Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Buffalo Jill gets her own TV show!

No, this isn't about If I Can Dream star Amanda P, who left the house a couple of months ago and is starting up her own jewelry business online very soon. This show features one of the most well-known Buffalo Jills in the USA, 4th-year ambassador squad vet Laura F. As anyone who knows anything about Laura should be able to guess, the show is an outdoors show dealing with archery and hunting. It's called Redfield Redzone and starts airing this weekend on ESPN2.

Laura was originally approached about doing a show a few years ago and, while nothing came of it, the idea was out there and she was asked about it again last year and the end result is what we'll be seeing the next few months on ESPN2. She's a new hunter learning lots of hunting techniques as she goes along, some techniques that more experienced hunters aren't even aware of. Warm Springs Productions, the makers of the show, aren't focusing 100% on the hunting though as there will be a few extras included from time to time including a look at Laura's famed baking abilities (she's won numerous awards and her squadmates really look forward to the practices and gamedays that, on occasion, include some of her cooking.

Her squadmates, while some are initially shocked at what she does for a living, are all behind her 100% and proud of all she's accomplished thus far.

Check out this promo for the show from Warm Springs Productions on Youtube

as well as mark the dates and times the show will air.

Sat 7/3/2010 11:56 AM
Sun 7/4/2010 6:26 AM
Sun 7/4/2010 8:56 AM
Sun 7/11/2010 6:26 AM
Sun 7/11/2010 8:56 AM
Sun 7/25/2010 6:26 AM
Sun 7/25/2010 8:56 AM
Sun 8/1/2010 6:26 AM
Sun 8/1/2010 8:56 AM
Sun 8/8/2010 6:26 AM
Sun 8/8/2010 8:56 AM
Sun 8/15/2010 6:26 AM
Sun 8/15/2010 8:56 AM
Sun 8/22/2010 5:56 AM
Sun 8/22/2010 8:56 AM
Sun 8/29/2010 8:56 AM
Sun 9/5/2010 8:56 AM
Sun 9/12/2010 8:56 AM
Sun 9/19/2010 8:56 AM

Don't forget. You can meet Laura and all the Jills on August 2 at Westwood Country Club in Williamsville for the 8th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament! Get all the details at

Friday, June 25, 2010

Buffalo Pro Cheer Photos of The Week

Continuing our look at the beautiful young women who will be gracing the sidelines and tailgate parties this fall, we bring you a photo from the Open Workshop where prospective 2010 Buffalo Jills learned what they needed to know to make the squad. Captains, of course, didn't need to try out to make the squad and were on hand at the workshop to help the prospective Jills learn what they needed to and here is a pair of them. Omarlla and Eileen need no introduction to anyone who's followed the Jills this millennium as they'll be going into their 11th seasons together. I remember when they were cute rookies and now look at them. I thought women were supposed to lose their looks as they age...not get even better like these two have. Their 10th season together was a record-setter and the Bills posted up a nice story about them the day before the final game of the season.

Our second photo comes from the Bills Open Practice held at the stadium a few weeks ago. Members of the Jills dance squad greeted fans as they came through the gates while handing them rosters and schedules as well as posing for pictures and signing autographs. After that, they took to the field for their 1st large scale performance on the Ralph Wilson Stadium turf as seen at Shown posing for a photo here are Natalie and Loren. Natalie is a rookie on the squad and was the girl the Buffalo Bills chose to write a blog about the audition process. You can check it out at Loren is in her 2nd season on the squad and as seen on Sundays, is quite the energetic dancer. No big surprise given her 16 years in competitive dancing.

