Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Jills at the Bills-Fish game

After a loss last week in which the Bills showed more fire than they have all season, Bills fans had a little bit of hope for their annual hosting of the hated Miami Dolphins. With Hall of Famer Bruce Smith getting his HOF ring at halftime and other greats in attendance, the stadium was electric all the way through the final whistle, with the Bills sending the Fish packing with a 31-14 slaughter of their hated rivals.
Last year's game was in Toronto so fans got to tailgate this year and meet the Jills Ambassadors at the 97Rock and 103.3 The Edge Tailgate Parties this year. Inside the Fieldhouse, Kelly Ann and Swimsuit Calendar Covergirl Katy played a bit of Family Feud as part of Classic Hits 104.1's contribution to the Bills Gameday Experience when they weren't signing autographs and taking photos with their fans. Prior to the game, 5th year vet and co-captain Katie made the game ball delivery with the aid of 9-year old Mason Muffoletto, a Buffalo youth who saved his grandfather's life last week with CPR when he suffered a heart attack.
The game itself was exciting, with the teams keeping it close until in the 4th quarter when the Bills pulled away behind a few big plays. The Jills also kept it exciting on the sidelines and even debuted a new performance in the scoreboard endzone after the 3rd quarter.
Coming up next, the Bills and the Jills head north to Toronto to play "host" in the Rogers Centre to the New York Jets in a primetime matchup on NFL Network's Thursday Night Football. Prior to the game itself, members of the Jills will be appearing at the Budweiser Tailgate Party at the intersection of Lower Simcoe St. and Bremner Blvd, which takes place from 3-8pm.
If you're looking for something to do on Saturday, many of the Jills will be appearing at Snow Park Niagara in an event to benefit the Breast Cancer Association. The event takes place from 10am-1pm on First Street in Niagara Falls, NY.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Buffalo Jill of The Week Keisha

This week, we take a look at Ambassador Squad Captain Keisha in our weekly feature. She actually started off her 3rd season on the squad as the co-captain but was promoted when her captain resigned for the squad. Even if Danielle hadn't resigned when she did, it's likely Keisha would've made captain in time anyway. The reason for that is the fact that she goes all out for her squadmates. We're not talking something like helping them celebrate birthdays and the like...there are a lot of girls on the squad that really step up in that way. She's shown up to support and help squadmates at appearances, even making a trek to NYC her rookie year to support Omarlla and Autumn at an appearance at the NYC Buffalo Bills Backers headquarters for a road game that season. She even went to Hawaii to show her support for Jessica in the Pro Bowl this past February. Stuff like that should come as no surprise to anyone who knows her, though. Her enthusiasm for life and being a Buffalo Jill is pretty well-known and when it comes to being a Jills Ambassador, she might be more qualified than anyone. One of the primary requirements of an Ambassador Jill is good conversational skills, something that Keisha is an ace at, as anyone who's only met her can attest. With a Bachelor's degree in psychology and a job as a sales manager, perhaps she was made for this role. You can read more about Keisha at

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Jills at the Edge Jags Away Game Party

After a week in which the Bills fired their head coach and benched their starting QB, Bills fans weren't sure what to think of their new look Buffalo Bills but many of them showed up at the Aud Sports Bar and Grill in Depew to find out. In addition to the game, wing and beer specials, and prizes from 103.3 The Edge, fans got treated to a visit from 2008 Pro Bowl Buffalo Jill Jessica and this week's Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog Jill of The Week Stephanie B, who visited with fans, posed for pictures, and signed autographs during the game. The game itself ended in disappointment with a loss for the Bills fans. But the day at the Aud was anything but disappointing to the fans that got to meet Jess and Stephanie.
The Jills are staying busy this week with plenty of appearances.
For one, you may be able to catch a few of them on Wednesday as they visit 97Rock's DJ Jickster as he camps out at Rosa's Home Store on Union Road in Cheektowaga. He's hanging out there collecting food for the Food Bank of Western NY which needs lots of help in these tough economic times. See all the details at
Also that morning, be sure to tune into 103.3 The Edge as Morning Bull interviews one of the Jills from 7:30-8:30. Yoy can even listen online at and call in with your own questions (no personal phone number or email requests please,
Also, if you're looking to dance off all the food you put it on Thanksgiving, head across the border to Dragonfly Nightclub in Niagara Falls, Ontario where some of the Jills will be appearing for Industry Thursdays on American Thanksgiving. See the details at

