Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Introducing the 2010 Buffalo Jills!

Over the last few weeks, a long and hard process was undergone by nearly 100 young ladies in the hopes of becoming members of the 2010 Buffalo Jills. Many vets came back to tryout, some even transitioning from the ambassador squad to the dance squad like Vincenza, Amanda, Liz, and Kaitlin did last year. We also had a few alumni join the ranks as well as many beautiful rookies hopefuls looking to join captains Omarlla, Eileen, Christina, Keisha, and Amanda on the sidelines at Ralph Wilson Stadium this fall. We should have a photo soon but for now, take a look at some of the reactions from the girls who made the final cut. Congrats to all!

Obviously, everyone wants to know when they can meet the new Jills and first up is the Bills season ticket holder draft parties. Notice I said parties, plural. The NFL has, this year, moved the draft to primetime during the week, with the 1st rd airing Thursday night, April 22 on NFL Network and ESPN. A Thursday night isn't exactly a great night for fans to go out to see the draft with most having to work the next morning, so the 2nd and 3rd rds, airing Friday night the 23rd, will be the backdrop as the Bills host the 1st season ticket holder draft party from 6-10pm. But the Bills aren't stopping with that one as they'll also host one from 10am-2pm on Saturday the 24th while the later rounds are being aired. Both parties are open to season ticket holders only with free admission and parking, games, locker room and weight room tours, and of course, the Buffalo Jills performing, posing for photos, and signing autographs. Order your tickets, 2 per season ticket account either on Friday or on Saturday, by calling 1-877-228-4257.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bandette of The Week Ashley

This week's Bandette of The Week is our 2nd rookie in a row and perhaps the rookie who's thrown herself into being on the squad more than any. She dances on Meghan's line during games and at intermission, when fans see 2 girls out there tumbling, she's the one joining Amanda in that role. This cute redhead was thought by her high school classmates to be a girl who was always getting laughs. While she may have started out a little more quiet, after a few months on the Bandettes getting comfortable with her squadmates, she's still getting laughs every now and then. Considering she hopes to embark on a serious career as a criminologist when she finishes her schooling, that sense of humor will serve her well to keep her balanced. After all, they say all work and no play makes Ashley a dull girl. Ashley never intends to be remotely dull, though. You can read more about Ashley at

Buffalo Jill of The Week Loren

This week's Jill of The Week is the delightful Loren. She spent the season dancing on Christina's line between Jennifer and Lynn and is currently working towards becoming a high school science teacher. Before joining the Jills, Loren spent 16 of her 20 years as a competitive dancer. Thankfully, as an NFL cheerleader, she still gets to do a lot of serious dancing in addition to cheering on the sidelines. All those years dancing has given her a lot to draw on with respect to the Jills. It's allowed her to pick up routines relatively easily and even helped her, with Kelly, to make up a routine almost on the spot for the Tailgate Warriors show that was filmed before the preseason opener against the Bears this year. Unfortunately, the footage to the video of that routine didn't make the final cut of the episode but let me assure you that Loren, Kelly, and Alyssa did a great job with it. Beyond that, she's got a bit of a silly side to her and spent a couple of years as a photographer herself. Maybe one of these days she can even contribute some photography to the blog as well.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jills Cheerleader first cuts: Blog #3

Natalie, the rookie:

Phew! I made it through the first cuts. I can finally breathe a sigh of relief, at least for the next few days.

The auditions went great . You could see how much everyone wanted to make the first cut because they really brought their A-game. When I first arrived at the convention center Saturday morning I received my number, 38, so I was pretty close to the middle of the group.

read the rest of the blog entry from Natalie and Lisa at

Also, check out some video highlights of tryouts taken by 97Rock at and don't forget Christie Weber's report on Skunkpost at

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Buffalo Jills 1st cuts

A nerve-wracking process reached its summit Saturday at the Conference Center of Niagara Falls as a crop of nearly 100 hopefuls looked to join Omarlla, Eileen, Christina, Keisha, and Amanda as members of the 2010 Buffalo Jills. Ambassadors were brought onstage to show off their physique and answer some questions from 97Rock's own DJ Jickster and dancers performed a routine they learned in the last week to 1 of 3 random songs. It was the same routine no matter the song but the girls didn't know beforehand which of the 3 preselected songs they'd perform to. Family members, friends, and fans came to root on their favorite girls and a number of girls, including some rookies, got big reactions from the fans in the audience as they finished their routines. Unfortunately, the whole process is about making some tough choices on who to keep and who not to and the group of girls was narrowed down to 51 hopefuls, a group that will be cut down even further over the next week and a half until the final roster is selected. 

