Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Buffalo Jills gather to celebrate 40 years of thrills . . . and chills!

If you’re a Buffalo Bills fan, you’ll understand how Jo Anne Gaulin felt the summer of 1967.
She watched her favorite team trade their star player — quarterback Jack Kemp. She saw fellow Bills supporters grumble as they sat in the cold at the Rockpile to watch the games. “I felt we needed some color,” she said. So she came up with an idea.
It came to fruition a few months later — clad in knee-length, blue pleated skirts, turtlenecks, blue sweaters and the trademark white boots.
Paulin is the founder of the Buffalo Jills, the Bill’s famous cheerleading squad.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Training Camp pics

The first Saturday of Buffalo Bills training camp was the scene where two items of interest of Jills fans were unveiled to the public. First off, Pro Bowl Jill Aimee showed off a new jacket, in a design that won't be available to the public until 2008. We'll see the Jills sporting the jackets, as well as a few other new items, this fall as a way of giving the public a preview of Reebok's new designs. In addition to the new Jills gear, the much-anticipated 2007-2008 Buffalo Jills Swimsuit Calendar showed up at the Bills store just before the start of the afternoon session. It features 41 of the area's most beautiful young women posing in bikinis and other swimwear in photos taken right in Western New York. Now, visitors to training camp can pick up their own calendars and have them autographed right there.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Bandette of The Week Erin J

This week, despite any objections she may, we take a look at the head coach of the NLL's premier dance squad, the Bandettes. I'm talking of course about Erin J, who's been coaching them for the past few years since leaving the sidelines of Ralph Wilson Stadium herself. That's right, she's very recently removed from the cheering herself, having been a Buffalo Jill from 1998-2002. After the 2001 season, she even earned a trip to the Pro Bowl and to this day still keeps in touch with many of the women she cheered with in Hawaii. Besides the sidelines, she also represented Buffalo in one other way. If you can actually believe she was old enough (and I still don't...I think she lies about her age...only saying she's older than she actually is), she was unable to cheer during the Bills' Super Bowl years...because she was serving in Desert Storm as a member of the US Army. Check the files section of the webgroup (registration required) for a set of pictures and bios of Erin from the past several years. Included in that is a copy of the letter she wrote back to Buffalo from when she was in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Bills training camp

Attn Bills and Jills fans:

Starting Thursday, July 26th, the Buffalo Bills start their annual training camp in Pittsford, NY out the outskirts of Rochester and the Jills will be there. This will be your first opportunity this year to combine your love of the Bills with your love of the beautiful women who will be gracing the sidelines of Ralph Wilson Stadium this fall. The Jills will be on hand for pictures and autographs throughout training camp. Of course the big thing to get autographed...will be the Buffalo Jills 2007-2008 Swimsuit be released very soon.

For more information on Bills training camp, visit

The camp schedule (subject to change due to weather) can be found at

Friday, July 20, 2007

Buffalo Jill of The Week Kelli

This week's look at the women who guide the girls on Buffalo's sidelines brings us to Jills Choreographer Kelli Wagner. As the Jills Choreographer, her work has been featured on ESPN 2 and the NFL Network. She has successfully grown the Junior Jills organization into a coveted program for youth in Western New York and its surrounding areas. Kelli’s choreography has also been featured on Fox TV, ABC-Buffalo, several Buffalo radio station events, many community events, overseas military shows, as well as HSBC Arena-Buffalo. Kelli continues her dance education by not only instructing Master level classes, conventions and seminars but keeps her choreography fresh by attending them as well. Kelli is once again expanding her dance career and is very excited to be joining the Carol Joy’s Fusion Dance Studio as Director. Check the files section of the webgroup (registration required) for a look at Kelli over the last few years.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Attn. Jills Alumnae

In case you might have missed the information coming out from Jills Alumnae President Lori Marino, the Jills' 40th Reunion is coming up July 27th and 28th. See for details and if you didn't get the info already, email Lori to get on the Alumna Roster so you'll be informed of any future reunions/events. While it wasn't a big event, a decent turnout was there at the Jills exhibit Opening at the Toy Town museum a year and a half ago.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Bandette of The Week Jaclyn