Your next chance to meet Omarlla, Eileen, Natalie, and Loren along with the entire Buffalo Jills squad is the 8th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament. This year's event is being held August 2 at Williamsville's Westwood Country Club. Check out all the details at

From the Bandettes comes a photo from after the April game against the Colorado Mammoth. Shown smiling for the camera are Kirsten, Alexis, and Chelsea. Kirsten and Alexis just finished their 2nd seasons on the squad while Chelsea was a rookie in 2010. Following each home game, Pearl Street Grill and Brewery has hosted a post-game party following every Bandits home game and several Bandits players as well as Bandettes dancers are in attendance every game.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Couple more videos from 97Rock

The 1st video is the 3rd of a series of videos shot in Jamaica when the Jills were there last month shooting their 2010-2011 Calendar. It features Gabrielle, Gina, Anna, Lisa, Amanda F, Kelly, Val, and Katie in some of the shots they took to be featured in the upcoming calendar.

The 2nd video is a more recent one shot on Lake Erie. Not all the girls went to Jamaica for the shoot and this video shows 2nd year vet Loren and rookie Sara S getting their shots done while cruising around Lake Erie on a boat.

Watch these and more at

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Jills at the 2nd Annual BBQ and Blues Bash

Friday evening, Buffalo's Cobblestone District was the setting as the Gateway-Longview family service organization put together their 2nd Annual BBQ and Blues Bash as a fundraiser for their non-profit organization. On hand to meet, take pictures with, and sign autographs for the fans were members of the Buffalo Jills as well as 3 players from the Buffalo Bills. 2nd year veteran Ambassadors Lindsay and Alyssa joined rookies Meghan and Morgan in selling Chinese auction tickets as well, with prizes donated from the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres. Learn more about Gateway-Longview at and see the pics at

Coming up next for the Jills, you can meet some at Buffalo's Biggest 80s Bash on Saturday, June 26 at Dunn Tire Raceway Park in Lancaster where some of the girls will not only be mingling with the crowd but performing as well. Check out all the details at 

Don't forget that the Taste of Buffalo is also a great place to meet some of the Buffalo Jills as they'll be in attendance both afternoons for the largest 2-day food festival in the USA. Check out more about the event at

Buffalo Pro Cheer Photos of The Week

While we wait for September to arrive with the start to the new season for the Jill of The Week series, with a change or two coming with that, we'll spend the next few months taking a look at the 2010-2011 Buffalo Jills squad and get to know the girls who we'll see on the sidelines at the Ralph as well as at the 97Rock and 103.3 The Edge tailgate parties before each home game.

First up is a trio of 2nd year vets. This photo was taken at the Jills Open Workshop at the Convention Center of Niagara Falls. Gabrielle spent last season dancing on Christina's line while Kristen and Nicole were on the ambassador squad. This year though, they'll all be dancing as Kristen and Nicole switched over to dance. We already know what a great dancer the beautiful Gabrielle is and judging from how well they've done so far, our two former ambassadors will do great as well.

The 2nd photo features 4th year vet Lisa with Billy Buffalo as well as one of her closest friends. Lisa and Lindsey were friends long before Lindsey became one of the newest dancers on the squad. Lisa was the 2007 dance rookie of the year...could Lindsey garner the award for 2010? It's way too early to speculate on an award like that, especially with all the other talented and beautiful dance rookies this year but Lindsey is definitely a great addition to the squad already.
The next time to meet the entire Jills squad will be at the 8th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament. This year's event takes place on August 2nd at Westwood Country Club in Williamsville, NY. Go to for details.

From the Bandettes, we have a photo from before the season finale featuring the Buffalo Bandits and the Boston Blazers. The Bandits came through with a 13-10 win in a game they needed to win to get into the playoffs. Before the game, the Bandettes handed out team posters to the fans coming through the gates. Shown smiling for the camera are Kirsten, Lauren S, Amanda, and Jessica. Kirsten and Lauren just finished their 2nd seasons on the squad while Amanda and Jessica were in their 3rd.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Buffalo Jills at the West Valley-Ellicottville Alumni Game

In addition to games and events, the Buffalo Jills are frequently called upon to do appearances at many other events throughout Western NY. On Saturday afternoon, the alumni of West Valley and Ellicottville Central Schools got together for a football game to raise funds for the youth football programs in both communities. To help with that effort, Lindsay and Jessica of the Buffalo Jills were on hand to sell programs and raffle tickets as well as pose for pictures and sign autographs for the fans.

