Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Covergirls announced

Today, the Jills held a private party where the girls celebrated the fact that all their hard work in practice was about to be put on the field and find out who made the cover. They shot a video of the announcement and through it, we find out that Jaclyn and Christina will be on the front and back covers of the 2011-2012 Jills Calendar.

Congrats to Jaclyn and Christina!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pics from the BvB Beer Blast

As everyone who reads this site knows, one charity organization that the Jills and their alumni have been heavily involved in the past few years is the Blondes Vs Brunettes football games. The first year it was held in Buffalo, Jills director Stephanie Mateczun was one of 2 Jills alumni that played in the game. Last year, 6 alumni played and there are 8 involved this year. The organization is all about benefiting the Alzheimer's Association and in addition to the game, they hold various events throughout the summer leading up to the game. Last night, they held a Beer Blast at Kronie's Bar and Grill in Kenmore where a $20 ticket got you all the beer you could drink as well as a buffet to help soak up that alcohol. 3 of the Jills alumni (Jenn, Amanda, and Danielle) made it to this event and Amanda and Jenn even won gift baskets that were raffled off to everyone in attendance. See the pics at and don't miss the other events coming up. The kickoff party takes place August 19th from 6-9pm at SoHo and they've added an extra twist this year...some of the girls will be auctioned off as dates and besides the Jills alumni involved, there are definitely some beauties involved this year. The game takes place September 10th at 2pm at Sweet Home High School in Amherst and if last year's game is any indication, it should be a fierce match-up. Get lots more info and order game tickets at
Finally, since this site is dedicated to Buffalo's pro cheerleaders, past and present, we'd be remiss if we didn't make sure the Jills alumni didn't get some extra assistance in getting donations.
Team Blonde
Team Brunette

Friday, July 29, 2011

Buffalo Pro Cheer Photos of The Week

This week's Jills Photo of The Week comes from the Uniform Unveiling and features a pair of Jills Ambassadors posing for the camera as they were waiting for fans to come by on their way into the stadium. Shown here are Shannon and Reena. Shannon is a rookie on the squad this year and hails from Canada. Reena danced with the Jills last year but switches to being an Ambassador for 2011. While not seeing her on the sidelines will be disappointing, fans going to the 97Rock or Shredd and Ragan Tailgate parties this year will love it. She's definitely a lot more than just a pretty face as her personality is just as beautiful as her smile.

From the Bandettes we have another pic from the Knighthawks game in April. This week, we look at Chrissy and Lauren B. Chrissy was a rookie on the squad in 2011 and was one of the quieter girls on the Bandettes at the start of the season but loosened up by the end of the season. Lauren B was in her 2nd year on the squad and has never been accused of being quiet. She loves the fighting that goes on in lacrosse but really loves the camera, so much so that she got lots of camera time during the big Toronto halftime show with the Jills last fall.

From the BvB, we feature 2nd year vet Francine. She's shown posing at last year's Victory Party with Coach Nick, a trainer at Gold's Gym who loves getting to work with Buffalo Jills past and present. Francine joined the Jills in 2000 with Omarlla, Eileen and Nichole but didn't want to put in as much time as they have done, retiring after 5 years on the squad, in 2004. She didn't lose the itch to perform however, and was one of the Jills alumni who joined the Jills and Bandettes as part of the largest regular season halftime show ever put on in the NFL at last year's Bills-Bears game in Toronto. Francie-pants, as she's known to everyone in the BvB Buffalo organization, is a co-captain this year for the Brunettes and you can support the BvB by donating to any of the ladies involved at

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Jills at the benefit for KatieLee Crandall

Living in the Southern Tier, it's pretty rare that I get the chance to get to a smaller Jills appearance, especially as far north as Niagara Falls. Sunday though, after spending time with a Jills alumnus who I became pretty good friends with during her time on the squad, I made it up to the new Buffalo Wild Wings on Military Road where a benefit was being held for KatieLee Crandall. KatieLee recently suffered multiple strokes and some of her friends put together a benefit to help with medical costs. As part of the benefit, a pair of rookie Buffalo Jills were on hand to help with raffles as well as sign autographs and pose for photos. As it turned out, Miranda is actually good friends with the girl who set the whole benefit up and while she and Kristina, who I hadn't met before then, greeted and talked to people, I spent a little time with Miranda's father, who gave me a little inside info on his beautiful daughter, some of which will be shared when she has her Jill of The Week feature this season. See the pics at
Next week, Miranda and Kristina join the rest of the Jills at the 9th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament which appears to be sold if you didn't order your tickets yet, you're really missing out. I don't golf myself but the Jills Golf Tourney has been the highlight of every summer since 2006 for me...although HoF weekend in 2009 was a close 2nd.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A couple of videos to share

First up, members of the Buffalo Jills spent last week at Niagara County Community College running a cheer camp and, like last year, had a great time with the experience. In addition to teaching the campers, the Jills put on a performance for them and one of them put a video up.

