Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pics and video from Bandettes tryouts

Jaclyn, Erin Y, Meghan F, and Jessica H
While the NFL is in full swing and the NLL season doesn't start for another few months, it's the time of year again when NLL Dance squads have to start getting ready by holding tryouts to fill up their rosters and get ready to start teaching routines to veterans and rookies alike.  Rather unexpectedly, I got offered the opportunity just this morning to come to the 1st session of Bandettes tryouts, the workout in which 41 young ladies worked to learn the routine they'll be expected to perform tomorrow for the judges who will select the 15-girl 2012 squad. To teach the routine, Bandettes head choreographer Erin Y had the assistance of Bandettes alumnus Meghan F who, besides her 5 years on the squad as a dancer, co-captain, and then captain, has been a valued contributor for the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog. Helping with registration today was another Bandettes alumnus, Jessica H, who only just retired after 4 years on the squad.
After everyone got registered, Kirsten led the group through some stretching and warm-ups before it was time to start learning. Meghan only learned the routine earlier in the week but with all her dance experience and 5 years working with Erin Y, she was able to pick it up quick enough to help Erin demonstrate.

All 41 girls seemed to pick up the routine as Erin and Meghan worked with them step-by-step throughout the session, which will make the job of the judges tomorrow that much tougher.

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The aspiring Bandettes will be returning to Gold's Gym tomorrow for cuts (closed to the public) when 5 judges will narrow the field of 41 down to form the 15-girl squad so they can start getting ready for the 2012 NLL season including the Bandits Open Practice, the actual date of which should be announced soon. Best of luck to all 41 young ladies!

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