Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Making the Squad - 1st Audition

Webisode 3 of Lydia's series on the 2009 Jills tryouts is up and this one focuses on the Jills Open Workshop held at Fusion Dance Studio on March 29th. Besides a look at the workshop itself, this video includes interviews with 3rd year vets Jess and Stephanie as well as Jills Director Stephanie Mateczun, dance captains Nicole, Eileen, Christina, and Jill, and ambassador squad captains Danielle and Keisha. Check it out at
Also, as previously reported, the Jills are going to be running Cheer Elite Camp 2009 at Niagara County Community College the week of July 19-23. It's a summer cheer camp that focuses on dancing, stunting, tumbling, cheering and team work. Get more details at but besides that, the Jills are conducting a Free cheerleading clinic at NCCC's Athletic Building on July 7th from 6-8pm. By enrolling in that clinic, you get a discount on the camp as well as get an advance look on what to expect at the camp. Check out more details on the camp at
Finally, 3 weeks from today, Fox Valley Country Club is hosting the 7th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament. The $125 fee covers 18 holes with golf cart, lunch, dinner, and entertainment. There will also be raffles and other games to get involved in throughout the day. Get full details and order your tickets at

Friday, June 26, 2009

Buffalo Jill of The Week Dana

This week, we take a look at the last of the 2008 early departures in the form of blonde beauty Dana. 2008 was her first year on the squad and while she didn't choose to come back for 2009, we're definitely hoping she thinks about coming back in 2010. Of course maybe it made sense for her to take this year off as her favorite food happens to be popcorn, and she can't very well have her "popcorn ready" watching Bills WR Terrell Owens from the sidelines when she's supposed to be dancing. Dana was the first of last year's rookies to introduce herself as she showed up to the Open Workshop with returning vets Stephanie Bu and Jess. Dana is one of those girls that can always be seen with a captivating smile on her face and is extremely generous and caring when it comes to her friends. The one thing she said she'd change about herself is to be less shy and more out-going. Well, if she was ever shy and introverted, she's covered it up well as shy is one of the last words I'd use to describe her. Check the files section of the webgroup for a copy of her Jills bio to learn more about Dana.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vote for Amanda!

This season, ran their Girl of The Week feature a little differently than in years past. It used to be that they would just choose 1 girl from each squad each year and leave it at that. This year, they're leaving it up to the fans. They choose a girl from 3 different squads and let the fans vote for which one they want to see featured as's Girl of The Week. However, by doing that, there's always the chance that some squad may not get any features depending on how the voting the NLL is still doing this during the offseason. During the season, Meghan and Kirsten each got selected. Now it's time for another member of the squad to get the honor. 2nd year vet Amanda is up for the honor against a girl from the Blazers and one from the Rock. Let's all do our part to ensure Amanda gets the honor she deserves. All you have to do is go to and scroll down to the tab that says Girl Of The Week. Just click on that tab and submit a vote for Amanda.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Making the Squad - Prep Class...and some hot pics of Laura on 97Rock

The 2nd in a series of reports from Jills tryouts was released today. This one focused on the 2nd prep class that took place just a week before the Open Workshop. Included are interviews with some prospective rookies including a few girls that made the squad, Kelly and Alyssa. Check it out at

Also, as many fans know, 3rd year vet Laura is, besides a well-loved member of the Ambassador Squad, a certified pro archer and hunter. 97Rock has a set of pictures up featuring the world's sexiest archer at

Friday, June 19, 2009

Buffalo Jill of The Week Stephanie Br

This week, we take a look at one of last year's early departures as our Jill of The Week. If people think that cheerleading isn't a sport, then how would they explain an injury cutting short the rookie season of this bright-smiled beauty? Stephanie Br came into the season as the owner of a degree in dance so joining the Jills came naturally. After earning her bachelor's degree in that area out of state, she came home to work on her master's degree and then her PhD in elementary education. Unfortunately, her schooling is going to keep her too busy to return in 2009 but we can all cross our fingers for 2010. You can read more about Stephanie in the webgroup's files section this week.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Buffalo Jills Appearance Friday Game One of Subway North Series

The Buffalo Jills will make an appearance at NYSEG Stadium next Friday, June 19th. They will be on hand to help us pay tribute to the city of Buffalo. The Jills will meet and greet, take photos, as well as sign autographs for fans beginning at 5:30 pm (note: from 5 - 6:30 pm its Happy Hour at the Hive with select beers at 2-for-1 pricing). At game time the girls will throwout the first pitch and then participate during several of our in-game promotions including the chance win free tanning courtesy of Tanning Bed.