The Jills next take the field next Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium when the Bills host the hated Miami Dolphins at 1pm. Meet the Ambassadors inside the Fieldhouse and at the 97Rock and 103.3 The Edge Tailgate parties before seeing the dancers perform before and during the game, a game in which HOF DE Bruce Smith will get his HOF ring at halftime.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Buffalo Jill of The Week Stephanie B

This week, we take a look at ebony beauty Stephanie B as our Jill of The Week. In her 3rd season, she's spending gamedays on Omarlla's line next to Katie and Jackie. She's a future elementary school teacher who hopes to make a big impact on many lives, besides obviously making hearts beat faster as she's doing now. A competitive dancer for most of her life, she enjoys the Jr Jills program because it not only allows her to share her love of dance with the next generation, but gives her a start in her future plans as a teacher. It's just that instead of reading, writing, and arithmetic, she's teaching dance and cheer moves. Judging from how the group that she, Jessica, and Christina taught progressed at the Jills Open Practice in September, she's off to a strong start. This past February, she was part of a group of 8 Jills to make a trip to Iraq. You can read more about Stephanie at

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Jills at the Edge Titans Away Game Party

The Buffalo Jills are one of the only squads in the league not sponsored by the team they cheer for. Instead, their main sponsor is a set of radio stations that actually airs the Bills games. One of these stations, 103.3 The Edge, has Away Game Parties featuring food and drink specials, halftime buffets, the largest prize table in Western NY, and a visit by members of the Buffalo Jills in uniform. This year, the Edge Away Game Parties are held at the Aud Sports Bar and Grill in Depew, a sports bar with plenty of memorabilia all over the walls from the recently demolished Memorial Auditorium.
The 2009-10 edition of the Buffalo Jills got their first game experience cheering in Canton, Ohio this year at the annual Hall of Fame game when the Bills faced off against the Tennessee Titans. Now deep into the regular season, the Bills once again faced off against the Titans, this time in Nashville's LP Field, the site of the Bills' last playoff appearance. For this game, against an opponent the Bills last faced outside the Hall of Fame, the Jills sent a pair of Hall of Fame quality Jills in 10th year vets Omarlla and Eileen. Even with all their experience on the squad, they've yet to cheer for a playoff-bound team, which is actually quite saddening. For all they've given to the team, you have to hope the Bills will reward their long tenure with the chance to perform in the playoffs. Unfortunately, with the Bills putting in a poor performance in their game, the chances for that happening this season are looking slimmer by the week. Thankfully, Omarlla and Eileen's contributions to the Jills and the Bills have always been first-rate and we can only hope these two beautiful ladies keep performing for several more years, or at least long enough that they can cheer in the playoffs like they deserve to.
There will be a number of opportunities to see some of the Jills before next week's Edge Away Game Party as many of them will be visiting with 97Rock's DJ Jickster on Thursday as he lives in a truck until it's filled with food for the less fortunate. Stay tuned to 97Rock to find out where he and the truck will be parked.
Also, Bob Weaver Motorsports in North Tonawanda is having an Open House Thursday evening from 7-9 with Jills in attendance for photos and autographs.
Also, don't forget to tune into 103.3 The Edge Wednesday morning at 7:30 to hear Bull interview one of our beautiful Jills with the phone lines open for questions.

Buffalo Jills Swimsuit Calendar Shoot Fundraiser

For their top-selling swimsuit calendar, the Buffalo Jills have the option of getting their shots done here in Western NY or in a more exotic location on a cruise through the Caribbean. Obviously, most of the girls would prefer to get their shots done on the cruise but unfortunately, it's a rather pricey endeavour for the girls as they do have to pay for it themselves. To help pay for the cruise, the Jills hold fundraisers like the annual Beer Blast and pizza party at SoHo on Chippewa in downtown Buffalo. All but a trio of the Jills' 37-girl squad was in attendance for the event which included plenty of raffles, wine-tasting, and a few special appearances. No one knows about the hard work that the girls put in to these events more than former Jills and 5 alumni put in an appearance at the event to support their former squad. A former long-time Bandettes captain even put in an appearance to support one of her friends on the squad.
With the Bills on the road this weekend, your best chance to meet some of the Jills is to check out the Edge Away Game Party at the Aud Sports Bar in Depew where a couple of the girls will be in attendance for about half of the game.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Buffalo Jill of The Week Kelly Ann