Finally, the Jills have received their new uniforms for the 2011-2012 season and they were able to get their photoshoot done for posters and the Jills' website. Now it's true that the style hasn't changed much at all...they did make changes just last year, afterall. However, they did have to make a few changes with logo and color scheme. Check out the video shot by FCI Photography while they worked on the shoot!

Buffalo Pro Cheer Photos of The Week

This week's Jills Photo of The Week comes from the Uniform Unveiling held last month at the stadium and features 4 of the girls on their way out for their second performance of the event. Shown smiling for the camera are Melissa, Myesha, and Christina with Amanda V getting in the shot behind them. Obviously everyone is familiar with Christina, now in her 6th season on the squad and her 2nd full season as a captain. I still remember her rookie season and how she's grown so much since then but even back then, everyone in Jills management expected big things from her and she's definitely delivered. Amanda V is in her 2nd season on the squad and is known outside the Jills as well as to us after having spent time traveling the country as a dance and cheer instructor. Melissa is a rookie with the Jills but if she's actually unknown to anyone reading this blog, then you must be new. I've actually known Melissa longer than even Christina as she spent 6 1/2 seasons with the Bandettes including the last several as a co-captain and a captain. Myesha is another of the rookies on the dance squad and other than the obvious, how stunning she is, I really don't know anything else to say about her so far but I'm sure that will change over the next few months.

Our Bandettes Photo of The Week comes from the April game against Rochester. Shown smiling for the camera at the pregame autograph session are close friends Noelle and Lauren S. Both of these ladies are in the nursing field with rookie Noelle working as a registered nurse. Lauren, a certified nurse's assistant, finished up her 3rd season as a Bandette as an acting captain through the final 2 games of the season and through the playoffs.

Our featured BvB player is 2nd year Blonde team member Amanda F, a co-captain for her team this year. She's shown posing after last year's game with some of the girls she's been coaching in cheering who came out to support her. Amanda is one of the most active Jills and Bandettes alumni the last few years. After spending the 2001-03 seasons as a Jill, she spent 2006-07 as a Bandette. Then, after joining up with BvB last year with some former squadmates, she was one of the alumni who joined the Jills and Bandettes in Toronto for the big halftime performance with the rock group Hinder. She wasn't finished however as she joined several other Bandettes alumni and the 2011 Bandettes dancing at the Bandits-Blazers game April 16. She's also planning on joining about 50 other Jills alumni for a special pregame performance with the Buffalo Jills on October 9th.
You can show your support for Amanda at or any of the other participants in this year's Blondes Vs Brunettes game at

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A couple appearances upcoming

Friends of KatieLee Crandall are having a benefit for the young mother of two at Buffalo Wild Wings in Niagara Falls on Sunday from 10:30 a.m. until midnight.

KatieLee, who lives at the Woodlands in the Town of Lockport suffered multiple strokes and was life-lined by helicopter from Buffalo to the Cleveland Clinic where open-heart surgery was performed.
There will be a basket raffle at Buffalo Wild Wings. From 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., Buffalo Jills will be on hand to sign autographs and hand out photos.

Nathan George Softball Tournament

Squire Whites and the Nathan George Foundation announced The Third Annual Nathan George Memorial Co-ed Softball Classic will be held Saturday, Aug. 13 at Promenschenkel Stadium and the School No. 7 softball field, beginning at 8 a.m.

Food and beverages will be available by Don Bennice, Franklin Honey and Apples, Boston Hotel Steak and Crabhouse, Willow Creek Winery, Coughlin's and 41 West. All events are family-friendly and will feature music by Dynamite Sound, bounce house by Pump It Up, face painting, 50/50 drawings and appearances by the Buffalo Jills. An awards celebration will take place at 41 West immediately following the tournament.

Finally, the Jills' new uniforms are now in and they're already working on getting their photos together for the 2011-12 season in the new outfits. You can expect to start seeing the girls in the new uniforms any day now and there are still a few tickets left for the first time you can see the entire squad in the new uniforms, at the 9th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament! Get all the details and registration info at

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Teasers, Disco Duck, and a new show for Theresa Joy

Living in the Southern Tier of Western NY, it isn't always feasible to catch a lot of the local bands out of Buffalo with most of their performances over an hour and a half away so when a band I know makes it closer, I'm sure to make it out to see them if I can. Last night, Jills alumnus Aimee L (2003) and her band The Teasers trekked down from Lockport to Dunkirk to put on a show at Walleye Willie's and the bar that held about 20 people when I arrived, was getting pretty full during the show which had the band putting a great performance together with a wide variety of hits. See all the pics at and find out more about The Teasers and where they're playing at

