Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Bandettes at the Bandits' Home Opener against the Wings

This year, the NLL has expanded their schedule to 18 regular season games, starting a week earlier and ending a week later. Unfortunately, that seemed to have a psychological effect on the Buffalo Bandits. The 2013 NLL season was their worst performance in several years and, while the Bandits looked solid in their scrimmages against the Wings 3 weeks ago, they looked more like the team that struggled all season long in the spring. The offense was ok but the defense was porous to say the least and the goaltending did little to make up for the defensive struggles. The game wasn't nearly as close as the 17-13 score indicated and the fans in attendance were left thinking that the team looked at the 2013 on the calendar instead of the 2014 on the season schedule.
In the case of the Bandettes, it seems they also had a carry-over from 2013 but in contrast to the Bandits' play, the ladies are looking great, just as they did in 2013. Only 3 girls didn't return from the spring's squad and in their place are two stunning rookies in Janelle and Mandy with returning alum Ashley V filling out the squad. Behind Jaclyn and Erin, with strong captains in Kirsten and L.B., the 2014 Buffalo Bandettes squad should have a strong season. Maybe the NLL Girl of The Year crown, which now-3rd year vet Stephanie O won in 2012, will return to Buffalo as well.

Amanda T

I started off the gamenight getting to the arena shortly before the gates opened. Once I got inside, Ashley and Amanda T were there with gameday programs and souvenirs for the fans. In addition to being a stunning redhead on the Bandettes, Ashley is one of the biggest Bills fans I know. Amanda, in her 3rd year on the squad, started her Bandettes career as an Ambassador and is one of the most well-spoken young ladies I've met in many years as I discovered in a conversation we had at an event 2 years ago.

I made my way up to the 100 level where the rest of the squad was on hand greeting fans and posing for photos. I bounced back and forth from Kirsten's line at the east end to LB's line at the west end of the escalators a few times with visits from Bandettes alumnae Alicia (2012-13), Melissa (2005-11) and Sarah (2005-09)
Mandy, Chrissy, Stephanie, Kirsten, Brianna V, Danielle, and Lauren K

Kelsey, MaKenzie, LB, Alicia, Janelle, Cheri, Jessica, and Chelsea
After grabbing several photos, I headed down to my seat for the game where it wasn't long before the Bandettes came out to get set for pregame. Of course there were photo poses as well and the Bandits' mascot, Rax, even photobombed a pic with Jessica and Amanda.
Jessica and Amanda with Rax
The line set-up is pretty similar to how it was last year with Chelsea switching over to LB's line and newcomer Janelle slotting in over beside Jessica. Kirsten's line has Lauren K moving back to Chelsea's old slot with newcomer Mandy filling the other vacated slot alongside Chrissy.
MaKenzie and Janelle
dance squad photo minus LB
See all the pics at

Next up, the Bandettes and Bandits' next game is Friday January 10th at First Niagara Center playing host to the Toronto Rock. Hopefully the team can turn things around and get this march to a 5th NLL Title going in the right direction! Even though we're still waiting for the Bandettes webpage to be updated, the Bandette of The Week series will be kicking off soon leading off with 6th year vet Kirsten who started her Bandettes career posing with the Champions Cup.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Buffalo Jill of The Week Shelby H

This week, we take a look at rookie dancer Shelby H as our Buffalo Jill of The Week. One of a pair of sisters who joined the squad this season, Shelby could be found on Christina's line on gamedays between Melissa and Megan. Working towards her degree in Mechanical Engineering and Technologies, she's hoping that she and her future husband don't just buy a house, but build one out in the country, probably similar to that of her co-captain. Shelby is basically a low-maintenance type of girl in that she likes the simple things in that her ideal date would simply be some takeout by the waterfront with ice cream for dessert and while she's working towards her degree in a pretty lucrative field, she'd be just as happy being a stay-at-home mother. You can see all of Shelby's photos at Shelby's secondary photo comes from the Bills Home Opener against New England. Shown coming off the field at the end of the game are Megan, Shelby H, Melissa, Hannah, Christina, and Taylor.
Megan, Shelby H, Melissa, Hannah, Christina, and Taylor

