, 1 of Katie C, 1 of Brianne, and 2 of Christina. Check it out!

Buffalo Jill of The Week Hayley F

We wrap up our look at some of our ex-Jills who have gone on elsewhere with someone who is still fresh in our memories. Hayley F was with the Jills for the 2005 season, cheering on Omarlla's line along with 3 other girls who are still on the squad...Brianne, Amanda P, and Rachael. She was also the sole rookie that season on the dance squad that the Jills put together solely for the purpose of dancing at events. After leaving the Jills last year, she left the Buffalo area but didn't go far as she became a dancer with the Cleveland Cavalier Girls for the 2006-2007 NBA season. She didn't rest on her laurels with the Cavalier Girls, either. Before the season started she was part of not one, but two lengthy overseas trips to visit the US armed forces. In mid-September, she went on a 12-day tour in Iraq and Kuwait and the day after coming back, shipped back out to China.

She didn't return to the Cavalier Girls this season, however, so Cleveland fans were left with only a taste like we were in Buffalo. However, one of her goals is to open up her own dance studio for inner-city kids so maybe her influence will be felt by future generations of dancers. Check the files section of the webgroup (registration required) for some photos from Hayley's Jills and Cavalier Girls careers.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Beach party rescheduled

The Jills were scheduled to hold a beach party at Sunset Bay Beach resort in Irving, NY on Sunday, August 19th. Unfortunately, the weather wouldn't cooperate and the Beach Club was closed for the day. However, the Jills beach party was rescheduled for the anyone who had planned to go on the 19th but bailed because of weather or the fair or something, here's your second chance to see some of the hottest women in Western New York at one of the hottest beach clubs around.
Also, coming up on September 7th at Club New York in Niagara Falls...the Buffalo Jills Swimsuit Calendar Release Party and the Annual Jills Comedy Show is back....and is scheduled for October 5th at Club Paradise at the Clarion Hotel in Blasdell on McKinley Pkwy.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Falcons game pics

August 17th at Ralph Wilson Stadium was the beginning of a new era. It was not only the first time home fans would get to see top draft picks Marshawn Lynch and Paul Posluzsny, but it was also the first opportunity for a lot of fans to see the 2007-2008 Buffalo Jills squad in action. A number of the Jills were absent, primarily due to a trip to Afghanistan to visit the troops that was completed only 24 hours prior to the game. However, what the Jills lacked in number on Friday night, they more than made up for in enthusiasm and beauty. Pregame even saw 4 blonde bombshells from the Ambassador Squad taking a short trip to the parking lots to meet with fans. Judging from fans' reactions in the lot and in the game, the new squad went over incredibly well. Next up, a number of the Jills will be holding a beach party at Sunset Bay on the 19th and they then return to the Ralph, along with their absent squadmates as well as the Jr. Jills, on the 24th as the Bills host Eric Moulds & the Titans.

Buffalo Jills of The Week Hysha and Dianna

This week, we take a look at a pair of Rochester Knightingales. No, we haven't started following the Rochester squads as Buffalo has more than enough beautiful pro cheerleaders of its own. However, these two girls started their pro cheer careers in Buffalo with the Jills.

Hysha spent 2001-2002 on the sidelines at the Ralph after getting not 1, but 2 degrees from RIT. She's also the winner of a number of beauty pageant titles including Miss Black NY USA, Miss NY Galaxy, and Ms. American Elegance. She's spent 2 years so far as a member of the Knightingales and you can check out her bio at

Dianna spent 2003-2004 with the Jills Ambassador Squad and is currently a science teacher as well as a dancer on not 1, but 2 pro dance squads in Rochester, NY. She's spent 2 years as a promotional model for the Knightingales and after a season as a promotional model with the Venom, she took the floor as a dancer cheering on the Rochester Rattlers MLL team in 2007. Check out her Knightingales bio at and her Venom bio at

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Things to look forward to this weekend

The Jills have been putting in appearances all summer long as well as practicing twice a week since the squad was selected. This week, the public gets to see some of the results of all that practice as the Jills take the field Friday night for the Bills preseason home opener at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park. There's a couple differences this year as opposed to last. We won't find them pregame at the corners of Abbott and Southwestern...they apparently didn't get a deal worked out with those locations to sell calendars there this there will be fewer Ambassador squad members on hand this week than normal...but Kelly and another Jill will be out there with Billy Buffalo. Also, as previously reported, nine of the dancers went overseas to entertain the troops in Qatar and Afghanistan. They won't be home til Thursday so they won't be required to be out on the sidelines Friday night...although if a few of them show up anyway, I wouldn't call it a big surprise...but the jet lag may be a deterrent for most of them.
Beyond the game, a group of the Jills will be making one of the area's most happening summer hot spots even hotter on Sunday. Sunset Bay and Cabana Sam's Beach Resort in Irving is known as one of the best places in Western New York to see plenty of beauties in bikinis. This Sunday, the Jills are having a beach party there to make the scenery there even hotter than usual. Party starts at 1pm.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

