Your Lady 716ers coaches!

Your Lady 716ers coaches!
Director LaToya and Coordinator Loren

Friday, February 23, 2007

Buffalo Jill of The Week Keiyonna

Former Buffalo Bombshell Keiyonna is our current Jill of The Week. After the Destroyers left town, she wasn't willing to stop cheering and has been with the Jills since 2004. In addition to dance, she enjoys entertaining through song, as attendees to the FHM and Swimsuit Calendar Release Parties can attest to. While some of her fellow Jills might enjoy a good party, if there's a football game on, you can probably find Keiyonna in front of the TV. She spent a good part of the 2005 FHM Release/Bills Preseason Viewing Party watching the Bills game and often keeps watching the game after the Jills leave the field at the 2-minute warning at the end of the game. You can read more about Keiyonna in the files section and check out her sizzling swimsuit photos at FCI"s official site.

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