From the Bandettes comes a photo from the Bandits Open Scrimmage featuring members of LB's line. Shown posing for the camera are Ashley, Brianna M, Janelle, MaKenzie, LB, and Jessica. See them and the rest of the squad in action as the Bandits host the Wings to start the season at First Niagara Center December 28th!
Ashley, Brianna M, Janelle, MaKenzie, LB, and Jessica

More from the Jills at the Bills' Home finale

As promised, we do have more photos from Sunday's game to share.
First up, we have photos taken by a friend of mine. He generally gets a few shots of pregame and, when they perform in the tunnel endzone, of the 3rd quarter break performance.
lined up for pregame

Lisa, Natalie, Emily, Katie, and Taylor
See the rest of his pics of the Jills at
There's a few from the Bills as well, with some sideline field-level shots
Katie, Taylor, and Hayley
There are also some on CNN/SI's site that didn't make it to the Bills site at

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Jills at the Bills' Home Finale

The 2013 season has been a season of transition in Buffalo with a new coaching staff, new QB, and new front office with the Bills. There have been some tough losses and some exciting wins. Last week, the Bills' perennial rivals from Miami officially eliminated the Bills from the playoff race but the character of the Bills' team wasn't going to take it lying down. Behind one of the strongest performances the Bills defense has put up in a few years, including 7 sacks, shattering the franchise mark for a season with a total of 56, the Bills "squished the Fish" with a 19-0 score in front of a crowd of 54,305 that, at times, sounded like a sell-out crowd.
The Jills have also just completed a season of transition. A significantly smaller squad than normal with a large amount of turnover started off the season. Only 2 Jills remained prior to the creation of this site and they, Nichole and Omarlla, both are in management. But while the veteran presence is lacking, the youth showed a lot this season, both in the younger vets as well as in the beautiful rookie class.

The Jills ready for pregame

Prior to performing, they introduced Jenny as the Buffalo Jill of The Week and Emily as the Jills' Pro representative.
Jenny and Emily
The Christmas game had the Jills in their Santa outfits, complete with a special pregame performance with Billy Buffalo and a little elf as well as a Jingle Bell Rock-themed 3rd quarter break.

 The Jills form part of Stampede Row
Emily, Alyssa K, and Kayla smile up at the camera as they come out for the game
Shelby H and Megan in the 1st quarter
On the Ambassador Squad, Dana and Ashley P handled promotional duties but Janis, Gabrielle, and Ashley C also made appearances on the sidelines at various points in the game.
Ashley P and Dana posing for the camera
Gabrielle and Ashley C coming off the field
Allysha and Emmy coming off the field at halftime
The tricky part of the day was protecting the camera. With the cold, rain, and wind, I wasn't able to get as many photos as normal, which was to be expected when the NFL disallowed camera bags to be brought into NFL stadiums. However, there will be more photos we'll be sharing from the game later in the week. For now though, check out all the pics at
Next up for the Jills, Gabrielle and Ashley (not sure which one) will be appearing at the taping of Out of Bounds with Arthur Moats and Sal Capaccio tonight at Danny's South in Orchard Park. The taping starts at 7:30pm and the special guest is Bills FS Jairus Byrd.
After that, tune into the Pro Bowl on January 26th at 8pm ET on NBC. Jills' 4th year vet Emily will be there, obviously sporting the prettiest smile.
Next season looks to have more changes for the Jills as at least 3 of the 8 captains are planning to retire and with tryouts coming up in April, we'll just have to wait to see what kind of changes are in store.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Buffalo Jill of The Week Jenny P

