Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Teasers Rock Lock 34

The Teasers in action
After the Bandits game Saturday night, I decided to make my way up to Lockport to see a band I hadn't seen in over a year. The Teasers, led by 2003 Jills Alum Aimee L, have been making their mark on the Western NY music scene for close to 3 years now with a wide variety of songs and genres. Through that time, they've built up a huge following that's getting bigger every week. Lock 34 was pretty full when I got there...almost at capacity. According to lead guitarist Parker Greenman, however, it was actually a slow night there. I guess I was lucky it wasn't busier or else I wouldn't have gotten in as I was able to get a vantage point near the speakers in front of Parker.
Just a small portion of the crowd in front of the stage
Aimee helping out on bass
They're even dancing on the bar
See all the pics at
If the audio sounds a touch distorted, keep in mind I was filming right in front of the speakers. Trust me when I say this is a band you have to see in person to get the full effect.

This site has been running since 2001 with one goal in positively promote Buffalo's pro cheerleaders. These ladies put in a lot of work to produce a great product and they deserve a lot more appreciation for that than they seem to get. They're not commodities in uniform...they're human beings and continue to work hard at what they do even when they're off the field and retired from the squads.
Obviously we're not going to talk about their private lives here, talking about where Omarlla teaches or where Noelle practices her nursing career but there are a number who do continue to do things in the spotlight or own their own businesses and for all the hard work they've put in when dancing and cheering, giving them a little free publicity is well-deserved.

Currently, the biggest spotlight is on Jills alum Katherine (2007-08) as she and her husband Max have been appearing on The Amazing Race, Sunday nights on CBS. The race itself happened a few months ago and Max and Katie are sworn to secrecy on anything that hasn't already aired but via their fan page on Facebook, they're connecting with the fans and showing deleted scenes from the show as well as answering questions.!/pages/Max-Katie-Amazing-Race-Season-22/118709101632161?fref=ts

Already in full recruiting mode, the Buffalo chapter of Blondes Vs Brunettes is in its fifth year and now boasts 8-year Jills alum and 1-year Bandettes alum Jenn C as one of their co-chairs. In addition to Jenn, there are several other Jills and Bandettes alumni involved with BvB over the past few years and several more have expressed an interest in playing in the powder-puff football game benefiting the WNY Alzheimer's Association this year. Registration is open to all who want to participate, whether it be a player or a coach at

For some of the rest, we'll give you a list

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