Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Bandettes and the Jills at the 1st Annual Dance Fair and Expo

Val and Melissa B, who used to dance together
Dance is a big thing in the world today and we regularly see that in the movies, tv, and, at sporting events, performed by the Buffalo Bandettes and the Buffalo Jills. As a way to draw awareness to the dance culture throughout Western New York, and to support and encourage local dancers, local organizers put together an event bringing in local studios, schools, organizations, clubs, dance teams and more including the Buffalo Bandettes dance team and the Buffalo Jills cheerleaders!

Chrissy, Beth, and Jessica

Jaclyn and Loren

Alecia, Stephanie C, Lauren K, and Stephanie G

One of the local dance studios with the Jills

For me, besides getting to see all the talented dancers, it was an extra thrill for me getting to see girls from both the squads I cover in one place. Except for Valerie, I hadn't seen any of the Jills in two months. Both squads put on a pair of thrilling performances for those in attendance. In addition, the Jills handed out info on tryouts and on their Jr Jills program. Afterwards, after both squads had left for the day, I spent some time talking with the writer for Buffalo Dance Examiner, Lauren K of the Bandettes, a young lady who really has her head screwed on straight.
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Coming up next for the Bandettes, they'll be back at First Niagara Center when the Bandits play host to the Toronto Rock. They'll be far from alone however as they'll have two groups of guests dancing with them. This is the annual Jr Bandettes game and in addition to the Jr Bandettes, the Bandettes will also be joined by the Toronto Rock Cheerleaders.
For the Jills, tryouts will be in full swing in a few weeks as the Jills Open Workshop takes place at the Fieldhouse on April 15th. Even before the Open Workshop though, there is a Dance Prep class on April 1st and a Glam Workshop on April 4th. Go to for all the info on Jills tryouts.
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