Your veteran Buffalo Bandettes!

Your veteran Buffalo Bandettes!
Stephanie, Mandy, Jennifer, MaKenzie, Janelle, and Syidah

Friday, January 18, 2008

Buffalo Jill of The Week Stefanie

Stefanie spent gamedays on Jamie's line between Jamie and Nicole but that won't be the biggest thing she'll remember about 2007 by any means. It was her 2nd year on the squad and the biggest thing that happened for her were not 1, but 2, trips to the Middle East. Before even trying out to make the squad for a second straight season, she was part of a group that visited troops in Kuwait and Iraq. Despite a couple of problems on that trip (lost her equipment bag for a few days and hit herself on the head with a gun), she signed up for a 2nd trip. This trip took her and some of her squadmates to Afghanistan and, happily, there were no reported mishaps. She's been cheering for 11 years and it's hard to imagine her stopping anytime soon as she enjoys the opportunities she's gotten as a member of the Buffalo Jills so far. You can read more about Stefanie at

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