Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Food for thought

This goes out to anyone who may have missed the cut in trying out to become a Jill...or a Bandette for that matter. At Jills tryouts, Stephanie is very clear on the fact that if you miss the cut, it may be just a case where it just wasn't your day and if you try out again, maybe you make it the next time. Well, if you think those are just words to make you feel better, think again.
Just looking over the girls who missed the cut in 2004
  • FHM model Amanda P is now entering her 3rd season after making it in 2005
  • Redhead bombshell Autumn is also entering her 3rd season...she finished off her rookie season as the last Jill to appear on the Eric Moulds Show
  • Brittany missed out in 2004 but was frequently on the sidelines with Billy Buffalo and veteran Jill Kristine L throughout the 2005 season in her stint as an Ambassador Jill
  • Danielle M's lack of dance and cheer experience may have hurt her in trying to make the 2004 squad, but she worked hard through the following 12 months and came back to make the squad for the next 2 seasons...and she never missed a beat when she was out there on the sidelines dancing in 2005
  • Katie K's smile has been brightening the sidelines since 2005 and we'd be deprived of that if she had given up after missing the 2004 cut

And those were just the 5 who made it the following season. The 2007-08 Jills squad boasts 5 more rookies who are on the squad after missing the cut before...Stacy and Keisha both were on that 2004 cut list...Amanda F, Katherine K and Lisa missed last year's cut and came back and made the new squad this year.

So if you've grown up wanting to be a pro cheerleader but thinking about giving up because you missed the cut one're doing yourself, and the fans, a disservice. Work hard and try out again the next season and you may make it and be glad you did. Considering we have 3 girls entering their 3rd season after missing the cut the year before, I'd say they were glad they kept at it and I know the fans are as well.

Of course, maybe you decide you'd rather cheer indoors...Sarah and Richelle have been mainstays on the Bandettes since 2005 after missing the 2004 Jills cuts.

In any event, the message is simple...and I know a lot of Jills have sent out this message in their bios over the years: "don't give up on your dreams." Work hard and try again

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