At this time last week, The Teasers show was the only one I planned to see but a few days ago, I found out that another singing Jills alumnus, Ashlee A from the 2005 Ambassador Squad, had just joined up with Disco Duck, the very same group that Aimee sang with for a few years herself. As luck would have it, they were playing just a few miles away so after a couple sets with the Teasers, I trekked north for about 20 minutes until I came to Sunset Bay, one of Western New York's most popular beach clubs where Ashlee and Disco Duck had the whole club jumping already only moments into their 2nd set of the evening. They even brought a group of women on stage for a rendition of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" and one of them came back on stage to play drums for some good old rock 'n'roll. See all the pics at and find out where they're playing at They're still working on updating their site with Ashlee only joining up recently.
Last year at this time, we told you about 1998-2002 Jills Alumnus Theresa Joy, who's been working in her acting career since leaving the Jills. She starred in CTV's The Bridge, which aired for a season in Canada before CBS kind of short-changed it by giving it only 2 showings on Saturday nights in the summer. Now she's working on a an already-established comedy series on CBC called The Republic of Doyle, which has been renewed for a third season. Watch to find out more about the show as they are starting to film their third season.
As for the current squad, there are still a few tickets available for the 9th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament being held on August 1st at Williamsville's Westwood Country Club. As in past years, the $125 fee covers lunch, dinner, 18 holes of golf with cart, and entertainment by the Buffalo Jills dancers. They are also auctioning off Jills as caddies for the day and offering various games, including a dunk booth, on the course this year. Get all the details and register at
There is also one extra bonus to this year's Golf Tourney. As everyone knows, the Buffalo Bills changed uniforms for the 2011 season and, while the Jills uniforms have made some upgrades the past few years, they won't exactly match with the Bills uniforms. The Jills are expecting their 2011 uniforms to be in just in time for the Tournament to unveil them to their biggest fans.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Buffalo Pro Cheer Photos of The Week

This offseason, we'll do a little more than just give you a look not only at some of the girls who will be cheering on the Bills in 2011 as well as a look back at the 2011 Bandettes. We'll also be looking at the Jills alumni who will be playing in this year's Blondes Vs Brunettes game.

From the Jills, we have a picture taken at the Bills' Uniform Unveiling Ceremony last month. Shown posing for the camera while greeting fans entering the stadium are Alyssa and Miranda. Alyssa needs no introduction to anyone, I'm sure. For one thing, she's up on the walls of many Jills fans as one of the Jills featured in July 2011 in the last Jills calendar. For another, she's going into her 3rd season as a Jill after winning Ambassador rookie of the year in 2009 and Outstanding Ambassador in big surprise to anyone who knows her. Miranda is one of the rookies on the Ambassador Squad even though her goal was dance. At the Jills Optional Workshop held at Gold's Gym before 1st cuts, choreographer Kelli Wagner definitely noticed her and said she looked a little like another 3rd year vet, dance co-captain Loren. Let's hope Miranda puts in a career as long as Loren has so far at least.
From the Bandettes, we feature a photo from before the season finale against the Rochester Knighthawks. Shown smiling for the camera are Stephanie and Kirsten. Stephanie, in her 2nd year on the squad, got featured as the Girl of The Week back in April. Kirsten got that honor as well, in her rookie year of 2009 and in her 3rd year on the squad, spent the season as a co-captain before taking over the captain's role the last few games of the season.

From the BvB, we have a pic from last year's BvB kickoff party and features Danielle posing with Christina and Taryn of the Jills. This will be Danielle's 3rd year playing in the game after winning the Brunette's MVP award in 2009. She spent the 1998-2002 seasons with the Buffalo Jills with her final season being a part of the Jills Ambassador Squad. You can throw your support to her this year at or any of the other Blondes and Brunettes at

Monday, July 11, 2011

6 Months After Surgery: A Former NFL Cheerleader Gets a New Outlook on Life

In the past four years my life has emulated a roller coaster ride. The peaks have included family time, traveling, making the Buffalo Jills cheerleading squad, interning at Channel 2, getting a 4.0 in college, and traveling. I've bottomed out with two life-changing illnesses, the death of my grandmother, the murder of a friend, the tragic death of a young girl friend, and three young friends taking their own lives.

I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the rocky road I encountered after graduating from Orchard Park High School but after the long storm the sun has began to shine again.

The experiences that I’ve had in the past few years have changed my life drastically. I’ve learned how to love, to appreciate, to be thankful, and to be strong. The phrase “don’t sweat the small stuff” has a whole new meaning to me today.

