Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Buffalo Red Zone team aims to fill the void while we wait for the Jills to return

About a year and a half ago, a huge void was created when Stejon Productions President Stephanie Mateczun made the choice to shut down operations of the Buffalo Jills. The reasons why she did so aren't totally clear but speculation is that the move was financially-based since several sponsors, including the Bills, backed out of their agreements after the allegations about how she ran the squad came to light in the lawsuit filed against Stejon, Citadel Radio, the Bills, and the NFL. 
That all being said, the fact of the matter is, we need the Jills back. Reaction to their absence from the sidelines has been mixed but anyone who knows the first thing about pro cheerleading knows that their biggest impact isn't on adults watching the games, but on the children in the community. In 2008, with 48 ladies on the Jills, they still had troubles meeting all the appearance requests they had so it's hard to think that the Bandettes and Lady 716ers can cover everything.

For those worried that this squad will make people forget the Jills, don't be. While we all want the Jills to return, and they shall once all the legal issues are resolved, this isn't meant to replace them. This squad is meant to help fill the voids left by the squad being shut down. There are community events that need covered that aren't being filled. There are also several young women who are qualified to join a pro cheerleading/dance squad but lack the opportunity due to the lack of spots that were available on the Lady 716ers and the Bandettes.
To help fill the void, Diane Ringer is putting together the Buffalo Red Zone Cheer and Dance team to make game day appearances at Bills games, community events, and charity events. Outside of charity events, compensation for the young ladies involved on the team will happen in time. Sponsorships will be put together from supporting businesses to ensure that no one will feel exploited. The goal, for the time being, is to fill the same role in the Western NY Community that the Gotham City Cheerleaders fill with Giants fans in the NYC area.
A new squad may, in fact, speed up the process of returning the Jills to the sidelines. Obviously nothing can be done until legal issues are resolved, that of the lawsuit and maybe even that of who runs the squad. A new squad won't be contracted out ever again but will be run by the Bills organization directly to avoid what allegedly happened under Stejon. Once the legal issues are resolved, a squad that's already operating can help prove to the Bills how much of an asset that having a squad is and instead of starting the new Jills over from scratch, a temporary squad can be a solid foundation upon which to build on.
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