2007 Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament pics

On August 13th, scores of golfers converged on Fox Valley Country Club in Lancaster, NY for the 5th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament. Most all the Jills, with the obvious exceptions of those currently entertaining troops in Afghanistan, were on hand selling raffle tickets, handing out prizes and posing with golfers out on the course for pictures. In addition, some golfers won the opportunity to have some of the Jills accompany them on the course and Danielle, Amanda F, Katherine, Angelina, and Stacy weren't just there for good luck. Some of them showed off some of their own golfing prowess on the course. After the tournament, golfers were treated to a rousing dance performance by Omarlla, Aimee, Katie M, Christina, and Nicole during dinner before prizes, including a JP Losman autographed football, were handed out. All in all, a good sum of money was raised to help the Jills with some uniform expenses.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Buffalo Jill of The Week Tawnya V

This week, we take a look at a former Jill who's still cheering elsewhere. Vancouver-born Tawnya spent 4 years on the sidelines at Ralph Wilson Stadium cheering from 1999-2002. In addition, she also spent 2003-2004 with our other pro cheerleading squad, the Bandettes. Nowadays, Tawnya is spending her Sundays on the sidelines at the Linc...Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia cheering on Takeo Spikes and the Eagles. She's entering her 2nd season with the squad and you can check out her profile (with wallpaper) at and her video profile from last season at

Also, check out the files section of the webgroup (registration required) for a look at Tawnya over the years.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dear Friends,

Sorry we haven't written in a while, we haven't been able to get to a computer. For the last two days, we have been stuck waiting in an airport waiting for our C130 to pick us up... when it finally did, we boarded the plane, but immediately had to evacuate because the engine was throwing flames out of the right propeller to the front of the plane! We have seen many camel spiders running wild, autumn still wants to catch one lol.. she's crazy. We did a show our show Wednesday night in front of 1,000 troops.. We pulled an air force colonel on stage for the dance contest and all the Jills helped him out a little bit. On this base there was ev en a TIM HORTON'S!!! We took a pic with some troops in front of the sign while holding our ice caps =) We've been doing a lot of tours and visiting with a lot of troops.. We are having the best time ever... oh yeah, one more thing... we went on a black water plane that can do all kinds of tricks and maneuvers.. unfortunately only one of us get air sick.. poor Jenica lol. We miss you all and are thinking about you everyday.. love you!!
The Buffalo Jills,Eileen, Autumn, Jenica, Stefanie, Emily, Melissa, Jill, Jessica, and Kaitlin.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Greetings from Doha, Qatar!

The plane ride over was great! It was 14 hours long but we had movies and tv shows on demand. Once we walked off the plane it was like hitting a wall of heat. It feels like you are holding a blow dryer on your face even at night. The living quarters on the base in Qatar were really nice. We had phones and tvs in our rooms as well as air conditioning! The base was an R and R site for soldiers serving in the Middle East. (Rest and Relaxation) They are actually allowed to drink here, only three beers though. There was a huge swimming pool and lounge areas that looked like night clubs. We all bought stunning swimwear, compliments of the PX, and spent two hours beating the troops at volley ball! We were able to meet the Colonel on base and take a picture with him. The picture gets put into a special book of morale visitors. We signed next to our picture and were able to flip through it. Some that signed before us include other cheerleaders, bands, and even George and Barbara Bush! We were honored to be a part of something so special to this location. We performed our first show at the airforce base. The stage that we performed on was amazing. It was also the location where General Franks announced to the media that we were going to war! The show went so well. You would all be so proud. There were about 500 troops there cheering us on! We are about to board a C-130 heading for Afghanistan, wish us luck! We will be in touch soon. If the rest of the trip goes as well as our first day we will be making such a difference here. Hope all is well at home!
Eileen is making a great fearless leader!
Love you all, Emily, Autumn, Kaitlin B, Melissa, Jill R, Stefanie J, Jenica, Jessica Z, Eileen

Friday, August 3, 2007

Buffalo Jill of The Week Stephanie M

This week, we complete our look at the women who guide our ladies on the sidelines with Jills Director Stephanie M. Her dedication to the squad comes from having been on the squad herself a number of years ago. We won't embarass her by saying when but short of the hairstyle, she doesn't look any older than she did in the calendar we found at Toy Town. Since taking the reins as director in 2002, she's done a lot of work to improve and increase the public image of the Jills, so much so that the new position of coordinator was invented last year to ease the workload. Every Jill now is featured in the calendar whereas a lot of squads only feature one per month. This helped the calendar practically sell out during the 2005 season. The Jr. Jills program seems to grow larger every season and she introduced the Ambassador Squad program to the Jills, allowing girls who may lack in dance skills but have an outstanding ability to professionally mingle and converse with others to still realize their dream of becoming a professional cheerleader. Be sure to check out the files section of the webgroup (registration required) for a look at Stephanie from the past few years.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

August some Jills

The Jills will be in two spots this Saturday afternoon. At Adventure Speedway from 12-2, they'll be there with Shredd and Ragan's Jim Jacka.

Then, a group of them will also be in attendence at Mickey Rat's in Angola. Last year, the girls participated in a tug of war along with some other activities.