Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Jills at the Bills-Jets Game

After 3 weeks away from home, the Bills, and Jills, returned to Ralph Wilson to play the Jets in front of a sold-out stadium full of fans wearing white to match with the Bills, who were wearing their road whites at home for the 1st time in 25 years. Even the Jills got into the spirit sporting white pom-poms for the day.
Alyssa and Keisha
Amanda F and Shannon
Ruby and Miranda
In the Healthy Zone Fieldhouse, Alyssa and Keisha held court with the fans as they autographed calendars and posed for pictures before captaining a game of Family Feud with Quizmaster Dennis George and then heading out to handle gameday promotions in the stadium during the game.
Amanda F and Katy

At the 97Rock Tailgate Party, it was Amanda F, Shannon, Ruby, and Miranda who were on hand selling calendars and posing for photos. While visiting with them, a special visitor stopped by in the form of 2009 Jills covergirl Katy R, visiting some of her former squadmates before heading in for the game herself.
Sara, Courteney, and Jessica
Rebecca and Laura

At the Shredd & Ragan Tailgate Party in Lot C, Sara, Courteney, and Jessica were on hand selling calendars while Rebecca and Laura entertained guests at a private tailgate party nearby. Before long, it was time for Christina's line to make an appearance and perform for the crowd before posing for photos and dancing with the band performing on the Native Pride stage. The funny thing about the day was the fact that even early in November, the Jills have yet to have to really start bundling up for cold weather in Buffalo, even with a snowstorm hitting the east coast just a few weeks ago. I thought the funniest part about it was the fact that the person who brought it up, Beth, has been dancing and cheering indoors for years during her time with the Bandettes.

Jenny, Christina, Nicole, and Natalie
Beth and Jami
Lindsey, Briana, and Myesha smile for the camera

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The Bills are on the road the next 3 weeks before they and the Jills return home to play host to the Tennessee Titans on December 4th

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