See the photos and a lot of videos of the tryouts at and don't miss the photos of Brian Garman, the official Jills Photographer, at where he has a number of photos from Thursday's voluntary workshop as well as 1st cuts.

Also, a reminder to the girls on the remaining tryout dates. Tuesday's tryouts are for dancers only at Fusion Dance Studio on Kenmore Ave at 7pm...arrive early. Thursday's cuts are for interview session (business attire). The vets completed their interviews previously so alumni are included in this's not a case where only rookies get interviewed. These interviews will take place at Citadel Studios at 50 James E Casey Dr in Buffalo at 6:30pm. Final Cuts are still March 30 at Citadel Studios in interview/business attire. The final team will be selected then. Good luck to all vets, alumni, and rookies alike the rest of the way.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Jills Cheerleader auditions: Blog #2

Natalie, the rookie:

The final workshop is over and now it is time for first cuts! There were some new faces last night to learn the routine but over-all, everyone was looking strong and confident in the dance.

Last night was a great opportunity for everyone to get to perform in front of people and really get the routine memorized which will hopefully ease some of the nervous on Saturday. The next 24 hours are going to feel like a lifetime but no matter what happens at the end of the day tomorrow, this has been such an amazing experience and I have met some awesome people along the way.

read the rest of Natalie's blog post as well as thoughts from Lisa and Steph at

Bandette of The Week Chelsea

This week's Bandette of The Week is 1 of 4 rookies currently on the squad and perhaps is second only to Lauren S when it comes to keeping an eye out for the camera. Or it could very well be that Chelsea is number one in that area already the way she seems to know when the camera is pointed in her general direction. But beyond her love of the camera, this beautiful blonde also loves helping others and hopes to work at Roswell Park Cancer Institute as a Radiologist when she finishes her schooling. Known by her classmates as an outgoing, bubbly cheerleader type, it's rather fitting that she joined up with the Bandettes. She's still outgoing and bubbly and obviously cheering on and dancing for the only team in Buffalo with league championships more recent than the 60s. You can read more about Chelsea at

Buffalo Jill of The Week Ayeshia

This week, we take a look at 3rd year vet Ayeshia as our Jill of The Week. This ebony beauty spent the season dancing on one end Christina's line next to Jennifer. She's only been dancing since the age of 11 but you couldn't tell by watching her. You'd think she was dancing a lot earlier with all the energy and ability she puts into her performances. The most noteworthy thing you remember about her after talking to her is her personality. She's known for her sharp wit and fun-loving demeanor and while it could really be said about anyone on the squad, she's extremely well-liked by her squadmates. While she'll never be confused with being rude, she does have opinions and isn't afraid to be vocal about them in most situations. That honesty is taken as a positive, because she always lets people know where they stand with her. Beyond that, this college graduate was member of Morgan State University’s marching band as a dancer as well as a part of SUNY Plattburgh's kickline. Finally, despite the fact that she still loves a few junk foods at times, she is still one of the most physically fit girls on the roster and has been so her entire 3-year Jills career thus far. You can read more about Ayeshia at

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jills Cheerleader blogs #1

During the next two weeks, a couple of Buffalo Jills Cheerleaders will team up with Director Stephanie M to go behind-the-scenes and provide their insight to the Jills Cheerleader audition process. In today’s first installment on, Lisa, prospective rookie Natalie, and Steph share their experiences, thoughts and expectations during the Jills tryout process.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jills, former Jills, and more former Jills

