Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, July 10, 2015

2009 Bears Preseason game-revisited

Our 2nd game look-back of the summer takes us to the 2009 preseason game against the Chicago Bears. That day was special in that it was not only the annual Kid's Day game, but the 1st filming of Tailgate Warriors, a Food Network show starring Guy Fieri that pitted tailgating teams from opposing teams against each other. Da Bears Bus and Buffalo's CBNG faced off with several other notable Buffalo tailgate parties providing the backdrop in Lot C. With a big event like that, the Jills just had to be involved as well.
I got there a little before 11 just as Lisa was finishing up her visit to the lot. I got a chance to catch up with her a bit and grab a quick photo before heading over myself to catch up with some friends who were part of the backdrop. Taking over at the show were rookies Loren, Kelly, and Alyssa. They visited with fans, signed autographs and even got some extra work. The Food Network Producers asked them to put together a cheer for CBNG and Alyssa had me watch her bag while they worked on it. I was able to capture video of their practice but really can't share it as Loren and Kelly may never speak to me again. lol They did get to perform the finished product for the cameras but it unfortunately didn't make the final show.
Loren, Kelly, and Alyssa working through their cheer for CBNG
Kelly, Loren, and Alyssa with the tailgating commissioner
After their television performance, they accompanied me around the area and got to meet, among others, Joe Cahn, the Tailgating Commissioner, who regaled the ladies with some tailgating stories from over the years. Kelly Ann, Ayeshia, Keisha, and Kristen took over for them and got to check out the famed Pinto, meet the Wing King Drew Cerza, and even take a look inside the CBNG Tailgate Truck. Eventually, the TV show shooting died down and the focus went to the Kid's Day festivities going on in Lot C. I had to handle things at my tailgate party in Lot 1 once the lots officially opened but made another stop over at Lot C to check in with the Ambassador Jills before finishing up with the tailgating day to head in for the game.
Kelly Ann, Ayeshia, Keisha, and Kristen with Pinto Ron and Captain Buffalo
Laura, Amanda F, and Heather
Jess waving to the camera
Vincenza, Kelly, and Murissa in action

See all the pics at
From the Bandettes comes a photo from the March game against Toronto. The Bandettes' new posters were available for the 1st time this season and while Chrissy and Stephanie were selling game programs, the rest of the squad was behind them autographing their posters for the fans. Shown smiling for the camera are Syidah, Janelle, and Mandy.
Syidah, Janelle, and Mandy.

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