Every so often, a cheerleader leaves the squad but chooses to come back after some time away. This season, the Jills have 3 such young ladies and our first look at one is Kelly Ann. She was a dancer with the Jills in 2003 and 2004 and was actually an early departure from the 2004 squad. The last few years, however, found her making the occasional appearance at a few Jills events and probably got her thinking about returning. This year, she's back and obviously looking just as good as if not better than (my vote goes to better than) she did when she was dancing. She's an Ambassador this year though so if you never got a chance to meet her when she was on the squad before, there's a lot more chances to meet her on gamedays at the 97Rock or 103.3 The Edge Tailgate parties on Radio Row.
Back in 2003, the Jills site had a Jill of The Month feature and Kelly Ann was one of those chosen for the honor and the following is what was said: Well it is obvious... Kelly Ann is gorgeous!! Kelly Ann is a Rookie to the Jills this past season. Her soft spoken demeanor should not be mistaken for her personality. Kelly Ann is very sweet, professional and easy to talk to.
“A dedicated, hard worker too, Kelly Ann's work ethic is one to be admired,” says Buffalo Jills Director Stephanie Mateczun."
Kelly Ann returned to the Jills this season because she regretted leaving the squad early when she did. She hates leaving something unfinished and chose to return to the squad to put in another full season. Hopefully, she won't quit at just the one season although she has previously wanted to return to school for her masters degree after having received a bachelor's in political science from the University of Miami, Jim Kelly's alma mater. If she does intend to do that, I'm sure UB would be ecstatic to have her as she'll probably graduate near the top of her class. To read more about Kelly Ann, check the files section of the webgroup (registration required) to see her 2003 rookie bio. Yeah, she was cheering the last time the Bills beat the Patriots. Maybe having her back on the squad will make something happen on December 20th?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

A special shout-out to the ladies who've cheered on the Bills or the Bandettes who've also served the United States in the Armed Forces.

2000-01 Jills Swimsuit Calendar Covergirl Marisa spent the 2000 and 2003 season on the Jills as well as a few years with the NY Air National Guard

Bandettes coach Erin J, pictured here with a pair of her Bandettes last season, spent 1998-2002 with the Jills before moving on to coach the Bandettes. Prior to that, she served in the US Army in Operation: Desert Storm.

Recently retired Jills Ambassador Squad captain Kelly spent 2002-08 with the Jills and was an award-winning recruiter in the US Air Force as well during her 9 1/2 year stint.

Jessica spent 2003-07 on active duty in the US Navy and while she's still in the Individual Ready Reserves until next year, she's getting set to dance with the Bandettes for her 3rd season.

These are just the young ladies I know about...I'm sure there are many more and if you'd like them to be included, just drop a line with her name and some info about her as well as, if possible, a photo of her in action as a Jill, Bandette, or Bombshell to and we'll make sure to give her proper recognition

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jills at Catwalk For Charity & your 1st chance to meet the 2010 Bandettes

As previously reported, Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres hosted a Catwalk for Charity at the Town Ballroom on Sunday and many of the Jills were among the models. This year's Catwalk had a 50s theme and besides the obvious outfits, Katy and Amanda dressed up as Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe. Check out for the 1st batch of photos of the event and stay tuned to to see more photos of Katy, Amanda, Lisa, Liz, Angelina, Kelly, Courteney, Heather, Stephanie M, and Lydia on the Catwalk with the Sabres players.
Also, while they haven't sent out an announcement via their website yet, the Buffalo Bandits did send out a notice about the Open Practice to all of their season ticket holders this week and it's time to set aside December 12th on your calendars. The Open Practice is currently scheduled that Saturday from 9am-2pm at HSBC Arena and besides getting to see the Bandits in a practice setting, you can select seats if you're looking at becoming a new Bandits season ticket holder, and get autographs from the Bandits and from the new 14-member Bandettes squad. This will be the 1st time the entire squad will be appearing together. All but the 5 rookies and 1 returning vet will be at the World's Largest Disco Thanksgiving weekend meeting with and performing for the fans. But if you can't make that as it is a 21-and-over event, make sure to make the Open Practice...see which vets have returned to the squad, which Bandettes alumnus has returned, and which of the 5 Bandettes rookies is no stranger to the pro cheer ranks.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Jills photos from the Saints game!