Bring Brittanee Home!

On April 25th, Brittanee Drexel, a 17-year-old high school student from Rochester, N.Y, went on vacation with friends in Myrtle Beach, SC and hasn't been heard from since. Her family and her boyfriend have been raising funds to continue searching for her and have set up this website
On June 26th, The Fair & Expo Center in Henrietta is playing host to a fundraiser for the cause with a party starting at 7pm. The event features local celebrities, live music, and appearances by the Buffalo Jills. Tickets available at Wegmans!
For more details, email Chuck Lamagra.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Valerie goes to the Prom

For the 2nd straight year, 97Rock conducted a contest in which the prize was a prom date with the lovely and fun Valerie of the Buffalo Jills. Mitchell Graham of Orchard Park High was the lucky winner this year and 97Rock has a series of photos from Valerie's Prom Date on their site at

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pics from the 29th Annual Strawberry Festival

Each year, Merritt Estate Winery in Forestville, NY hosts an annual Strawberry Festival which not only gives a boost to their business, but more importantly, raises a lot of money for a local charity. This year's charity is the Ruben Brown Foundation, a charity that was set up by former Bills All-Pro G Ruben Brown to benefit various charities and community organizations that focus on the development of youth through athletics as well as cultural and educational programs and a big emphasis on the Salvation Army.
The Winery recently became an official sponsor of the Buffalo Jills and even created a special edition Buffalo Jills wine that recently became available to the public. With this sponsorship, a number of the Jills are on hand this weekend at the Festival to pose for photos and sign autographs for the fans as well as a few extra surprises. There's a dunk tank set up at the Festival and rookie dancer Gabrielle consented to be the dunkee for a little while and got dunked quite a few times for her trouble. With the temperature in the high 60s, it couldn't have been the most comfortable experience but Gabby pulled it off with smiles. Also, one of the items that were auctioned off in the evening of the first day of the festival was a 4-pack of tickets to the 7th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament with a limo ride as part of the package. Jill and Kelly Ann joined Ruben Brown, Jickster, and the auctioneer onstage as that item went up for bid.
The Festival continues all day Sunday so if you missed it on Saturday, make sure to show up Sunday to meet Ruben, the Jills, and Lydia from CW23 as well as pick up a bottle of Buffalo Jills wine.
Coming up next for the Jills, we can expect to see many of them each afternoon of the Taste of Buffalo which takes place in Niagara Square in downtown Buffalo the weekend of July 11th and 12th. Get more details about the region's biggest festival at
Also, there are still a lot of tickets available for the 7th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament. This event is being held, once again, at Fox Valley Country Club in Lancaster, NY and the $125 ticket covers 18 holes of golf, use of golf carts, lunch, dinner, and a thrilling dance routine put on by members of the Buffalo Jills. What better way to spend a day off than on the golf course with 44 of the most beautiful women in the WNY area? Get more details at
The Jr. Jills program is just about to kick off with uniform fittings on June 16th and 18th for young ladies ages 7-17. The mandatory workshops take place the last 2 weekends in July in which the Jr Jills get to learn from the pros and the top choreographer in the industry in Jills choreographer Kelli Wagner. Get more details at and download an application at
Finally, Cheer Elite Camp 2009 takes place for all young ladies interested in learning from the pros the week of July 19th-23rd at Niagara County Community College. The Jills will be on hand to teach this camp in areas like tumbling, dance, stunting, performance, and etiquette training to help young ladies ages 8-18. You can get full details at or by calling Amanda Pucci, 716-614-6259 for more info! Full payment is due by July 1st!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Buffalo Jill of The Week Keisha

