Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Buffalo Pro Cheer Photos of The Week

Omarlla, Katie K, and Anna in Lot C prior to the 2010 Bills-Jags game
While I started this site in 2001, I didn't start working closely with the squad until 2005, and this week, we take a look back at one of the rookies from that squad, Katie K. Katie spent a total of 6 seasons on the sidelines of Ralph Wilson Stadium, finishing her career following the 2010 season, and was known for her bright smile and her no-nonsense attitude. That's not to say she didn't enjoy her time on the squad, but she was showing strong signs that she'd be a good captain and was named co-captain in 2007, her 3rd season on the squad. She showed her silly side while on the job on occasion as well. I recall an appearance she did in Jamestown, NY where I live and she actually questioned my directions on getting back to Buffalo, apparently forgetting how often I made the trip myself. She had a pretty strong career though, with a Pro Bowl appearance following her final season and made 3 separate trips to the Middle East to visit the troops.
Lori, Katie K, and Hilary at the 2006 Bills-Bengals preseason game
Jessica, Kirsten, Ashley, and Amanda at the Home Opener
From the Bandettes comes a photo taken at the home opener against the Toronto Rock. Shown posing are Jessica, Kirsten, Ashley, and Amanda. Jessica was in her 2nd season, likely of many, on the squad in 2012. Kirsten, a captain in 2012, started off her career in 2009 posing with the NLL Championship Cup after the Bandits had won it in 2008 and is hoping to be dancing when the Bandits win it next. Ashley, after spending 2 years dancing with the Bandettes, spent her 3rd season heading up the new Bandettes Ambassadors while Amanda, a rookie on the aforementioned Ambassador Squad, could be dancing when the Bandits win the title as she showed off some great dance skills at the 1st Annual Dance Fair and Expo.

Laura's show this week deals with early dating dealbreakers with input from Jacki and Alyssa B. They also give advice to a guy who wants to know how to handle it if his girlfriend wants more space.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Jills at the Bills-Steelers Kids' Day game

One of the largest part of being a Buffalo Jill is the Jr Jills organization, in which the Jills work with over a hundred girls ages 7-17 to let them experience what it's like to perform in front of thousands of Bills fans. The Jr Jills' performance with the Jills takes place in pregame of a preseason game geared towards children with concession stand specials, ticket discounts for children, and a small festival in Lot C prior to the game for the children. After the Jills put on their normal pregame performance, they brought out the Jr Jills who joined them for a second performance.
Myesha in pregame surrounded by several Jr Jills
Valerie and Megan with several Jr Jills in pregame
Lisa, Loren, Maria, and Krystin in Stampede Row
Alyssa B and Ashley coming off the field
Dana and Laura
Alyssa U in action
Alyssa K
See all the photos at

To learn more about the Jr Jills program, go to
The Jills are next in action when the Chiefs invade Orchard Park to take on the Bills in the Bills' Home Opener in Week 2 of the regular season.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Buffalo Pro Cheer Photos of The Week

Ayeshia and Nicole at 2009 Calendar Release Party
This week, we take a look back at Jills alum Nicole P, who spent 5 1/2 years with the Buffalo Jills in a career spanning from 2004-2009. After a few years as a co-captain, she got named captain in 2008, the season after she got to go to Hawaii as the Jills' representative in the Pro Bowl. Among Nicole's other accomplishments are landing the cover of the 2006-09 Jills Swimsuit Calendar and getting selected to participate in the Hispanic version of Family Feud when the show featured NFL Cheerleaders.
Nicole P, Jamie R, Tamara, and Katie K at the NFL Cheerleader Playoffs viewing party at Bada Bing
Stephanie C, Carissa, Alicia, and Lauren K at the 1st Annual Dance Fair and Expo
From the Bandettes comes a photo from the 1st Annual Dance Fair and Expo where the Bandettes and Jills both performed. Shown posing for the camera are 4 of 2012's rookies. Stephanie C, Carissa, Alicia, and Lauren K may have been rookies in 2012 but I find it hard to believe any of them won't be back in 2013 after all the fun they had dancing on the NLL's premier dance team this past spring.

