Saturday, May 8, 2010

Some big news from If I Can Dream

It appears If I Can Dream's house rules have been too confining and restrictive for Amanda to handle and she'll be leaving the house tonight. Former Buffalo Jill Amanda P (2005-07) has been out in Hollywood as a part of a Simon Fuller-Hulu joint venture working on becoming an actress. While she's not giving up her dreams of stardom and plans to return to Hollywood after some time back home, she obviously won't have the resources of Simon Fuller to help her out. That being said, she will still be getting some help from the If I Can Dream production team and her housemates when she gets back out there and will be keeping her Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace fan pages as well.
While she leaves tonight, she does have one last Twitter session scheduled at 4pm PT/7 ET a few hours before her flight home. So be sure to tune in at and tweet your support in to @amanda_phill making sure to put #iicdhouse in your tweets during the Twitter session.


Phil said...

It appears that Amanda would be allowed to return to the house after returning to Hollywood June 6 if she chooses to...though the chances that she'll choose to do so are slim

Phil said...

Here's another blogger's entry on Amanda's leaving