Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Buffalo Jill of The Week Jill

Emily and Jill
This week, we take a look at 2nd year vet Jill as our Jill of The Week. In her rookie season, Jill did an amazing job wowing the fans with her gymnastics abilities. Unfortunately, she sprained both of her ankles during practice this past summer and has yet to make it back to the sidelines. Thankfully, she's off her crutches and rehabbing and hopes to be back performing soon. Even while injured, she found a way to help with the Jr Jills program this season and is targeting the Christmas game for her return, though she's also hoping to be back sooner. Regardless of when she's back on the sidelines, I doubt very much that she'll retire after the season as her pretty smile always seems its brightest when finishing up a big performance. Besides her gymnastics abilities, Jill also contributed to the Jills last year by performing in 2 separate trips that members of the Jills took to the Middle East to visit the US military. Like Bills fans at home, the soldiers loved the sweet and petite gymnast who finds it easy to get along with everyone she meets and whose father couldn't be more proud as he supports her in everything she does. Away from the field, Jill is a self-professed "math nerd" currently teaching in the Rochester area.You can read more about Jill at Jill's secondary photo is from the Bills Draft Party held in the Healthy Zone Fieldhouse Shown posing for the camera are Emily and Jill.

After they both made the squad last year when performing together, Amanda V and Jill decided it was good luck to dance together so they performed together at 1st cuts again, this time on purpose. If anything, they improved on their rookie performance as seen in their tryout video.

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