Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Buffalo Jill of The Week Amber

This week, we take a look at rookie Ambassador Amber as our Buffalo Jill of The Week. She describes herself as energetic, outgoing, and passionate but she left out the fact that she's also pretty intelligent. She's made the Dean's List every semester in her college career thus far. She's also pretty much any Buffalonian's dream girl as she's a huge Buffalo sports fan. Instead of a place like the Chophouse or Salvatore's, a perfect date to her would be a Buffalo sporting event and then wings afterwards. Obviously she's not the type to overdo it on the wings though as evidenced by how great she looks in uniform...or in the new Jills calendar, where she's photographed at Catalyst Fitness. When you look at her hidden talents, singing, it's disappointing the Jills don't have the events they once had as maybe Amber could be convinced to perform like Aimee and Keiyonna did back in 2006. See her pics at Amber's secondary photo comes from the Bills-Panthers game when she was helping handle promotions for the day. Coming off the field near the end of the 3rd quarter are Ashley and Amber.
Ashley and Amber

From the Bandettes comes a photo from the March game against the Colorado Mammoth. The Bandettes have been wearing different outfits, including Daisy Dukes and flannels, for several seasons, inspiring the Jills to do it a few times. Shown performing at 1st intermission are Jessica, Brianna A, Brianna V, Cheri, and Chrissy. We'll see them back in action alongside a few new squadmates starting December 28th!
Jess, Brianna A, Brianna V, Cheri, and Chrissy

Friday, October 18, 2013

Buffalo Jill of The Week Myesha

This week, we take a look at 3rd year vet Myesha as our Buffalo Jill of The Week. Dancing on Christina's line between Kristina and Taylor, Myesha is working towards her nursing degree, proving once again that the Health Care profession is huge in Buffalo. After all, Myesha is one of many beautiful Jills, alumni, and Bandettes alumni in the field. She also has a major in Health and Human Services with a concentration in Early Childhood which says a lot of little boys are going to have major crushes in a few years after she becomes a Nurse Practitioner. As it is, she's a part-time nanny and if there are any little boys in the families she takes care of, they must be very attentive to anything she says or does. Like her linemate Hannah, she loves Disney and would love to be a Disney Princess down at Disney World, as Tiana from The Princess and The Frog. She could even handle any singing the job might ask for as she enjoys singing, especially to the babies she cares for. See all of Myesha's pics at Myesha's secondary photo comes from the preseason finale against the Detroit Lions. Shown performing in Stampede Row are Lindsey, Myesha, and Alyssa K.
Lindsey, Myesha, and Alyssa K

From the Bandettes comes a photo from the February game against the Rochester Knighthawks. In a photo from the halftime performance we see Danielle, Chrissy, and Kelsey. See them and the rest of the Bandettes performing starting December 28th when the Bandits open the season at First Niagara Center against the Philadelphia Wings!
Danielle, Chrissy, and Kelsey

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Jills and company at the Bills-Bengals game

Sunday, the Bills returned to Ralph Wilson Stadium to a sold-out crowd anxious to help their team get back in the win column. Unfortunately, injuries and a few atrocious officiating calls made it a lot harder and, despite pushing past all that to get the game into overtime, the Bills fell short by a score of 27-24. Lost in all that was the play of several Bills players like rookie LB Kiko Alonso piling up 22 tackles, a stalwart performance up front by 3rd year DT Marcel Dareus and strong returns by Marquise Goodwin and newly-re-signed punter Brian Moorman, among others.
The Jills coming out for pregame
Omarlla and Hayley escorting some of the cheerleaders
Kristina and Myesha flashing big smiles as they come out for the game
Dana and Kaeleigh handling promotional duties
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and, around the NFL, except apparently in Dallas, teams and cheerleaders add pink to their uniforms and do some other special things in honor of it. In Buffalo, breast cancer survivors form Stampede Row for pregame introductions but this year, the Jills did something extra in addition to that. They invited several local college, high school, and little league cheerleading and dance squads to join them for pregame. In total, 7 squads joined the Jills as Jills Choreographer Kelli Wagner put together yet another masterful job to integrate them all together.

