Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jr Jills registration extended

The Jills' successful Jr Jills program still has a few spots open and to allow parents to get their daughters enrolled if they missed the June 24th deadline, the Jills have extended registration thru July 8th. New uniform fitting dates will take place July 12th and 14th at the Fieldhouse and a full dress rehearsal has been scheduled for August 25th, two nights before the game. Get all the details at with registration and waiver forms available at

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Jills at the 2011 Uniform Unveiling Ceremony

In 2002, the Buffalo Bills last made a major re-design to their uniforms and the fans have, as a whole, disliked the design. In 2011, the Bills are again changing their uniforms but the overall response is looking very positive this time. With the NFL and players still engaged in a lockout, Bills players weren't able to help unveil the uniforms this time around so the Bills recruited 6 local Marines to help along with 4 Bills alumni to show off the uniforms before airing a highlight video from 2010 and the movie "Blind Side."

Alyssa and Miranda
The Bills aren't alone in getting new uniforms for 2011 as the Buffalo Jills will also have new outfits as well, although they have yet to arrive so the Jills performed in shorts and t-shorts and got rave reviews for doing so. When fans came through the gates, they were greeted by Amanda F and Jessica M and handed a pamphlet with a schedule of events for the evening. Before heading into the stadium, they got the chance to meet several other Jills Ambassadors and take photos with them.

Loren, Valerie, and Lisa waiting to come out to perform
The Jills dancers performed to a remix of "I Gotta Feeling" before allowing local musician Tom Sartori to take the stage for a set of songs including a new Bills-related song that the Jills again came out to perform to.

Melissa, Myesha, Amanda V, and Christina smile for the camera
See all the pics at

Don't forget that registration is open for the 9th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament to be held on August 1st at Westwood Country Club in Williamsville. Get the details at

Friday, June 24, 2011

Buffalo Jill of The Week Jackie

This week's Buffalo Jill of The Week starts off our cover models with blonde beauty Jackie. 3rd year vet Jackie had the back cover of the 2010-2011 Buffalo Jills Calendar with a very sexy shot and a front and back view with a mirror as part of the shot. After originally studying in bio-medical sciences, she switched to dental hygiene and is aiming to become an orthodontist. Most boys develop crushes on the orthodontist's assistants. With Jackie as the orthodontist, the assistants won't even get a second look. With her eyes and honey-sweet voice, she could do some serious oral surgery and not have to waste any Novocaine! But it obviously takes more than looks and a soft voice to become a great orthodontist and Jackie is well-known for her determination. If she sets a goal for herself to achieve, it would be extremely surprising if she doesn't achieve it.Sadly, Jackie was an early departure from the 2010 Buffalo Jills and didn't return for 2011 either. Before leaving in midseason, she danced on Omarlla's line between Kristen and Angelina, finishing up a dancing career of 16 years, although we obviously hope she decides to return one of these days as well. Jackie's secondary photo comes from the Jags game back in October. Prior to the games last season, some of the Jills dancers performed in Lot C. Shown posing for the camera just prior to the performance are Jackie, Anna, and Eileen.

Like many vets, Jackie paired up with a friend for tryouts and in 2010, she and fellow 3rd year vet Murissa danced together like they had in 2009. They went with matching outfits for 2010 and both put on a great performance.

You can read more about Jackie at

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Teasers, a BvB update, and an update on the Jills Calendar

As anyone who reads this blog knows, we not only do what we can to support not only Buffalo's pro cheerleaders, but their alumni as well in their more public endeavors. Some of the girls, after the leaving the squad or, in some cases, while on the squad, spend their weekends as singers in local bands. One of those girls who's been active on the Buffalo music scene is 2003 Buffalo Jills alumnus Aimee L. For several years, she was the lead singer for Disco Duck before joining the Naughty Dawg Band for a short stint. A little over a year ago, she and other local musicians formed a new band called The Teasers and one thing they've been doing that Aimee didn't get to do in her other bands is draw upon a much wider variety of songs from over the years with not only rock, country, and dance music, but many current contemporary hits as well.
Friday night, The Teasers, based out of Lockport, NY, visited the Southern Tier and treated Walleye Willie's patrons to a wide mix of music ranging from Pat Benatar and Neil Diamond to Def Leppard and Poison to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Judging by how full they kept the dance floor, the crowd loved the show. Aimee still has the looks that helped her land a spot on the Jills and, as seen at the shows and in the video, has the moves as well as an incredible voice. See all the pics at
Learn more about the band and where to see them play at

Jessica K and Jenica
There were also a couple of special fans in attendance as far as we're concerned as well as a pair of beautiful twins took in the show as well. Of course we're not talking about just any twins but Jenica and Jessica, who both joined the Jills in 2006 with Jenica sticking with the squad through 2009 and even landing the cover of the 2007-08 Jills swimsuit calendar. The two of them have actually moved away but were in town for the weekend for a friend's wedding.

