Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Jills at the Bills Home Opener!

It was a very warm day in Orchard Park as the Bills played host to the Oakland Raiders after both teams started off the season 1-0. After some tailgating, it was time to go to work and I started off in the Healthy Zone Fieldhouse where Courteney and Sara were posing for photos and signing autographs for the fans.
Courteney and Sara

After the Fieldhouse, I went off towards the 97Rock Tailgate party but before I had gone that far, I ran into another NFL Cheerleader...from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, in town to root on her boyfriend.
Kelsi's mother, Kelsi Reich of the DCC, David Nelson's mother, David's brother

After talking with Kelsi for a little bit, it was off to the 97Rock Tailgate party where Laura, Rebecca, and Reena were selling and signing plenty of swimsuit calendars as well as posing for photos. While there, we even had a special guest in 2010 Jills alumnus Jessica W who does currently plan to return in 2012.
Reena, Jessica W, Rebecca, and Laura at the 97Rock Tailgate

After spending some time with the current Buffalo Jill of The Week and the rest of the girls, I went over to the Shredd and Ragan tailgate party on Lot C where Keisha, Amanda F, Alyssa, and Miranda were posing for pics and signing and selling calendars while Shannon was helping with the games being played at the tailgate party. While there, we had another pair of special guests who were in town for the game and were on Lot C to see the Jills perform at 11:30....the twins Jenica and Jessica!
Jessica K, Alyssa, and Jenica in Lot C

Before long, Omarlla's line joined the tailgate party and posed for some photos before performing for the crowd.
Lisa, Omarlla, Briana, Jaclyn, Kristina, Lindsey, Myesha, Emily

Jaclyn and her proud parents

After the performance, I went back to pack up my tailgate and head into the game and, while the Jills were waiting to come onto the field for their pregame performance, they posed for a few photos in the tunnel including one with soon-to-be HOF WR Andre Reed.
Andre Reed with the 2011 Buffalo Jills!

After pregame, they welcomed the team onto the field before regrouping to head back out to perform on the sidelines during the game.
Welcoming Marcell Dareus onto the field

Jenny, Christina, Gina, Nicole, and Jami

Halftime was a special event as Phil Hansen, a solid DE who was a steady force for the Bills throughout the 90s, was added to the Wall of Fame.
Jills on the field for the Hansen Wall of Fame induction
Krystin, Murissa, Melissa, and Loren on the sidelines
Myesha, Lindsey, and Briana in the 4th quarter

After the game, a thrilling comeback which had the Bills down 21-3 at the half but come back to win it 38-35, I ran into Kelsi again as well as 2009 Jills Calendar Covergirl Katy R but I didn't think to snap any photos...I hadn't seen Katy in over a year and was just happy to see her again. See all the pics at

Next up, the Jills will be back in action as the Bills play host to the New England Patriots next Sunday at 1pm and don't forget to swing by Lot C at 11:30 to see a Jills dance line perform at the Shredd and Ragan tailgate party.
But before that, they'll be starting to prepare this week for a huge pregame performance with over 100 Buffalo Jills alumni that will take place before the Eagles game on October 9th.

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