Taylor, Melissa, Megan, and Kristina in action
Katrina, Emily, and Hayley
Shelby G, Lisa, Allysha, and Emmy
Gabrielle coming out for a bit
Christina, Kristina, and Myesha performing in OT
See all the pics at

Handling promotional duties for the Jills ambassadors were 2nd year vet Dana, who I still think should've joined up even sooner, and rookie Kaeleigh. If I had to pick a smile of the game like I did the last game, it'd be a tough call. Dana and  Kaeleigh were outstanding in front of the camera and Allysha was just as great as last game. Add in Katrina, Alyssa K, Melissa, Myesha, and Kristina and choosing just one...impossible.
Next up for the Jills, after the Bills return from a 2-game road trip to Miami and to New Orleans, they're back in front of the home crowd as the Bills play host to the Kansas City Chiefs on November 3rd!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Buffalo Jill of The Week Hannah

This week, we take a look at our 1st rookie as the Buffalo Jill of The Week. Officially, Hannah is a rookie but if you were to get technical about it, she's not as new to this as other rookies. She actually made the squad in 2012 but left early. This isn't the 1st time this has happened as in 2005, Kristen M made the Jills and even got in the calendar. But like Hannah, she left the squad early and returned the next season. The other similarity is that they're both gorgeous. Dancing on Christina's line on gamedays, she can be found between Christina and Melissa. A radiology major in college, Hannah's excited to be continuing her cheering into the pro ranks and is probably the luckiest rookie on the squad dancing between the 2 Jills with more time in the pros than anyone else. Looking through Hannah's bio, it seems she'd get along great with some of Melissa's ex-squadmates from the Bandettes. The reason for that? She's a major Disney fan and would love to work at Disney World portraying Belle from Beauty and The Beast if she could. She's such a fan, she can quote almost every Disney movie. Even though it seems she goes to Disney every year, I wonder if even Bandettes choreographer Erin Y can match Hannah's fandom. See all of Hannah's pics at Hannah's secondary pic is from Stampede Row before the Lions preseason game. Shown in the pic are Lisa, Allysha, Hannah, Kristina, and Shelby G.
Lisa, Allysha, Hannah, Kristina, and Shelby G

From the Bandettes comes a photo from the Bandits home game against the Edmonton Rush in March. The Bandits won't be hosting the Rush in 2014 but traveling to Edmonton in March. Shown performing in the 4th quarter are Stephanie O and Kirsten. We'll see them and the rest of the 2014 Buffalo Bandettes performing at First Niagara Center again starting December 28th!
Stephanie O and Kirsten

Sunday, October 6, 2013

More pics from last week's game

Thanks to Sasha at for finding all these. Got some AP photos from Bill Wippert and Gary Wiepart on various sites of the Jills at last week's Bills-Ravens game.
Myesha and Emmy
See plenty at the Casper Star-Tribune Online at

3rd quarter break performance

Find some on at


Finally, CNN/SI has some great photos starting at

Friday, October 4, 2013

Buffalo Jill of The Week Christina

We start off our 2013-14 Buffalo Jill of The Week series with 8-year vet Christina. It's hard to believe she's in her 8th season as I still recall when she was a wide-eyed rookie. When I say a wide-eyed rookie that's just a phrase because she was definitely not wide-eyed as she was almost like a vet at times even back then. Over the seasons, she became the face of the Buffalo Jills, even more than Omarlla. The reason for that is her communications degree, which put her at the forefront in past years when the Bills did features on Jills tryouts. She even interned at Channel 4 during the 2008 season, a year after working with Ch 4 anchor Victoria Hong on a feature she was doing.
To say her Jills career has been impressive would be understating the obvious. She's been to Miami Beach twice representing the Jills, first as part of a group following her rookie year in a competition with other NFL Cheerleaders, and then again at the end of the 2009 season in the Pro Bowl the year it was held in Miami. She landed the cover of the Jills 2010-2011 Swimsuit Calendar and when the end of the year has come around, she's been the one putting together end-of-season DVDs for the girls on the squad with videos and photos from the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog as well as photos from Fisher Creative Image Photography. Take a look at more of Christina at Christina's secondary photo comes from the Vikings preseason game and is a line shot taken midway through the game. Shown posing for the photo are Megan, Shelby H, Melissa, Hannah, Christina, Taylor, Myesha, and Kristina.
Line shot of Christina's line

From the Bandettes comes a photo from the season finale vs the Knighthawks. In 2014, the Bandits host the reigning NLL Champs on January 25th and on April 26th. Shown performing in the 2nd quarter are Chrissy, Chelsea, and Danielle.
Chrissy, Chelsea, and Danielle