We have 3 things to cover here and with tryouts being such a big story, I'll lead off with that. As many already know, Brian Garman has taken over as the Jills' official photographer this year. He hasn't exactly been a stranger as his photos of the Jills, select events around WNY, and the Rock Girls of 103.3 The Edge have been showing up on 97Rock and 103.3 The Edge's websites for the last couple of years now. His latest set of photos was taken at Sunday's workshop and can be found at

Speaking of 97Rock, Jickster has his NCBB (Buffalo Babes) Tournament in full swing right now and there's even a few former Jills in the mix. To no one's surprise, the 2009-2010 Jills Calendar Covergirl Katy advanced to the 2nd rd last week. This week, Danielle S (2006-09), Kristin B (2008-09), and Rachael (2005-07) join the mix in the hunt for a slot in the 2nd rd. View all the matchups and how to vote at

Last, but certainly not least, is an update on our Hollywood Buffalo Jill, Amanda P. Yoga and acting classes have been her main focus the past week or so as she's been dealing with her nerves on delivering her first monologue. Be sure to check out Amanda's video logs at Included is some info on a play that she and Ben (from Hamburg, NY) are working on learning called The Key Exchange.

Also, here's a look at the latest episode from the cast. New episodes like this go up on Hulu every Tuesday. If you're on Twitter, be sure to keep up with what's going on by following Amanda at and the whole group at 

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Buffalo Jills bring it on

Skunkpost's Christie Weber took in the Jills Open Workshop on Sunday and has a report complete with interviews. Included are Jills Director Stephanie M, 1 aspiring rookie, returning vets Loren and Gabrielle, dance captain Christina, choreographer Kelli W, and returning alumnus Brianne.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Buffalo Jills Open Workshop

This time of year is both exciting and nerve-racking for young ladies across the nation as NFL cheerleader tryouts are in full swing. In Western NY, the Buffalo Jills tryouts started today with their Open Workshop at the Conference Center of Niagara Falls. One thing for us to look forward to with this is a first look at what vets are thinking about coming back, who our prospective rookies are, and even get to see some alumni who are thinking of coming back as well. In addition, a trio of last year's ambassadors are giving dance a shot. All totaled, we had 6 alumni show up for this workshop in which dancers learned a routine set to 3 different songs. At tryouts in the past, the primary routine that dancers learned was performed to one song. Something learned last year when the public attended tryouts for the 1st time in years was that a whole day of listening to one song can be a bit much for the average fan. This year, renowned choreographer Kelli Wagner devised a routine that works with 3 songs equally well. A part of the reason for this is that, on gamedays, the Jills will be performing sideline routines that are virtually identical to various songs all season long. They might as well learn sooner rather than later.

If you missed the free workshop, and I know a number of vets who are leaning towards returning did, there is another workshop on Thursday the 18th at the Gold's Gym in Williamsville. The fee for this workshop is $10 for ambassadors and $20 for dancers. Full details can be found at
First cuts, the only portion of tryouts open to the public, take place on Saturday at the Conference Center of Niagara Falls at 10am. There is a $5 charge for fans at the door and as for those trying out, please arrive early for check-in and warming up. Details for prospective Jills can be found at

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bandette of The Week Meghan

This week's Bandette of The Week should be no stranger to anyone reading this. Besides being a 5th year vet with the Bandettes, Meghan is one of the biggest reasons our Bandettes coverage is so complete as she's been a big behind-the-scenes contributor on the goings-on with the Bandettes squad ever since her rookie year. But besides her contributions to the Bandettes in the PR area, she's also a major contributor as a captain as well, having been a captain the last 2 seasons as well as a co-captain in 2008, the 1st season the Bandettes had official co-captains. In addition to that, while the Bandettes do have a head choreographer in long-time vet Erin Y, individual Bandettes are able to make contributions in choreographing routines and performances, something Meghan has enjoyed doing a lot of over the past few years. When she's not performing her duties as a Bandette, she's spending time teaching ballet and with her husband and her  daughter. She's even passing on her love of dance to her daughter so maybe we'll have a 3rd member of that family in the Pro Cheer ranks in a number of years. I say a 3rd because Meghan's older sister also spent some time cheering as well, with the Bombshells and the Jills. You can read more about Meghan at