Laura's show, with guests Courteney and Alyssa, talk grooming tips for men as well as answer a question from a girl on that very topic.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Photos from the 4th Annual Blondes vs Brunettes Kickoff Party

Jenn, Amanda, Tammy, and Danielle
Rendezvous Nightclub at the Statler was the scene last night for the 4th Annul Blondes vs Brunettes Kickoff Party in Buffalo. For the second year in a row, the party featured a Bachelorette Auction in which people bid on date packages put together by several of the beautiful women involved in BvB this year. All the money raised at the event and other BvB events goes to benefit the Alzheimer's Association of Western NY and I'd have to say organizers were more than happy how things turned out as the Bachelorette packages alone pulled in around $20,000 including a $2100 purchase of a date package put together by 2005 Buffalo Jills alum Desiree...and hers wasn't even the highest bid on. The event as a whole raised $58,000 and was well-attended by men and women alike. In addition to the 5 Buffalo Jills alumni who were there as a part of the event, former Jills Pro Bowler and Bandettes coach Erin J was on hand to support her former squadmates as well as ex-Bandette, Rush girl, and Bombshell Casey. Current Buffalo Jills Ambassador rookie Chelsea even put in an appearance to support Desiree.
Many of the BvB ladies assembled for a group photo
Erin J and Casey
Desiree and Chelsea
See all the pics at
Coming up next, the ladies will continue ongoing practices over the next 4 weeks to get ready for the big game. Sweet Home High School in Amherst is the place to be for the 4th Annual Blondes vs Brunettes game at 2pm on September 15th. The $20 ticket gets you into the game as well as the Victory Party afterwards. With the Buffalo Bills home opener the next day and thousands of people in town for that, there's no reason this game can't surpass the attendance that previous games have had. You can get tickets at the gate or from any of the beautiful women involved in BvB this year as well as the men who have signed up to coach the squads.
You can donate to any of the BvB participants just by putting in their name at
Of course we'd be remiss to mention some specific ladies to donate to, all Buffalo Jills alumni.
and last but far from least, Julie, in her 1st year with the BvB
That being said, you can't go wrong donating to any of the participants...all working equally as hard to get donations for the Alzheimer's Association of Western NY as well as prepare for the game. While it's advertised as a powder puff flag football game, it does tend to get more physical by the end of the game.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Buffalo Pro Cheer Photos of The Week

Jamie R and Rita at the 2008 Jills Fundraiser
This week, we take a look back at Jamie R, who spent 7 seasons on the Buffalo Jills in a career spanning from 2002-2008, the last 4 of them as a captain. Following her 3rd season on the squad, she was selected to represent the Jills in Hawaii at the Pro Bowl. At the end of her 4th season, she joined the Jills' choreographer and 7 other Buffalo Jills cheerleaders on a tour of Iraq to visit the troops and after returning, as a Jills captain in her 2nd year, set a precedent for all Jills captains ever since when she started actively getting line shots for her line on an almost every game basis.
Jamie R, Nicole P, Amanda W, and Keiyonna at a 2005 Fashion Show
Kirsten, Jaclyn, and Chelsea at the All-Star Game
From the Bandettes comes a photo taken at the 2012 NLL All-Star Game. Just prior to the girls heading out for their 1st Intermission performance, Kirsten posed for a photo with Jaclyn and Chelsea, ever the camera ham, slipped into the shot.
In episode 5 of Laura's series on dating and relationships, she, Courteney, and Jacki talk about what they find attractive in men. They also answer a viewer question about whether or not it's cheating for a guy in a relationship to go to a strip club.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A few updates on alumni and some new stuff

As we told you over the summer, Ashley W, a Buffalo Jills Cheerleader in 2008 and part of 2009, is now a Carolina TopCat. This past Saturday night, the Panthers hosted the Texans in a preseason matchup aired live on NFL Network and, as luck would have it, Miss Ashley made an appearance on TV as they went to commercial break with 12:30 left in the 2nd quarter. They re-aired the game today and I made sure to record it to share Ashley's appearance.

Also in the world of Buffalo Jills who cheered in 2008, Lonna M, who is finishing up her year-long reign as Miss Buffalo, already has a new title...that of Miss Thousand Islands, having won the crown this past Saturday night. Among other prizes, she won a $1,000 scholarship and a spot in the Miss New York 2013 Pageant next summer which, if she wins, catapults her into the Miss America pageant! Congratulations, Lonna!!

Finally, as you all may be aware, last football season, Buffalo Jills alum Heather C (2009) wrote a column called "Leading The Cheer" for Pro Player Insiders, a sports news organization that really focuses on the positives surrounding sports and the athletes involved. When you consider all the negatives that get reported, this is definitely a much-needed change of pace. Well, Heather's keeping busier these days and hasn't been able to contribute as much and Pro Player Insiders is looking to get even more in depth in their 2nd year of existence. To aid with that, I'll be contributing articles of my own on the Jills, BvB, and whatever else I can help with. The Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog's coverage will go unchanged but there will be select features, including a few Jill of The Week features, that will be expanded upon for Pro Player Insiders.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rochester Jr Jills perform

New this year was a performance by the Jills and the Jr Jills at Bills Training Camp in Pittsford, NY. Prior to tonight's practice, the Jills were joined by 70 young ladies from Buffalo, Rochester, and Toronto on the field forming the Rochester Jr Jills. See video with interviews and outtakes from the performance at
The Kid's Day game on August 25th will feature the Buffalo Jr Jills joining the pros in a performance prior to the game against the Steelers.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Buffalo Pro Cheer Photos of The Week