Lindsay and Jessica posing with the Ellicottville Eagles Alumni Football team

See the rest of the pics at

The Jills are available for plenty of appearances like this and more. Just go to for all the info. Additionally, if you want extra publicity for any event that you have the Jills at, just contact us here at the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog and after the info has been verified, we'll pass it along to the fans.

Coming up Friday, there will be some Jills on hand for the 2nd Annual BBQ and Blues Bash on Mississippi Street in Buffalo. Get all the details on the event benefiting the Gateway-Longview child and family service organization at

Additionally, one of the people the girls spoke to inquired about programs for younger cheerleaders to learn from the pros. There are a few different programs the Jills are involved in in that regard. First up is the NCCC Cheerleading Camp taking place from July 11-15 with instruction from members of the Buffalo Jills on not only dance, but manners and etiquette as well. Camp fees are due by July 1. Check out the details at

The Junior Jills program is coming up even sooner with the uniform fitting dates of June 15 and 17. The Jills will be working with the Jr Jills on 2 weekends getting them ready to perform at the Bengals-Bills preseason game on August 28th at Ralph Wilson Stadium as part of the Kid's Day festivities. Get all the details as well as the application at

Friday, June 11, 2010

A pair of videos from 97Rock

As everyone knows, the Jills returned from Jamaica a few weeks ago after having shot photos for what promises to be their hottest calendar yet. 97Rock's Jickster had the hard task of being sent on the trip as well and in addition to a few photos we already told you about, shot a pair of videos as well.

See these and more at

Buffalo Jill of The Week Katy

This week, we finish up the 2009-2010 Jill of The Week series with the covergirl of the Buffalo Jills Swimsuit Calendar. While Ruby was the first 2009 rookie we met, back in 2007 when she took a look at the Jills Open Workshop with Dominica from the 2005 squad, Katy was the first 2009 rookie we actually got to know a little bit. In 2008, she was an intern with 97Rock and as part of that role, helped out at a few Jills events that year as well as at many 97Rock tailgate parties during football season at the Ralph. It's actually a good thing we met her beforehand because she was one of the most interesting "characters" on the 2009 Buffalo Jills. If she had been born 30 years earlier, she's a girl who would've loved Woodstock. As it is, she's a regular attendee of other big music festivals of the same type. An on-again, off-again vegetarian, this 1-year Jills ambassador sadly chose not to return to the squad in 2010 despite so many people trying to convince her to. But considering she'll be attending school on the West Coast and very likely on a surfboard while Buffalo is in the midst of a snowstorm, returning to the squad this year would've been tough. While she'll miss Buffalo, and vice versa, it's probably a good move for her to make. After all, she's not going to take over for Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight from Western NY very easily. That is her future goal, become a mainstream entertainment television broadcaster and if someone is going to replace Mary Hart, it had better be someone with a great pair of legs as well as a vibrant personality. Katy's got those qualifications already so all she needs is to complete her degree. You can read more about Katy in the webgroup's files section while she's featured as our Jill of The Week.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Jills at the Buffalo Bills Open Practice

On a warm yet windy day in Western NY, the Buffalo Bills held an open mini-camp practice for the fans for the first time since 2004. Diehard fans tailgated before heading into the stadium through Gates 2 and 3 where they were greeted by 22 members of the 43-girl Buffalo Jills squad, who handed out Bills rosters and schedules to the incoming fans as well as posing for photos and signing autographs. The Jills then took to the field to perform for the announced crowd of 4500 of Bills faithful for the first time this season, which allowed several rookies to get the nervousness out if their systems. Judging from their performance and the crowd's reaction, their hard work the past 2 months has been well worth the effort.