This week, we take a look at one of the Jills' new co-captains as our Jill of The Week. After 2 seasons on the squad, Keisha is stepping into the role as Ambassador Squad co-captain for 2009 and she's already shown a willingness to go the extra distance to help out her squadmates. When 1 of her squadmates took ill and had to miss an appearance at a Rhino's Away Game Party last season, Keisha showed up to give Omarlla some support and when Jess made the Pro Bowl after this past season, Keisha and Anna joined her in Hawaii to lend their support. Going the extra distance is one of the marks of a good leader. There's also the fact that, in a group of very outgoing young women, she still stands out as one of the most outgoing. One of the requirements for being a Jill is having good conversational skills, especially in the case of the Ambassadors. Keisha can not only carry on a conversation, but is pretty good at starting them as well. You can read more about Keisha at and don't forget to check out her 97Rock photo album at

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Making the Squad - 1st Day Prep

CW23's Lydia was on hand for Jills tryouts and was hard at work filming and has a series of 6 webisodes that you can see on CW23's website. In this 1st webisode, the women get prepped for their first day of tryouts. This one was filmed at the 1st pre-audition workshop and includes interviews with Steph, Kelli, Vincenza and Liz. Check it out at
Stay tuned to CW23 at for future webisodes from the series.
Also, don't forget that Merritt Estate Winery is holding their 29th annual Strawberry Festival this weekend and the Buffalo Convention Center is playing host to the 2nd Annual Buffalo's Biggest 80s Bash! Both events include appearances by members of the Buffalo Jills!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pics from the Jills Cruise at 97Rock

A couple weeks ago, a large portion of the members of the 2009 Buffalo Jills went on a cruise from Key West, Florida to Nassau in the Bahamas and back to shoot their 2009-2010 Swimsuit Calendar. A lot of the girls took along cameras and sent some of their pictures for 97Rock to show off which you can find at The Calendar is expected to be ready in late July or early August and in addition to the photos taken on the cruise, Fisher Creative Image Photography will be taking more in the next month or so in the Western NY area of the girls who weren't able to go on the cruise.
There are a number of times left to meet the 2009 squad before they take the field at Ralph Wilson Stadium this August.
First up is the Strawberry Festival at Merritt Estate Winery next weekend. The Winery is one of the official sponsors of the Buffalo Jills and the Festival, the 29th Annual, will be raising money for the Ruben Brown Foundation. Check out all the details at
Buffalo's Biggest 80s Bash also takes place next weekend as some of the Jills will be in attendance at the Buffalo Convention Center Saturday night to put on an 80s Style Dance Performance. Check out all the details and get tickets at
The Taste Of Buffalo is coming up July 11th and 12th and in addition to trying out the different foods and listening to several local bands, it's also your chance to meet several of the 2009 Jills as they'll be mingling through the crowd and handing out Bills schedules during both afternoons of the event. More details on the event at
The biggest thing happening before the Jills join the rest of the Bills faithful in Canton for the Hall of Fame game will be the 7th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament. Tickets are $125 apiece for the July 20th event to be held at Fox Valley Country Club in Lancaster, NY. Get more details on the event at You can order tickets through that link as well as from any of the Buffalo Jills at some of their other appearances before then.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Buffalo Jill of The Week Omarlla

After a few weeks looking at girls who left the squad early, it's time to look at someone who's done everything except that. Omarlla is now going into her 10th season on the squad and shows no signs of slowing down. If anything, "O" is speeding up as she seems to get better every year. You'd think that after making the Pro Bowl following the 2003 season, there'd be nothing left to accomplish but she savors every new experience she gets on the squad and with new squadmates every year as well as new players to cheer for, there's a lot that changes every year. Through her time on the squad, she's learned a lot, like how to swim thanks to her NFL Cheerleader Playoffs partner Aimee, and learned a lot about herself. She's regarded as a strong leader by her squadmates and isn't an in-your-face type of leader. Her less experienced squadmates realize that it takes a lot to remain in the pro cheerleading ranks for 10 years and her accomplishments have earned her a lot of respect and love from squadmates and fans alike. We can only hope she keeps at it for many more years and she and Eileen (and the rest of the squad) finally get a chance to cheer in the playoffs this year after the additions the Bills have made this offseason. You can read more about Omarlla at and don't forget to check out her 97Rock photo album at