Buffalo Jill of The Week Ruby

This week, we take a look at one of the rookie members of the Ambassador Squad as our Buffalo Jill of The Week. Ruby was actually the 1st of this year's rookies that we met...back in 2007 as she attended the Jills Open Workshop with her friend Dominica, a member of the 2005 Jills squad. She held off trying out that year but decided a couple of years later to give it a shot and made the squad in 2009. While she waited to try out, she concentrated on her studies and is just about to graduate with a degree in Economic Crime Investigation and Computer Forensics but plans to keep going to school to attain her Master's. Besides her future plans which could land her career in law enforcement, she found another way to help out her community, in addition to being a Jill. This young lady is a full-fledged certified fire fighter after graduating from Erie County Firefighter Boot Camp and was the youngest female ever to do so as well. You can read more about Ruby this week only in the webgroup's files section where a copy of her 2009 bio will be available.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A few tidbits about some former Jills

First up, we bring the spotlight to 2005-07 beauty Amanda P. She's now been in Hollywood for a little over a week and will be starting up her acting classes this Friday. Since the If I Can Dream experience went live, she's definitely picked up her share of fans for her sense of humor as well as her beauty. One of the big things they've been doing to interact with the fans is scheduled tweet sessions on Twitter. What happens is all the housemates converge on the living room while fans tweet in with the show's producers selecting a number of tweets to be shown to the houseguests. Sometimes, they'll have a specific topic they want to focus on while other times, it's mostly general stuff. Simply log onto Twitter and follow @ificandream to get all the instructions and @iicdhouse to see which tweets go through to the houseguests. While you're at it, send your support to Amanda on Twitter via @amanda_phill

Here's her latest Video Log from Tuesday morning.

The other Jills alumnus we have some news about is someone who actually is only just becoming a "former Jill" as, despite our trying to convince her otherwise, Jills Swimsuit Calendar Covergirl Katy is moving on. As she's retiring from the Jills, she's got herself involved in a contest on 97Rock called Jickster's Tournament of Buffalo Babes. Check out for the details and be quick about it. The 1st round of voting in the Smokin Hot Region is over tomorrow. A fitting region for the beautiful Katy to be a part of.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Buffalo Jills at the Buffalo Men's Show

2 years ago, 97Rock and 103.3 The Edge helped put on the 1st Buffalo Men's Show at the Hamburg Agri-Center and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. This year, the venue was the Seneca Niagara Casino Events Center in Niagara Falls, NY. The venue was the only major change as the place was packed from start to finish. Attendees got to check out a large number of different booths including one from Zoladz Limousine. At the Zoladz booth, people slammed a hammer onto one of those carnival-style bells to get a chance to win a tailgate party with some of the Jills for the Bills Home Opener this fall. Kristen did a good job convincing people to try their luck, which should be no surprise. Who could say no to that smile and the positive energy she has?

In addition to the booths from the vendors, various celebrities were on hand to sign autographs including Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Ruben Brown, and Mark Steenhuis. Ruben stayed off the stage area and hung around his own booth promoting his motorcycle run coming up on June 12 in Atlantic City. Considering he got to pose with Jills 3rd year vet Angelina, who can blame him for hanging around his booth? Get all the details on that at

Obviously the big feature was the Buffalo Jills who signed autographs, sold calendars, and posed for pictures before a big dance performance on stage.

See all the Jills photos at

For more on the Men's Show, be sure to check out our friends at Skunkpost where Christie Weber has a video up from the event

Coming up, Jills tryouts are in full swing starting on March 14 as the Jills hold their Open Workshop for all prospective 2010 Jills at the Conference Center of Niagara Falls. This Workshop is closed to the public but 1st cuts, also at the Conference Center, will be open to the public on March 20th at 10am. Get all the details at

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Bandettes at the Bandits-Titans game

With a 2-6 start, the Bandits have a lot of work to do to have any hope of making the playoffs but made their first step in returning to the playoff hunt with a 12-10 victory over the visiting Orlando Titans in HSBC Arena. Fan favorite Mark Steenhus contributed 6 goals and 4 assists to the home team effort.