Read the rest of Katy's WGRZ Blog entry at

Saturday, July 9, 2011

From Hometown Student to NFL Swimsuit Cover Model

On the surface, Katie Riznyk may appear to be your average free-spirited “hippie chick” as friends may call her, with piercings and bright colored hair, but what many people fail to see is exactly what makes her tick. From her event-filled year as an NFL Cheerleader/ Swimsuit Calendar cover model to her unexpected battle with cancer and everything that happened in between, this 20-year-old “Buffalonian” has quite the story to tell.

Riznyk grew up in Orchard Park, NY about five minutes away from the Bills’ football stadium. She has a 25-year-old sister who is currently attending medical school in Chicago, the same school her father attended. When she graduates she will be a partner at the medical practice her father opened up in Orchard Park, and Riznyk’s mother is the property manager of a medical park. When Katie speaks about her family she can’t help but gleam:

Read the rest of Heather's story on her squadmate at

Friday, July 8, 2011

Buffalo Jill of The Week Meghan

We finish up our 2010-11 Buffalo Jill of The Week series with the Jills final covergirl Meghan. She spent her season with the Jills on the Ambassador Squad and outsold everyone when it came to calendar sales, even topping what last year's covergirl sold with a month less time in which to sell them. This Virginia-born beauty is a hard girl to say no to and that has less to do with her obvious beauty than it does with her incredible personality. In my time covering the Jills, Meghan ranks in my top 3 as far as having the most personality with former Ambassador captain Kelly H and current dancer Murissa...pretty exceptional company. To most of her friends, she can be a bit tomboyish without looking the part obviously. Instead of dancing all night in a club, she'd much prefer to take her Jeep out 4-wheeling or even play some football if she can. She even gets pretty involved in fantasy football as well and does pretty well with it. Of course one thing that helps her with that is the fact that she follows not 1, but 3 teams...but the Bills definitely rank as #1. She also has a much softer side that only a select few of her friends really get to see and, in truth, I don't even know how many of her squadmates really saw much of that side of her. She has a heart as big as her personality and will do anything for her true friends. The reverse of that is that those same friends would do anything for her as well because when she's happy, her smile and personality are infectious and affect everyone around her. Meghan's secondary photo comes from the Blondes Vs Brunettes game held last September. This year, instead of selling raffle tickets at the game, she'll be suiting up for the blondes as the newest Jills alumnus in the game. Shown posing for the camera are Meghan and Ruby.

You can read more about Meghan at

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jamestown Iron Maidens Auditions

There’s a new dance team in New York State. The Jamestown Iron Maidens who will be an integral part of the new NAHL hockey team, The Jamestown Ironmen.

The pre-audition workshop is set for Saturday July 9th from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.. Tryouts will be at the Jamestown Savings Bank Ice Arena on Saturday July 16th, in Jamestown N.Y. (the home of Lucille Ball!)

Candidates will be taught choreography by Bandettes alumni LeAnne (2004) and Justina L(2008-11) .There will also be a session on the duties of and Iron Maidens and a mock interview Everyone will be expected to wear shorts, a crop top and sneakers or dance shoes. The cost for the workshop is $30.oo per person. Must be 18 and over to audition. ContacT director Diane Ringer via FaceboOk or email jametownirommaidens@gmail.​com

Friday, July 1, 2011

Buffalo Jill of The Week Anna

This week, we take a look at the 1st of our front covergirls as the Buffalo Jill of The Week. Anna was in her 3rd year with the Jills in 2010 but unfortunately, like in 2009, was an early departure from the squad. She's been dancing and cheering since the age of 2 including some time spent with Niagara AllStars Cheerleading, including the competitive Niagara Ladykats. She finished her Jills career on one end of Christina's line next to Jill which actually makes her kind of a rarity. You see, when a girl is on the squad for a few years, they wind up spending time with one captain for at least a couple of seasons. Anna actually had 3 different captains starting with Nicole P before going to Eileen's line and finishing up with Christina. The funny thing is, out of all the girls that have been captain during Anna's time on the squad, Omarlla is the one she's closest friends with. Her looks, which come from a Hawaiian and mulatto background, helped her land a spot on the cover of the 2010-11 Jills Calendar. They were also the reason Eileen's line, which she cheered on in 2009, got a bunch of extra pics in Canton at the Hall of Fame Game as I was at the other end of the stadium when they came out to run through a few sideline routines. But her distinctive beauty stood out enough even from the other end of the stadium. She's not going to be known just for her looks when all is said and done as she's working, between modeling gigs, on becoming a criminal defense lawyer. Anna's secondary pic comes from the Bills home opener against Miami in Lot C where several Jills dancers performed before the game. Shown posing for a photo just prior to the performance are Omarlla and Anna.

Even though she was an early departure from the squad in 2009, she showed no signs of rust in tryouts as she showed the judges, as well reminded those of who know her, that she's more than just a pretty face....she's also an outstanding dancer as seen at 1st cuts when trying out alongside rookie Emily.

You can read more about Anna at