With the bye week upon us, the positive is that Bills fans won't get stressed out by the way the team is playing. The negative is not seeing the beautiful Buffalo Jills in action, whether it be at the Ralph or at the Edge Away Game Party or bartending at Sole. There is, however, Ryan Miller's Catwalk for Charity, the proceeds of which go to the Steadfast Foundation. That's happening this evening at the Town Ballroom at 6pm and features about a dozen of our beautiful ladies from the sideline. You can get details and order tickets at
However, if that's not in your plans, 97Rock, the Jills' main sponsors, came through with some photos taken earlier in the season.

First up is a group of photos taken while the dancers on the Jills put the finishing touches on their gameday performance inside the stadium before the game while the fans were tailgating and the Jills Ambassadors were meeting with the fans.

Next up are photos taken during the game of the Jills in action during the game. As we all know, the game itself was pretty ugly...the beauty of the Jills more than made up for that, however. Check those photos out at
The Jills are going to be busy before they return to the Ralph on the 29th, of course.
Something that not everyone realizes is that Bull on 103.3 The Edge interviews a Buffalo Jill every week on his show Wednesday mornings from 7:30-8:30am. Fans can call in as well to ask questions (though asking for phone numbers is generally But get more details at and contact info for WEDG radio at
Saturday night, SoHo plays host to the Jills from 7-9 for the Jills' Annual Swimsuit Calendar Shoot Fundraiser. $20 per ticket in advance includes: Pizza from Blasdell Pizza, beer, Merritt Estate Wine, entertainment & awesome raffles! Tickets are $25 at the door. You can get more details at All 37 of the current Jills are expected to be there save a few girls who will be making an appearance in Albany for WQBK radio. Get details on that at
Finally, the Bills are back on the road for a game against the Titans and you can see some of the Jills appearing at the Aud Sports Bar and Grill as part of the Edge Away Game Party. Get details at or for a more laid back and relaxed atmosphere, check out Sole Restaurant in Williamsville where 1 of the lovely Jills will be bartending for every away game.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

NLL Girl of the Week champ: Amanda

Another contest, another winner. With more than 5,700 votes cast, our newest National Lacrosse League Girl of the Week contest winner is Amanda of the Buffalo Bandettes. Thanks one and all for the votes cast. And as for Amanda’s 3,882-1,905 win over Rochester’s Corina, it’s just one more bragging right for Buffalo over Rochester. We’re not trying to stoke that fire, as if it really needs it, but part of any healthy rivalry is notching a W and Buffalo fan has another notch in the belt when it comes to rubbing it in Rochester’s face. Is Buffalo going to have a victory parade for Amanda? Probably not, but Bandit fan always has this card to play.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Jills on CNN/SI and Jills profile shots at 97Rock!

CNN/SI's cameras were on hand at Ralph Wilson Stadium and without an actual game to watch, they did grace us with some photos of the beautiful Buffalo Jills. Included this week are shots of Omarlla, Lynn, Ayeshia, Valerie, Jess, and Loren as well as a sideline shot of Omarlla's line. Check them out at
Also, 97Rock is stepping up as the Jills' primary sponsors and showing off profile photos of most of the 37 Buffalo Jills on its own site. The girls are up in alphabetical order starting with the beautiful Alyssa and finishing with the lovely Vincenza. Check them out at
Don't be afraid to comment, either...but keep in mind that any comments you leave will be seen on every page so if you're commenting on how beautiful a specific Jill is, don't forget to name which one you're talking about.

Buffalo Jill of The Week Murissa

Last week, we looked at stunning 2nd year vet Jackie as our Jill of The Week. We even included a video showing her performance at the Town Ballroom for 1st dance cuts this year and her partner for that performance was this week's Jill of The Week, the equally stunning Murissa. A self-admitted princess (with her own prince), this 2nd year dancer can be found on Omarlla's line on gamedays between Vincenza and Kelly. Murissa loves to laugh and enjoy life and loves to pose for photos as well, and seems to seek out the camera more than most. One thing she leaves out in her official bio is her singing ability, something she hasn't shared with the fans as of yet...but notice I used the word "yet." Back in 2006, Aimee and Keiyonna did some singing at some major Jills events and maybe, just maybe, we'll get a microphone in Murissa's hands one of these days as well. But beyond all that, Murissa's strongest quality is her heart. She loves her squadmates immensely and being a Jill more than almost anything. Like many of the Jills, she knew some of her squadmates before joining, but since becoming a Buffalo Jill, she's made many, many more that she's just as close with as the ones she knew beforehand. You can read more about Murissa at

