Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Bandettes at the Bandits-Roughnecks game

The Bandits' early season was a strong one, a vast departure from the 2013 season. However, a road trip the last few weeks gave the Bandits a 3-game losing streak before their return to Banditland Saturday night. Being back in the friendly confines of First Niagara Center was hopefully going to help them end that streak and get back on the right track in 2014. At first, it looked like it did the trick as the Bandits jumped out to a 5-2 lead after the 1st quarter and held a lead most of the game. However, the issues that plagued them the last few weeks on the road in the form of penalties and sloppy passing showed up in the 4th and allowed Calgary, in their first visit to Buffalo since 2003, to tie and then take the lead, with only a single goal from 2nd year player Dhane Smith slowing the Roughneck scoring streak. The 16-13 home loss, in front of 16,606 fans, delayed the Bandits' hopes for a return to the playoffs by a week at least. The Bandits hope to return to winning with another 3-game road trip with a game in Minnesota next weekend and games in Toronto and Rochester the following weekend before returning home to finish the regular season against Rochester on April 26th.
Kirsten's line, minus Chrissy, early in the 1st quarter
The story of Tucker Williams, the son of Bandits forward Shawn Williams, has drawn the entire NLL community together, with support coming from across the league in support of the 7-year old's fight against Stage III Burkitt Lymphoma and the biggest amount of support came in the Bandits' home game against Calgary. In addition to the "Braver Than Brave" t-shirts that have been on sale much of the season, memorabilia and special jerseys were put up for auction, and the Bandettes' annual lacrosse ball surprise, where for $10, you get an autographed lacrosse ball featuring one or more of the Bandits players, brought in money to help the cause. That was just some of it as the whole list of special events for last night's game can be found at
MaKenzie and LB with their lacrosse ball surprises
For the game, I was debuting my new camera and I have to say I love how it worked out. I only got it a couple of weeks ago and I think the pictures of these beautiful young ladies turned out better than ever. Of course with the beauty on this squad, it's hard to do a bad job. When I got to the arena, the Bandettes were down just inside the gates selling their lacrosse ball surprises as well as greeting the fans. Also on hand to assist were former Bandettes coach Erin J and former captain Meghan F, proving how close-knit the Bandettes family truly is. Bandettes alum Noelle even stopped by for a visit before the game.
Danielle and Kelsey posing before the game
Stephanie, Kirsten, Brianna, and Lauren K in action
The beautiful Cheri poses for the camera
Janelle, LB, MaKenzie, and Cheri in action
MaKenzie cheering on a goal
LB and Stephanie pose for a pic with Lauren K photo-bombing them
Danielle cheering on a goal
some reactions from the squad to John Tavares' 800th career goal!
LB's line in action in the 4th quarter
While the Bandits struggled to pull off a win, the Bandettes, even short-handed with Chrissy and Ashley absent and Chelsea missing for most of the game, were rock-solid for the game. I have to admit I was especially impressed in the 4th quarter as LB's line seemed to have some new moves that, even though they seemed brand-new, looked like they'd put in a long amount of work on them. Donned in special green "Braver Than Brave" tanks as well as jerseys for a portion of the game, they once again showed why they're the premier dance team in the NLL. They even pulled out their daisy dukes and flannel shirts for halftime, a look that the Jills got a lot of attention for a few times last season. However, it should be noted that the look was started in Buffalo by the Bandettes several years ago...which means a lot of fans who only saw it at the Ralph are way behind the times as the Bandettes' costume changes set the standard as the squad constantly adds new outfits to their wardrobes. If fans want to see gorgeous dancers/cheerleaders with great moves and hot outfits, they need to see the Bandettes in person. You can see all the photos at

Danielle, Cheri, and Brianna
Also, see the pics from at Next up, the Bandits are on the road the next two weeks before returning home to face off against the Rochester Knighthawks on April 26th at 7:30 at First Niagara Center. There's more to look forward to Bandettes-wise before then though as we should be seeing Kelsey's 2nd rd matchup in the NLL Girl of The year competition coming up very soon.

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