Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Jills at the Bills' Home Finale

After a promising start, the Bills' season came off the tracks with a 7-game losing streak that helped cause 3 straight blackouts for the final slate of home games. On Christmas Eve, the Bills played host to the Denver Broncos and clearly remembered some of the cheap shots that happened in the preseason meeting between the two teams as they came out more fired up than they had in weeks. Behind CJ Spiller's 1st career 100-yd rushing game and 4 int's of Tim Tebow, the Bills routed the Broncos by a score of 40-14. Being Christmas Eve, it was a special game for the Buffalo Jills as they wore their Santa outfits and danced to Christmas music during the game.
Shannon and Reena with Santa
After finishing up at my tailgate party, it was time for me to make my rounds and, as usual, made my first stop inside the Healthy Zone Fieldhouse. Reena and Shannon were inside posing with the fans and Santa for photos.

Courteney, Laura, Rebecca, and Amanda F

My next stop was at the 97Rock Tailgate party in Lot 2, a lot that got a lot less use this season with the ill-advised Disney-style parking the Bills implemented. There selling and signing calendars were Amanda F, Courteney, Rebecca, and soon-to-be CW23 girl Laura, whose already busy schedule is going to get a lot busier with her duties at WNLO-TV in Buffalo, which will be more demanding than her duties as the co-captain of the Buffalo Jills Ambassadors were this season.


After talking with them for a while and taking some photos, it was off to the Shredd and Ragan Tailgate party in Lot C where the Jills had a special treat for the fans...Jill!! 2010's gymnastic dynamo sprained her ankles in a summer practice and was finally able to join her squadmates for the final game of the season, albeit as a non-dancer. She told me she'll be seeing a doctor next week to get clearance to resume full activity and plans to be full go for tryouts this spring. Let's all keep our fingers crossed on her behalf.

Jessica, Sara, Keisha, Jeff Fisher of FCI (Jills' official photographers), Jill, and Miranda

She joined Keisha, Miranda, Jessica, and Sara in posing for photos and selling calendars to the many fans who visited Lot C getting some last-minute Christmas gifts and were there to see the Jills dancers, in the form of Christina's line, put on a performance.

Valerie introduced as Jills' Pro Bowler
Before the Jills put on their Christmas pregame performance, the Bills introduced Valerie to the crowd as the Jills' representative to the Pro Bowl, something that loyal Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog readers have known about for the past month.

Val's line at the end of the game

While this was the final game for the 2011 Buffalo Jills, they are by no means finished with their season. Besides the fact they still have appearances on a frequent basis, they'll all, except for Valerie who will be in Hawaii, be at the Tralf on January 28th for their annual Comedy Show which will once again feature hypnotist Jerry Valley. Get all the details at Doors open at 7pm with the show starting at 8!

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