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Jills at the Bills-Texans game

It's times like these where I feel bad for the people who have to write about the Bills. A large portion of the Bills performed terribly, from the team on the field where few players really stepped up, to the organization itself, which classlessly placed a tarp over the entrance tunnel so that fans who paid to sit there didn't get what they paid for.
But thankfully, this blog is about people who have plenty of class so we won't dwell on that. From the players who stepped up, like rookie FS Jairus Byrd who had a 3rd straight game with 2 interceptions, to the owner of the Bills, Ralph C Wilson Jr, who was given his well-deserved Hall of Fame ring after his induction this past summer in Canton. Byrd was once again the talk of Western NY with his ball-hawking style as a couple of errant Matt Schaub passes found their way into his clutches. Byrd truly is the word in the Buffalo area. Ralph Wilson's contributions to the NFL, with his work on television deals which helped force the AFL-NFL merger, delivered a short-but rousing speech at halftime to a chorus of cheers when he renewed his dedication to delivering a Super Bowl to Buffalo. For those who may think he may not have enough left in the tank to do so, he reiterated "I still feel that I have youth on my side" as he said when he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton this past August.
But on to the focus of the blog and the Buffalo Jills. Their days started at 9am when they arrived to the stadium for their gameday routines. Dancers, down a few girls due in part to illness, welcomed 4th year vet Stefanie back to the field after her recovery from a foot injury. They spent much of pregame working out their routines to ensure they were ready to perform and step up with the girls they had. And unlike the players on the field, the Jills never seem to miss a beat when they're missing squad members, even though those squadmates are missed by fans and Jills alike. Christina once again stepped up and filled in wonderfully as captain of Nicole's line while Omarlla and Eileen handled their own lines as well as always.
The Ambassadors, meanwhile, had plenty to do on their own. Posing for pictures and autographing calendars with many of the fans, many of whom were still in Halloween costumes, was the order of the day at the 97Rock Tailgate party with Kelly Ann, Heather, Laura, Nicole L, and Alyssa while Amanda, Katy, Lindsay, Kristen, and Ruby did much of the same at the 103.3 The Edge Tailgate Party just down Radio Row. Inside the Fieldhouse, Ambassador Squad captain Keisha was joined by Courteney as they greeted fans and played a little Family Feud with the fans and quizmaster Dennis George, a new addition to the Fieldhouse Gameday Experience brought to the fans by Classic Hits 104.1. Afterwards, Keisha received the honor of delivering the game ball before she and Courteney accompanied Billy Buffalo and many of the various promotions held throughout the stadium during the game.
Next week, the Bills will be on a bye but a number of the Jills will be plenty busy at Ryan Miller's Catwalk For Charity to be held at the Town Ballroom in downtown Buffalo, right where the 1st rd of Jills tryouts were held this past spring. Get full details at
The following weekend, it's time to invade SoHo on Chippewa as the Jills hold their Swimsuit Calendar Shoot Fundraiser party on November 14th. The annual event includes all-you-can-eat pizza and wings from Blasdell Pizza as well as wine from Merritt Estate Winery and beer for $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Also included is the chance to get in on some raffles as well see a great performance by the Buffalo Jills dancers as well as get to meet most of the entire squad and maybe some Jills alumni as well.
On Sunday the 15th, there are 2 places to be in Western NY for watching the Bills-Titans game. The Aud Sports Bar in Depew features the region's largest prize table, a halftime buffet, wing and drink specials, and a pair of Buffalo Jills for a half at the Edge Away Game Party. Meanwhile, for a more laid back atmosphere, you can watch the game at Sole Restaurant in Williamsville and find one of the beautiful Buffalo Jills behind the bar for the entire game.
If you're not in Buffalo that weekend but are closer to Albany, WQBK has a number of things going on involving a few of the Jills as well, including a Walk For The Cure Poker Walk at Clinton's Ditch the evening of the 14th. Check out the full list of appearances in Albany at