Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Jills at the Bills-Titans game

After a 4-game losing streak, with the final 3 of those games being on the road, the Bills returned home to a less-than-sellout crowd on a 50-degree day at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Joining me at this game vs the Tennessee Titans was a friend of a friend. There are 27 dance squads in the NFL and only 2 of those have their own major fan site. This one, the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog is dedicated to the Buffalo Jills as well as the Buffalo Bandettes. David Tyau runs a site dedicated to the Charger Girls and a friend of his who does some excellent photography on his own joined me at the game and has several of his own photos we'll be sharing later.
Amanda F and Miranda
I started off the day, after some tailgating, with a visit to the Healthy Zone Fieldhouse where Jills Ambassadors Amanda F and Miranda were posing for photos with the fans. Amanda has been with the squad for 5 seasons now while Miranda is a rookie on the squad this year.

Contest winners with the Jills

This past Tuesday, CB Drayton Florence held a trivia contest at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Hamburg and a part of the prize for the winner was a private photo shoot with the Buffalo Jills.

Shannon, Sara, Laura, Courteney, and Jessica

Following that, it was off to the 97Rock tailgate party where the newest CW23 star, Laura, a 5th year vet and co-captain of the Jills Ambassador Squad was on hand with Shannon, Sara, Courteney, and Jessica as they sold and signed the 2011-2012 Buffalo Jills Swimsuit Calendar and posed for photos with the fans.

Rebecca, Keisha, Reena, Stephanie, Ruby, and Alyssa

Over at the Shredd and Ragan Tailgate, Rebecca, Keisha, Reena, Ruby, and Alyssa held court while Valerie's line came out to put on a dance performance for the fans without their captain. This season, when the Buffalo Bills have suffered injuries, the team has employed the philosophy of "Next man up" to fill the open slot. In the case of the Jills, when gymnastic star Jill was lost to injury, some other girls stepped in to fill the void. Well, in this case, it's not a case of filling a void due to injury but Valerie, Omarlla, and Lisa went to Washington DC to join girls from several other NFL squads and the Beach Boys in a performance for the US troops at the Kennedy Center. To fill in their roles, Loren stepped up to captain Valerie's line while Natalie filled in as captain for Christina's line while Christina handled Omarlla's line. Natalie told me afterwards that it was a little stressful at first captaining a line all on her own but enjoyed it and is looking forward to captaining her own line one of these days. It was actually a big game for Natalie in another way as well as she was named the Jill of The Game and introduced to the fans before the game.
Natalie being introduced to the fans
Nicole, Jami, Gina, Natalie, Jenny, Amanda V, and Beth

Murissa, Krystin, Loren, Melissa, Gabrielle, and Kelly

Myesha, Lindsey, Briana, Christina, Kristina, Emily, and Jaclyn

See all the pics at and stay tuned for more from Max as well. 

Next up for the Jills, after a week where the Bills are on the road again, they'll be back at home on December 18th when the Bills play host to the hated Miami Dolphins before finishing off the regular season's slate of home games on Christmas Eve when the Denver Broncos come to town

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