Lindsey, Lisa, and Gabrielle

Morgan, Emily, and Danielle

Eileen and Katie
Coming up next for the Jills, there will be plenty of appearances for them before the 8th Annual Jills Golf Tournament at Westwood Country Club in Williamsville on August 2nd.
Included in those appearances is a pair of the girls being in attendance in West Valley, NY when the West Valley and Ellicottville alumni face off in a football game on Saturday, June 12 at 2pm. The ticket money, $5 for adults and $3 for children, goes to support the 2 schools' youth football programs.
Also, on June 18th, some of the Jills will be on hand at the 2nd Annual BBQ and Blues bash being held from 5-9pm at 30 Mississippi Street in Buffalo near Morrisey's Irish Pub and Benchwarmers Sports Bar and Grill. The $20 ticket ($30 the day of the event) goes to support the Gateview-Longview child and family service organization and includes unlimited BBQ and brews. Learn more about the event and the organization at
Also, check out this video from the Jamaica Tourism Board featuring our very own Anna talking about Jamaica and the people she met while there for the Jills Calendar Shoot.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Buffalo Jill of The Week Kelly

After looking at the 2008 rookie of the year last week, it's time to turn our attention to the 2009 dance rookie of the year. Kelly spent her award-winning season on Omarlla's line between Murissa and Lisa and besides her obvious beauty, she's a pretty well-rounded young woman. She spent a year in Spain teaching the English language as a result of winning a scholarship from the Spanish Embassy and has studied in Spain and Mexico. Now she's currently teaching the Spanish language to the next generation as well as utilizing her journalism degree as a writer for Buffalo Rising. After seeing a lot of her work over the past year, I only hope she'll judge this as an acceptable write-up. But beyond all that, she's obviously very motivated but also likes to let loose on occasion and she had as much fun as anyone on the recent Jills Calendar Shoot trip to Jamaica. One way she loves to let loose is through dancing. She, Loren, and Alyssa even put together an impromptu dance routine for the Food Network's Tailgate Warriors Special that unfortunately didn't make it on the air...which is a shame considering what a great job they did with it. I do have a rough cut of them working out the routine they did but I have a hunch Kelly would kill me if I posted She also loves to travel and besides Spain, Mexico, and of course Jamaica, she's traveled to Portugal, Italy, Ireland, and England as well as the Bahamas last year for last year's Buffalo Jills Swimsuit Calendar.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Jills at their Open Practice

The squad posing with Loren's little sister

Reena, Stacy, and Eileen

Jaclyn, Emily (Birthday girl!), and Jill

Coming off a trip to rainy Jamaica to work on their annual calendar, the Jills went right back to work Tuesday night with an Open Practice for some of the fans. The Jills started their practice a bit earlier than usual to get ready and before long, several small fans showed up to learn a routine and watch the practice. After captains Omarlla, Eileen, and Christina led everyone in some stretching exercises, the squad worked with the girls to teach them a sideline routine. After the girls showed their parents and the fans what they learned, the Jills put on a little performance with a few sideline routines and a game performance they've been working on since the squad was put together.

In addition, we finally got to meet the rest of the rookies who hadn't been in attendance at the Friday and Saturday Draft parties held by the Bills to welcome Amanda V, Morgan, Taryn, Reena, and Sarah S to the squad as well as welcome Stacy and Brianne back to the squad after a 2 year absence.
If you missed this open practice, there will be plenty of opportunity to make up for it with the NCCC Cheerleading Camp on July 11-15...details can be found at
There's also another Open Practice in the planning stages for sometime this fall.
Coming up next for the Jills, they have the Bills Open Practice on Saturday at Ralph Wilson Stadium. There will be members of the Ambassador squad at each of the 2 gates that will be open for entrance at 2pm to greet the fans before the dance squad takes the field for the 1st time this year at 3pm to put on a big performance for the fans in attendance.
There's also a series of smaller appearances coming up including the M.A.S.H. Bash for the Buffalo Red Cross on Friday night...details at
There will also be a pair of Jills at the West Valley-Ellicottville Alumni football game on June 12th at West Valley High School in West Valley, NY. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for students and children with a 2pm kickoff.