Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, August 28, 2015

2009 Jets and Panthers Away Game Parties-revisited

In 2008, 103.3 The Edge held away game parties featuring the Jills at Rhino's Union Pub in Orchard Park just a few blocks from the Ralph. Unfortunately, they weren't able to held them there in 2009 but instead found an even better place in a sports bar in Depew named The Aud. With HD TV's all over the place and sports memorabilia lining the wall, it was the perfect spot to watch Bills away games.
I missed the 1st two away games but in week 6, I made it up to Depew to meet up with James from 103.3 The Edge once again for another season of away game parties. With a 4:15  kickoff to the game against the Jets, I made it there early to watch some early game action before our game started and shortly before 4, Alyssa and Vincenza made their appearance. Not long afterwards, rookie ambassador Lindsay also showed up. She wasn't there on duty however as she and her fiance were there to watch the game.
Alyssa and Vincenza at The Aud
Lindsay and her guy
Alyssa and Vincenza spent the 1st half of the game greeting fans and getting them signed up for the squares game. At halftime, it was time for them to leave and normally, I would've stuck around but in 2009, the Jills had a second away game event going on. The Sole restaurant, in the Walker Center, had a Buffalo Jill on hand not for just a half, but for the entire game. They weren't there just to visit with customers and pose for photos however as they helped out as guest bartenders and when I got there, 3rd year vet Amanda F was behind the bar with the regular bartender. Since it was a quiet night at the bar, the three of us chatted most of the time when we weren't focused on the game.
Amanda at Sole
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The following week was another late game and I watched most of the early games there at The Aud before James and the Jills showed up. This week, it was ambassadors Kristen and Keisha who made the appearance. During the 1st half, Keisha chatted with several patrons as she was always well-known for being a gifted conversationalist...and yes, she waited until commercial breaks or other breaks in the action. Rookie Kristen had a pretty easy day as her big forte was picking up the spirits of people and the Bills 7-2 halftime lead had fans in a positive mood as it was. We also got a visit from a former Jill as alum Kristine L (2002-05) was on hand partly to enjoy the game and partly to see how the appearance was going for her job with Citadel Radio at the time.
Kristen and Keisha with Jills alum Kristine L (2002-06)
At halftime, while Kristen and Keisha were headed out to watch the game with some of their squadmates, I was off to Sole again and this time found Val behind the bar helping out. The place was a little busier than it had been the previous week but still pretty quiet as we watched the Bills beat the Panthers. Always a fan of getting her photo taken, Val was more than happy to pose for a few pictures before leaving after the game was over.
Val at Sole

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From the Bandettes comes a photo from the game against the Colorado Mammoth at the end of February, This game was the Jr Bandette game and there are always extra alums on hand to help out. Shown posing for the camera before the game are Jessica (2011-14), Kirsten(2009-14), and Meghan (2006-10).
Jessica, Kirsten, and Meghan

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