Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Buffalo Jill Victoria Hong?

Buffalo station WIVB-TV has a segment on the Thursday morning Wake-Up show where veteran anchor Victoria Hong tries out something different based on suggestions from the viewers. She's learned lacrosse from Bandits midfielder Mark Steenhuis, trained with heavyweight fighter Baby Joe Mesi and recently, she also spent an hour training with the Buffalo Jills. They suited her up in a promo uniform and Omarlla taught her some cheers and moves and, as seen on the video, Christina even showed her how to do a hair flip. Definitely an entertaining video and, for anyone who's not really aware of all the offseason work the Jills do, Victoria gives a little info on that as well.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A woman of many talents

2005 Buffalo Jill Ashlee Amoia has more than beauty going for her. She's also an accomplished singer, having appeared on American Idol, winning the 2004 Italian Idol in Buffalo, and singing in not 1, but 2 groups in the Buffalo area. She's been singing with Studio 54 for going on 2 years and started singing with About Face a few months ago.

Add acting to her repertoire. She's acted in a few plays already but is about to be seen on MTV's mobile channel in the new drama "I Remember Chloe." There are expected to be previews of the micro-series during the MTV Movie Awards to be broadcast Sunday, June 3rd. The series was filmed in Pittsburgh back in December and features Ashlee appearing as Donna Hess, a friend of the title character.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Bandette of The Week Sarah

2007 was Sarah's 3rd year with the Bandettes and from a photographer's point of view, it hopefully won't be her last. She adores getting in front of the camera as much as anyone I've ever photographed. She's been dancing since the age of 5 and also has 6 years of gymnastics training and 5 years of cheerleading experience prior to her start cheering on Buffalo's lacrosse team. Check out her bio at and her video profile at

Buffalo Jill of The Week Kaitlin M

Sassy and spunky Kaitlin M is our current Jill of The Week and she always seems to be one of the most outgoing girls in any group she's in. Remarkable when you consider that she credits the Jills with helping her confidence. The experience of being a pro cheerleader, now going into her 3rd season with the Jills, must work fast...although it must be kept in mind that she's her own worst critic so maybe her confidence was stronger than she thought.

Funny anecdote concerning Kaitlin...on the field, she's been the cute brunette doing all the flips in the routines (Emily was the blonde...though she was sporting brown hair at the Congratulatory Party). At the 1st rd of tryouts, anyone who has strong gymnastic ability is encouraged to show off their skills and at the 2006 tryouts, Kaitlin did so....and did backflips from one side of the room all the way to the other (one more flip and she would've hit the wall). There were a few people at the judges' table holding their breaths when she got close to the wall like that.

Check out her bio in the files section of the webgroup (registration required) and check her out in a sizzling blue bikini at

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Beauties and Bikes

On Saturday, May 12th, a new Harley-Davidson store opened in Orchard Park, NY and 97Rock and the Buffalo Jills were on hand to celebrate. 97Rock's website has some great pictures of Danielle S, Angelina, and 1 other rookie (Katie?) posing with the bikes and the bike owners at
Also, coming up the weekend of June 1-3, Gowanda Harley-Davidson is one of the main sponsors of an event set up to benefit the restoration of Gowanda's Historic Hollywood Theater called the Hollywood Happening. Check the following websites for complete details.
And obviously, if we're promoting this event, it's for a very good reason...the Jills will also be on sure to stop by Saturday or Sunday afternoon if you're in the area.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Bandette of the Week Melissa

3rd year vet Melissa is a girl who'll never get tired of the spotlight, it seems. Besides the fact she's been dancing for 18 of her 20 years and cheering since Jr. High, she plans on getting in front of the spotlight in another a TV news anchor. We can only hope one of Buffalo's stations has an opening at just the right she doesn't wind up going elsewhere to pursue her goals. After all, why should some other city reap the rewards of getting another beautiful news anchor?
Check out her bio at and her video profile can be found at

Buffalo Jill of The Week Korinne

Surprisingly enough, Korinne actually left the Jills squad midseason in 2006 and won't be back in 2007, either. I say surprisingly because she's been flashing the most dazzling smile in pro cheerleading for years and her not being on the sidelines for one of Buffalo's pro squads just doesn't seem normal. Besides 2+ years as a Jill, she also spent a season as a Bandette and 4 as a Buffalo Bombshell. And before all that pro cheerleading she got involved in, she had no cheer experience whatsoever, but many years of dance lessons obviously helped her out as she won the Bombshells best dancer award in 2001 and 2002. Read more about Korinne in the files section of the webgroup (registration required) and you can check FCI's official site where she shows off more than just her smile in a sexy bikini

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Food for thought

This goes out to anyone who may have missed the cut in trying out to become a Jill...or a Bandette for that matter. At Jills tryouts, Stephanie is very clear on the fact that if you miss the cut, it may be just a case where it just wasn't your day and if you try out again, maybe you make it the next time. Well, if you think those are just words to make you feel better, think again.
Just looking over the girls who missed the cut in 2004
  • FHM model Amanda P is now entering her 3rd season after making it in 2005
  • Redhead bombshell Autumn is also entering her 3rd season...she finished off her rookie season as the last Jill to appear on the Eric Moulds Show
  • Brittany missed out in 2004 but was frequently on the sidelines with Billy Buffalo and veteran Jill Kristine L throughout the 2005 season in her stint as an Ambassador Jill
  • Danielle M's lack of dance and cheer experience may have hurt her in trying to make the 2004 squad, but she worked hard through the following 12 months and came back to make the squad for the next 2 seasons...and she never missed a beat when she was out there on the sidelines dancing in 2005
  • Katie K's smile has been brightening the sidelines since 2005 and we'd be deprived of that if she had given up after missing the 2004 cut

And those were just the 5 who made it the following season. The 2007-08 Jills squad boasts 5 more rookies who are on the squad after missing the cut before...Stacy and Keisha both were on that 2004 cut list...Amanda F, Katherine K and Lisa missed last year's cut and came back and made the new squad this year.