The Bandettes, meanwhile, helped keep the excitement level high with high energy performances and routines including a halftime performance with 4 tumblers! Amanda and Ashley were joined on that performance in tumbling by Lauren S and Chelsea. After the win, a few of the girls joined in the celebration at Pearl Street's postgame party before they called it a night. After the Jr Bandettes clinic that morning and with most of the girls on other appearances Sunday morning, an early night was definitely a must for these hard-working young ladies.

The Bandettes have a few weeks off from games as the Bandits' next home game is April 3 when they play host to the Colorado Mammoth.

Jills tryouts: round one! and a video from the Jills Comedy Show

Jills tryouts are starting up and Saturday afternoon was the first optional workshop for prospective Jills to get a leg up on the competition. This year, Skunkpost's Christie Weber will be reporting on tryouts throughout the process and her first report includes interviews with director Stephanie M as well as Courteney, who's looking to transition from ambassador to dance in 2010.

See it all at

Also, Christie was at last weekend's Adult Comedy Show and besides a few clips of what happened onstage, she interviewed headliner Jocko Alston. You can find out more about Jocko at

Warning: video is NSFW with adult language

See it all at

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bandette of The Week Kirsten

This week's featured Bandette seems to be one of the biggest fans of the camera on the squad as she's flashing a smile for the camera almost constantly it seems. Kirsten is in her 2nd season with the Bandettes and has been dancing on Meghan's line her entire time on the squad. Almost never seen without a big smile, Kirsten is actually from Long Island, here in Buffalo attending college with plans of becoming a physical therapist. One of Kirsten's main qualities is her dedication and the fact that she moved far from home to pursue her degree, even planning on getting her master's. That also says a lot about how strong this young lady is as well. A lot of 18-year olds may look forward to moving away from home to go to college, but many get too homesick to throw themselves into something as time-consuming and challenging as a professional dance/cheer squad. Kirsten did it and it probably helped calm the homesickness enough that she's back for a second season and hopefully many more. But besides what it says in her bio, something to be noted about Kirsten is how warm-hearted and caring as well as very easy to talk to. You can read more about Kirsten at

Buffalo Jill of The Week Michelle

This week, we take a look at a former Jill who came back to the squad as our Jill of The Week. Michelle started out as a Jill in 2007 but at the time, wasn't ready to make the commitments that the role entailed. So after departing the squad early and taking last year off as well, she came back and was even better than we had hoped she'd be when she originally made the squad. She spent the season contributing her tumbling abilities on performances and routines and she and Kaitlin were rated the highest of all the pairs of Jills who appeared at the Edge Away Game parties by the staff there at the Aud Sports Bar and Grill. No easy feat when you consider all the girls that appeared there throughout the season but the manager raved about how well Michelle and Kaitlin interacted with the customers the best out of all the other pairs of girls there. He also said how much he was wowed by Michelle's beauty but then, who isn't? Originally from Boston, she loves the "small-town" friendly feel of Buffalo and has been working towards her nursing degree. You can read more about Michelle this week only in the webgroup's files section where we've uploaded a copy of her 2009 Jills bio. Sorry, phone number is not included.

Monday, March 1, 2010

If I Can Dream Premieres March 2

As we previously reported, there's a new reality show starting up called If I Can Dream and 1 of the inaugural season's 5 stars is former Buffalo Jill Amanda P (2005-07).

Beginning on March 2nd, If I Can Dream will let you be a part of the lives of 5 talented young people as they pursue their dreams in Hollywood. Living together in a house in the hills, their every struggle and triumph is streamed online, in real time.

YOU can watch, interact, and participate along the way, taking the journey with Amanda, Ben, Giglianne, Justin and Kara before they become stars.

See every triumph. See every setback. See every minute:

LIVE Streaming 24/7 at

New EPISODES each Tuesday on Hulu.