This week, we take a look at 3rd year vet Jenny P as our Buffalo Jill of The Week. In her 1st season as a co-captain, on Emily's line, Jenny started off her Jills career in a big way winning the dance rookie of the year award. That couldn't have been an easy feat and not just because there were several other outstanding candidates, including a pair of former Bandettes who made the switch to the Jills that year. No, her biggest obstacle was in making it to all the practices and games because she lived, at the time, past Syracuse. When the Jills held their Calendar Release Party a few months ago in Verona, Jenny could've stayed with her folks instead of in a hotel afterwards like everyone else who attended had to do if they didn't want to make the long trek home. She actually had family in Buffalo that rookie year she had told me she could stay with if need be but at the end of the season, at the Jills Comedy Show that January, she told me she never did. Thankfully, that's no longer an obstacle for her as she moved to Buffalo last summer with her (sorry, guys) longtime boyfriend. Besides looking forward to when she will someday be working with animals someplace like Sea World, Marineland, or a large zoo, she's also very interested in what will be going on in Cleveland next spring. She's a big Ghostbusters fan and word is, they'll be shooting the 3rd movie in Cleveland in spring 2014. You can see all of Jenny's pics at Jenny's secondary photo comes from the Bills-Ravens game. Shown as they head into the tunnel just before the half are Hayley, Jenny, and Kayla.
Hayley, Jenny, and Kayla

From the Bandettes comes a photo from the Bandits Open Scrimmage vs the Wings. Shown posing for a photo are members of Kirsten's line. From left to right are Mandy, Danielle, Chrissy, Kirsten, Brianna V, and Stephanie. See them in action along with the rest of the squad at the Bandits Home Opener against the Philadelphia Wings on December 28th at First Niagara Center!
Mandy, Danielle, Chrissy, Kirsten, Brianna V, and Stephanie

Buffalo Jill Christina: 8-Year Cheerleader, Lifelong Fan

As someone with a bit of a commitment issue, I seriously can’t fathom doing something consistently for eight years, but Buffalo Bills cheerleader (known as the Buffalo Jills), Christina isn’t quite the commitment-phobe I am. Since the earliest allowable age (18), Christina has served as a beautiful Buffalo Jill as well as a line captain for the past four years.
Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, the 5’6″ strawberry blonde with an abundance of energy and personality to match is no stranger to Bills football, in particular HOF’er Jim Kelly. “My favorite player growing up was Jim Kelly mostly because my father enjoyed watching him. Growing up, I thought it was an annual holiday that the Bills made it to Super Bowl just because of how much Buffalo Bills football was played in our household,” Christina says as we talk about the Bills being the only team to win four consecutive AFC Championships and make it to the Super Bowl four consecutive times in the early ’90s. She begins to brag, but with a record of such, I have to admit, it’s brag-worthy. Or at least it used to be.
Read the rest of the story by The Blonde Side's Jayme Lamm at

Friday, December 13, 2013

Buffalo Jill of The Week Lindsey

This week, we take a look at 4th year vet Lindsey as our Buffalo Jill of The Week. Unfortunately, her incredible smile has been absent from the sidelines the last few months but she came into the season as Lisa's co-captain, joining the girl who brought her onto the squad. Longtime friends, Lindsey used to come to Jills events to support Lisa before joining her herself. Her bright smile could be found while dancing between Shelby G and Natalie. Lindsey has had a pretty solid career with the Jills and even performed while injured, a hamstring pull her rookie season that kept her out of some of the larger performances. Thankfully, she was able to perform in the largest show of her career, the halftime performance in Toronto with Hinder. Working as a fundraiser for a local charity organization, she's recently returned to school for her Master's degree...where she's likely got all her male classmates wishing they could trade places with her longtime boyfriend, who besides having Lindsey, beautiful inside and out, on his arm, became a successful businessman at a pretty young age. With Lindsey's marketing skills, the sky is the limit for the two of them. See all of Lindsey's pics at Lindsey's secondary photo comes from the Bills Opener against the Pats. Shown performing late in the 1st quarter are Natalie, Lindsey, and Allysha.
Natalie, Lindsey, and Allysha

From the Bandettes comes an edited photo with a pic from last year's Open Practice and from this year's Open Scrimmage. In a photo that shows off the class and how the Bandettes treat their rookies, we have Stephanie introducing Danielle and getting a picture with her at last year's Open Practice. Danielle paid it forward at this year's Open Scrimmage and posed with rookie Mandy for the camera.
Stephanie and Danielle
Mandy and Danielle

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Bandettes at the Bandits Open Scrimmage