Rebecca, Tammy, and Shannon at last year's BvB Kickoff Party & Bachelorette Auction
This week, we take a look at a Jills alum who actually got to cheer in a home playoff game that the Bills won. After that, Tammy took a few years off and returned in 2002 to the Jills Ambassador Squad. Following that, she retired from the spotlight to an extent, involving herself in the Queen City Roller Girls roller derby league when she's not attending concerts or working as a dental hygienist. Last year, she decided to get a lot more involved when she signed up for Blondes Vs Brunettes and then topped that off with a brief return to the Jills when she joined over 130 over alumni and the 2011 Buffalo Jills for a pregame performance prior to the Bills-Eagles game. You can donate to the BvB through Tammy at
Scene from last year's BvB game with Jenn and Tammy
Lauren K, Stephanie O, and Stephanie C at Bandits-Swarm game
From the Bandettes comes a photo from the St Patrick's Day game against the Minnesota Swarm. Prior to the game, Kirsten's line was downstairs greeting fans coming in, posing for photos, and signing autographs. Shown posing for the camera are 3 of the rookies this past season, Lauren K, Stephanie O, and Stephanie C.

Laura's show continues with a look at the first date. Jacki, Alyssa, and Laura go into what to eat, drink, and wear. They also make recommendations for your online dating profiles.

The Jills at the Bills' preseason opener against the Skins

At long last, it was time to return to the Ralph as the Buffalo Bills kicked off the 2012 preseason with a matchup against highly-touted QB RGIII and the Washington Redskins. More importantly, in the interests of those reading this Blog, it was also the debut of the 2012 Buffalo Jills, a squad that underwent a lot of changes since they last took the field. New sponsorships, 20 brand new rookies, and 1 returning alumna are just the tip of the iceberg on the changes with the Buffalo Jills in 2012. One thing that won't change is the stadium photos as I'm entering my 17th year as a Buffalo Bills season ticket holder and intend to keep bringing the fans and the Jills themselves hundreds of high quality photos each game.
Laura returns from being announced as the Jill of The Game
Emily, Christina, and Jenny front and center during pregame
Omarlla and Nicole at the head of Stampede Row
Emily flashes a pretty smile
Val's line with a line shot
Rita and Jami in action
Kelsey H, Jacki, and Maria
Christina and Katie B
See all the pics at
Next up for the Jills is an appearance in Dunkirk Saturday afternoon for the Annual Nathan George Softball Tournament and then it's off to Bills training camp for a performance at 5:30 with the Rochester Jr Jills. The Jills next take the field on August 25th when the Bills host the Steelers in the Annual Kids Day game and the Jr Jills will be joining their professional counterparts in pregame.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Buffalo Pro Cheer Photos of The Week

Current Ambassador Squad captain Laura w/ then captain Kelly H at 2007 Bills-Bengals game
I started up this site in 2001 but didn't get that involved until 2005. A big part of why I decided to get more involved is because, at that time, only 2 girls on the 2005 squad even knew me that well. The 1st was then-6th year vet and current coordinator Nichole. The 2nd was then Ambassador Squad Captain Kelly H. Kelly spent 7 seasons as a Buffalo Jill and out of all the girls I've worked with, she probably had the most personality out of all of them. She was pretty much always sporting a smile, even when she "scolded me" if I got a shot of her blinking...she knew I did it just to get a reaction. She was one of the Jills' military members as a recruiter in the US Air Force and even received an award for being the top recruiter in her squadron.
2005-07 Jills alum Kaitlin M with Kelly at the opening of the Jills exhibit at Toy Town

LB and Chrissy at the Bandettes Meet and Greet
From the Bandettes comes a photo from the Bandettes Meet and Greet held at Cobblestone the night after the Bandits Open Practice. Shown posing for the camera are Lauren B and Chrissy. LB, in her 3rd year on the squad, was a captain and was probably the most vocal girl on the squad. Quite a departure from her rookie year when she was the quietest. Chrissy was in her 2nd year on the Bandettes in 2012 and went from quiet here rookie year to being a lot more talkative this year. I, for one, will be interested to see how much more outgoing she becomes in 2013.
Laura's 3rd episode deals with communication for a new couple and features input from Courteney and Alyssa

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bandettes Dance Clinic

Bandettes Dance Clinic (ages 16 and up) will be held on Sunday September 9, 2012 from 1pm-3pm. Registration will begin at 12:30pm. Located at Catalyst Fitness, 1402 French Road Depew, NY 14043. Please email us your name at to reserve a spot. Prepare for try-outs or just come out and learn a dance routine for the day, all are welcome!!!