Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Photos up from 2004!

During the lull between the end of the Bandits season and the beginning of Bills training camp, I'm not getting large amounts of photos taken...usually just a few handfuls taken at a few Jills appearances over the summer. The last few years, I've been utilizing some of that down time to get some other projects done for the Jills and Bandettes. This year, it's been to bring my older pre-2005 photos into the archives so that the girls can find their photos easier. Last month, I finished up the 2002 season with photos that can be found at For some reason or another, I don't have any photos on my computer that I took in 2003 but I did finish uploading the 2004 photos into the archives and those can be found at

Eileen, Kristine, Nichole, Keiyonna, Jamie, and Jillian posing at the Titans preseason game
Don't forget that you can meet a few of the 2011 Jills at the Gateway-Longview BBQ and Blues Bash this Friday evening in the Cobblestone District near the Arena. Details can be found at
You can see the full squad next Friday evening at Ralph Wilson Stadium as the Bills and Jills unveil their new uniforms for 2011. The Jills will be greeting fans at the gate as well as putting on a pair of dance performances. Get the details on the event at

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