Customarily, the Buffalo Bandits have held an Open Practice each year to give fans a chance to see the team and the Bandettes before the season starts. This year, they did a little more by making it a preseason game against the Philadelphia Wings, the same team they'll be playing host to at the season opener on December 28th. They started it out, after warm-ups, with a performance by the Bandettes. The game then got going rather slowly and by halftime, the Wings had a 12-7 lead. Thankfully the game wasn't over and the Bandits, missing a few of their big-name players, roared back to take a 16-15 win in front of 1,989 devoted fans.
After their pregame performance, the Bandettes that were in attendance split off into two groups and circulated through the crowd. Kirsten's line was closest so I made my way over to greet them and grab a few pics, including rookie Mandy, who Danielle grabbed off to the side for a quick pic of just the two of them, much the same way that Stephanie O grabbed a pic with Danielle last season.
Mandy and Danielle
After that, the rest of the line saw me, giving me big smiles, and posing for a photo before they went to greet more fans.
Mandy, Danielle, Chrissy, Kirsten, Brianna V, and Stephanie O
After they went on their way, I watched some more of the game before spotting L.B.'s line. I went over to greet them, with rookie Janelle the new face in the group. I got some big smiles from the group, including Ashley, back with the squad after a season off.
Ashley, Brianna M, Janelle, MaKenzie, L.B., and Jessica

See all the pics at For those wondering about the size of the squad, several of the girls were unable to attend but the majority of last year's squad did return. We should see the entire squad 3 weeks from tonight when the Bandits face off against the Philadelphia Wings at First Niagara Center.
They'll also be getting set to start working with the Jr Bandettes pretty soon as well. The Buffalo Bandettes will once again be holding their Junior Bandette Dance Camp on January 25 (2-5:00 PM), February 1 (3:30-5:00 PM) & a pre-game performance on February 1 when the Bandits take on  the Toronto Rock at First Niagara Center. This camp is geared for girls aged 7 through 17 years old and costs $80 per girl and includes a Junior Bandette t-shirt. To register, please fill out the form at

Friday, December 6, 2013

Buffalo Jill of The Week Emily

This week, we take a look at 4th year vet Emily as our Buffalo Jill of The Week. In her 1st season as a captain after getting named co-captain in 2012, she'll be the longest tenured on the squad assuming she chooses to return in 2014. She finished off last season taking a trip to Tokyo with other NFL cheerleaders and this season, finishes it off in Hawaii after getting named to the Pro Bowl by her squadmates. Sadly, a lot of young ladies, after finishing their cheering days, don't do much as far as dancing afterwards. Emily will be one of those who continues on after having received her Bachelor's in Dance and has plans to open her own studio. Odds are she'll live vicariously through her little sister as well as she considers her to be her best friend and the greatest gift she's ever received. On occasion over the years, I've noticed a rookie or two at tryouts who just seems too good to not make it...and truth be told, I've always been right. In 2010, Emily and Natalie (2010-11) were definite standouts like that and to be honest, watching Emily go from aspiring rookie to Pro Bowler is quite the thrill...because I know she's going to wow everyone in Hawaii with her beauty, inside and out. You can see all of Emily's pics at Emily's secondary photo comes from the Bills' Opener against New England. Shown coming off the field at the end of the game are Jayanti, Hayley, and Emily.
Jayanti, Hayley, and Emily
Be sure to check out Jennifer Mobilia's #BillsMafia article on Emily's selection to the Pro Bowl at

From the Bandettes comes a photo from the February game against the Rochester Knighthawks. Prior to the game, one line would visit with fans at the pregame party at Cobblestone as well as sell raffle tickets. Shown posing for the photo are Brianna A, Danielle, Lauren K, and Chrissy. See them and the rest of the 2014 Bandettes when the Bandits host the Philadelphia Wings at an Open Scrimmage at First Niagara Center on December 7th!
Brianna A, Danielle, Lauren K, and Chrissy

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pics from Toronto

We have a few pics to share so far...a few emailed to me as well as some I found on my own.
Christina's line

Lisa's line
Christina's line
Lisa's line

All photos are the property of the photographers who took them and we thank those who sent them to us to share with the fans of Buffalo's Pro Cheerleaders. Also, the Bills have some photos up from Toronto as well.
Kayla, Megan and several of the Toronto Jr Jills
Dancing along with the Beach Boys

See all the pics from the Bills at