Dana and Amanda F at last year's BvB game
The past few years, an organization called Blondes Vs Brunettes has taken roots across the country. It's a group of women who put together powder-puff football games to raise money to benefit the Alzheimer's Association. This is the 3rd year Buffalo is having an event and, like in past years, several Jills alumni are suiting up for this year's September 10th game at Sweet Home High School. Registration is still open with spots still open on both teams but so far there are 4 Jills alumni confirmed for this year's teams. 2009 Brunette MVP Danielle H (1998-2002) returns for the Brunettes while Amanda F (2001-03) and Dana (2008) return to the Blonde team for their second seasons. Joining the Blondes this year is 2010 Jills Covergirl Meghan who loved seeing the action while appearing at last year's game. Get all the info on the game and other events and how to support the ladies at

Reena at Twin Village Recycling
Finally, there's still plenty going on with the current squad as well. They've been very busy with various appearances throughout the region and are getting set for Friday's Uniform Unveiling at Ralph Wilson Stadium where they'll be greeting fans at the gate and putting on a few dance performances as well. But one of the other big things they've been working on is putting together their 2011-12 Calendar with all the photos being taken locally by Fisher Creative Image Photography. Obviously they won't unveil the finished product until it's finished but when they've been on the shoots, they've also been shooting some videos so you can get a feel of what to expect. You can see the videos on the Jills' Facebook page at and you can also check out video #9 in the series at In this video, Sara, Amanda F, and Reena dress up Twin Village Recycling even though Sara seemed just a bit freaked by the cranes running behind her while she was In the second portion of the video, Emily shows off her ballet talents a bit at Fusion Dance Studio as a part of her shoot

Friday, June 17, 2011

Buffalo Jill of The Week Vincenza

This week, we take a look at 4th year vet Vincenza as our Buffalo Jill of The Week. After spending her 1st two seasons as an ambassador, Vinny switched to dance in 2009, getting to perform in Canton at the HOF game for her 1st gameday dance action. That was also the season that she, and a few of her squadmates, landed in Maxim with several of their swimsuit shots from that year's calendar. However, the calendar shot I most think of with Vincenza is the one she took for her 2nd calendar when she landed the cover. As incredible as that shot was, I think I bruised my chest with how hard my jaw dropped. Vincenza is one of those girls who not only got more beautiful during her time on the squad, but grew in other ways as well. For example, it still seems like only yesterday that she joined the squad with a shy yet pretty smile but while the smile remains just as pretty if not prettier, the shyness is long gone replaced with a lot of confidence and a sense of adventure. She's competed in beauty pageants, traveled through Europe, and even gave up what she loved doing, contributing as a Buffalo Jills Ambassador, to finish her degree in Biomedical sciences. Vincenza's secondary pic comes from the Bills opener against Miami. Near the 97Rock Tailgate party before the game where several of the ambassadors were stationed, the girls posed for a quick photo. Shown smiling for the camera are Amanda F, Jessica, Vincenza, and Alyssa.

You can read more about Vincenza at

Monday, June 13, 2011

Photos up from 2004!

During the lull between the end of the Bandits season and the beginning of Bills training camp, I'm not getting large amounts of photos taken...usually just a few handfuls taken at a few Jills appearances over the summer. The last few years, I've been utilizing some of that down time to get some other projects done for the Jills and Bandettes. This year, it's been to bring my older pre-2005 photos into the archives so that the girls can find their photos easier. Last month, I finished up the 2002 season with photos that can be found at For some reason or another, I don't have any photos on my computer that I took in 2003 but I did finish uploading the 2004 photos into the archives and those can be found at

Eileen, Kristine, Nichole, Keiyonna, Jamie, and Jillian posing at the Titans preseason game
Don't forget that you can meet a few of the 2011 Jills at the Gateway-Longview BBQ and Blues Bash this Friday evening in the Cobblestone District near the Arena. Details can be found at
You can see the full squad next Friday evening at Ralph Wilson Stadium as the Bills and Jills unveil their new uniforms for 2011. The Jills will be greeting fans at the gate as well as putting on a pair of dance performances. Get the details on the event at

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Meet Aimee: cheered for the Buffalo Bills, “in love with math!”

Meet Aimee, our latest addition to our growing troop of Science Cheerleaders.
Aimee was a cheerleader for the Buffalo Bills, has a Master’s in Mathematics Education and teaches high school mathematics.