This week, we continue our look at the ladies who coach and guide the ladies on the sidelines with Jaclyn of the Bandettes. In truth, Jaclyn isn't officially a coach or assistant coach or anything like that, but ever since leaving the squad in the middle of the 2006 season due to conflicts with work, she's stuck around, assisting in gameday operations for the NLL's premier dance team, the Buffalo Bandettes. It's probably fitting that she's not going anywhere. She's been involved with professional cheerleading since 2002, when she was one of the Buffalo Bombshells cheering on the Buffalo Destroyers Arena Football League team. She joined up with the Bandettes in 2003 (and was still with the Bombshells that final year of their existence as well) and spent 3 1/2 seasons dancing with the squad. Jaclyn is a Buffalonian 100% as she chooses to stay here partly because of (not despite) the crazy weather and unexpected changes in seasons. While she might be out of the dance spotlight from now on, we can hope she continues in her unofficial role with the Bandettes for as long as possible. Check the files section of the webgroup for a look back at Jaclyn over the years...from her time as a Bombshell all the way through this season.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Taste of Buffalo pics

The Taste of Buffalo is an annual event showcasing the foods of the Buffalo area as well as some of the musical acts that perform in Buffalo. Something that's not as well-advertised is that it's also an event to show off some of the new beauty that will be gracing the sidelines at Ralph Wilson Stadium this fall. On hand on Sunday were Joy(one of a set of new twins we'll see this fall) handing out Bills calendars at the 97Rock booth, Stacy and Ayeshia at the Bills booth with Billy Buffalo, and Keshia at the Edge booth helping out with a game that people were playing in order to win tshirts and other prizes. Stay tuned because some of the Jills will be at Mickey Rat's at Angola-On-The-Lake in early August and then comes the big event. The Jills Golf Tournament on August 13th. Visit for details if you haven't gotten your tickets for that yet.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Buffalo Jill of The Week Nichole B

This week, we're taking a look at someone who's more than a Jill...if that's possible. Nichole B first joined the Jills in 2000 and made captain in her 3rd year, in 2002. Despite making captain, 2002 wasn't exactly Nichole's favorite season. She actually broke her ankle in the preseason and didn't take the field for a regular season game until the famed Snow Bowl Game against Miami. She kept busy though....she was in the Fieldhouse greeting fans before almost every game that year..and giving progress reports on her In 2006, she actually left the sidelines and moved into an administrative role with the squad as their new Coordinator, a job that hadn't officially existed before but became necessary due to the demand for the Jills. She had actually been doing the job to an extent over the previous few seasons as a captain, but now she gets paid for it.

But joining the Jills was only one way in which this young lady has excelled. For a few years, she co-owned a lingerie and swimwear store in Williamsville and has been the President of her college's Alumni Association for the past few years. Nowadays, she works with events for the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation in addition to her other work. Check out the files section of the webgroup (registration required) for a zip file filled with some of her bios and pics from over the course of her Jills career.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Taste of Buffalo upcoming

If you like food, fun, or beautiful women, don't miss out on the Taste of Buffalo this Saturday and Sunday in downtown Buffalo, NY. The Jills will be on hand at the Buffalo Bills booth (probably at the Edge booth as well) meeting and greeting the fans. Don't forget your cameras. The Taste of Buffalo is an annual event showcasing a lot of the great foods of Western New York as well as a display of some of the talented musical acts that perform in the Queen City. For more details, check out and the event guide at

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Mancan Contest winner photos

Recently, Buffalo radio station 103.3 the Edge (one of the stations that sponsors the Buffalo Jills) held a contest which awarded one lucky guy a Jacuzzi, a surround sound system, and a number of other prizes. The station brought the finalists together to award the prizes and Kelly, Autumn, and one of the rookie Amanda's were on hand as seen in pictures found at