So if you've grown up wanting to be a pro cheerleader but thinking about giving up because you missed the cut one're doing yourself, and the fans, a disservice. Work hard and try out again the next season and you may make it and be glad you did. Considering we have 3 girls entering their 3rd season after missing the cut the year before, I'd say they were glad they kept at it and I know the fans are as well.

Of course, maybe you decide you'd rather cheer indoors...Sarah and Richelle have been mainstays on the Bandettes since 2005 after missing the 2004 Jills cuts.

In any event, the message is simple...and I know a lot of Jills have sent out this message in their bios over the years: "don't give up on your dreams." Work hard and try again

Friday, May 11, 2007

Bandette of The Week Danielle

Our Bandette of The Week is Canadian-born Danielle. 2007 was her 3rd season on the Bandettes and, unless married life keeps her too busy, it likely won't be her last. She attributes that in large part to the Bandits fans' energy, excitement, and team loyalty. It makes the dancing all the more rewarding. The Bandits fans aren't the only fans in Buffalo she loves. Bills fans are known as great tailgaters and Danielle would love to see talgating made into a recognized sport. Check out her Bandettes bio at and her video profile at and don't forget to check out her NLL Girl of the Week feature

Buffalo Jill of The Week Kristen

Kristen, whose only full season with the Jills was in 2006, is our current Jill of The Week. She actually was on the 2005 squad until the end of the summer but left for personal reasons. She was featured in October 2006 of the 2005-06 Jills swimsuit calendar. Thankfully, she returned to the squad in 2006 but unfortunately for the fans she decided not to return this fall...although hopefully this beauty will put in an occasional appearance at an event or two. If she does, you can be assured you'll see her in photos as she loves the camera and obviously, the camera loves her as well. We don't have a bio of Kristen available but you can still check out her swimsuit shots at FCI's site

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Pictures from the 2007 Jills Congratulatory Party

On Cinco de Mayo in Buffalo, there's plenty of places to celebrate but this year, the only place to be was the Lafayette Tap Room. There, the 2007-08 Buffalo Jills greeted their public for the first time. The place was packed full to greet 18 rookies and 19 of the 23 vets (other commitments) and get a look at a couple of sizzling new dance numbers, one of which was used to help select the squad at tryouts in March. 2003-04 Jills alumnus Kelly Ann and Bills special teams ace Josh Stamer were among those greeting the new squad.To the rookies whose names didn't get apologies...a photographic memory is not one of my talents but rest assured, I will learn all your names for future albums. To the fans, yes we do have new Katie's, Kaitlin's, Jessica's, and Amanda' vets got any facelifts or To all, enjoy the pics and keep watch for more pics of your favorite returning vets as well as the beautiful rookie additions in the months to come.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Buffalo Jill of The Week Danielle M

Danielle M's first of her two years with the Jills was a remarkable one. She made the dance squad with no cheer or dance experience. It shouldn't be a big surprise to anyone who knows her. She's a quick study on everything she attempts and her athletic abilities (shown off at the Jills softball game last year) surely played a big part in making the dance squad that year as well. Unfortunately, a life that gets busier and busier every year first helped her leave the dance squad for the ambassador squad and now off the Jills altogether. Now her fans are just left with well as the hope she'll still make it to an occasional Jills event, of course. You can read more about Danielle in the files section of the webgroup (registration required) and check her out in a beautiful white bikini at the Jills' official photographers' site

Bandette of the Week Jenna

Jenna has been dancing and cheering all her life, or at least since she started to walk. Thankfully, this blonde beauty has been sharing her dancing skills in a few different ways. First, she's been a Bandette for two seasons now and hopefully will be for many more years to come. Secondly, she passes on her love of cheer and dance to 3 different groups currently. Teaching youngsters seems to be her calling...many of her students came to see her cheer at Bandits games this past season and any teacher that inspires the devotion of students the way Jenna has is certainly doing things right. You can read more about Jenna at and check out her video profile at and don't forget to take a look back at her NLL Girl of the Week profile at

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Buffalo Jills 2007 Congratulatory Party

If you don't have plans (that can't be changed) Saturday night in the Buffalo area, why not spend the evening partying with 41 of the area's most beautiful women? The 2007 Buffalo Jills will be holding their Congratulatory Party at the Lafayette Tap Room at 10pm this Saturday night. This wll be the first time the entire squad will be out to greet their fans at once. What better excuse can you come up with for skipping your buddy's weekly poker game than partying with the Jills? The Lafayette Tap Room is at 391 Washington St in Buffalo...just 3 minutes from HSBC Arena!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Passing on the Art of Dance

The Buffalo Bandettes held a three-hour clinic for girls between the ages of 7-17 on April 7 before the Buffalo Bandits took on the Arizona Sting at HSBC Arena. 25 girls in all were in attendance, where the "Jr. Bandettes" received instruction on cheer/dance, technique, and beginner stunts from the Bandettes.