SciCheer: Tell me a little about your favorite math courses.
Aimee: I am absolutely a Geometry buff! I love it! My other favorites would have to be History of Mathematics and Linear Algebra

SciCheer: Do you find that your looks (or being a former cheerleader) helped or hindered your professional experiences as a math teacher? (Were you taken seriously?)
Aimee: At first I think people judged me or didn’t take me seriously because I was a cheerleader. I think there’s a misconception that ALL cheerleaders are uneducated. I had to PROVE to them that I was not who they thought I was. I am actually quite the nerd! I mean, come on, I own five different types of graphing calculators and make raps up about math!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Buffalo Jill of The Week Emily

This week, we take a look at now-2nd-year vet Emily as our Buffalo Jill of The Week. During her rookie season, she showed off her dance skills on Eileen's line next to her and Stefanie. There's a lot of girls on the squad who can say they live to dance but for the most part, those are the girls who stick around for several years. After a number of years on the squad, you can really see just how important a part of their lives that dancing really is. Emily, despite finishing up only her rookie season so far, has as much dedication to dancing as anyone else who's ever been on the squad. In fact, had she been born just a few months earlier, she would likely have been on the 2009 squad. But she didn't turn 18 soon enough and wound up being the first rookie dancer we met in 2010 when she posed for a photo at tryouts with Kristen and Nicole. Hopefully, Emily's love of dance keeps her on the squad for several more years but even if she doesn't put in an Omarlla-esque Jills career, she won't be done dancing by any means. She's actually working on her Bachelor's Degree in dance and hoping to land a career in dance. As far as what kind of career she'll be involved in is a decision to be made in a few years but besides her schooling and the Jills, she's also very active in ballet. There is more to Emily than her dance skills and her obvious beauty, though. The Jills held 2 Open Practices last year at which the Jills work with little girls hoping to learn a little from the pros. Part of what the Jills organization expects from the Jills is the ability to do well with the little girls in Open Practices, cheerleading camps, and the Jr Jills program. Emily seemed to stand out at the November Open Practice however, in how she interacted with the youngsters. She has her own baby sister who may one day take after her and she seemed to treat each of the little girls she was working with as if they were her little sisters. Considering how much she loves her baby sister, that's definitely a great thing.

When Emily tried out for the squad last March, she ended up being paired up with returning alumnus Anna and she showed her dance skills in nailing the routine.

You can read more about Emily at

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Big news with the Jills!

For the last month and a half, the Jills' main focus has been on getting the new squad installed and work on the 2011-12 Buffalo Jills Calendar. While making the calendar, FCI Photography has been shooting some video as well and in addition to the 1 that was put up on the 97Rock website, they've been adding the videos to Facebook as well and they can all be found on the Buffalo Jills' Facebook page at

The girls have still been participating in some smaller appearances as well and will be at the 3rd Annual BBQ & Blues Bash on June 17th, an event to support the Gateway-Longview Foundation. The event runs from 5-9 on Mississippi Street in Buffalo with all details, including ticket info, found at
On June 24th, the entire Jills squad will be at Ralph Wilson Stadium as the Buffalo Bills are unveiling their new uniforms. The Jills will be on hand to greet fans coming in and put on a pair of performances for the fans in attendance. In addition, with the Bills having new uniforms, the Jills wouldn't exactly match with them with the uniforms they wore last season so we're looking at a uniform update from them as well. The event includes a musical performance by Tom Sartori, the video of which can be found at , on-field access and the screening of a movie yet to be determined. See all the details as well as free ticket info at
Finally, the Jills are holding their annual cheerleader camp at NCCC once again with the camp running from July 10-14. This camp allows young ladies a week to work with the Jills and choreographer Kelli Wagner. Get all the details and registration, liability, and health forms at

Friday, June 3, 2011

Buffalo Jill of The Week Taryn

This week, we take a look at rookie Ambassador Taryn as our Buffalo Jill of The Week. One of the big reasons she joined the Jills was the community involvement the squad has and even prior to her time on the squad, she's worked with several foundations dealing with things like breast cancer awareness and autism. This is when she's not busy with work as a licensed real estate agent or working on getting her MBA in marketing and management. Taryn was one of three Canadians on the Jills in 2010 but chose not to return for 2011. Instead, most of her free time now is spent in modeling as a hair model and, like 2009's covergirl Katy, is a devout vegetarian. Hopefully, the modeling still brings her across the border semi-regularly as I'm sure border agents loved seeing this 5'10" brunette once or twice a week. Taryn's secondary pic is from the Bills' lone home preseason game at the Kid's Day festivities in Lot C. Shown posing for the photo are Amanda F and Taryn.

You can read more about Taryn at

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bills to unveil new uniforms at Uniform Launch event

The Buffalo Bills announced Wednesday that they will officially introduce their new uniforms for the 2011 National Football League season at a special Uniform Launch event presented by Reebok at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Friday, June 24, 2011. The Uniform Launch event will begin at 6:30 p.m. and is scheduled to conclude around 10:30 p.m. Stadium gates will open at 5:45 p.m. and the parking gates will open at 4:30 p.m. Tickets are required for entry and are complimentary for all fans.

The new uniforms will incorporate the Bills storied history while keeping the team’s signature charging buffalo logo. The Bills last made a change to their primary uniform prior to the 2002 season.