Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Top Five Most Marketable Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders: A Fan’s View and...Cheer Camp scheduled!

First up is an article on Yahoo today written about who one man feels are the 5 most marketable Buffalo Jills on the squad in 2011. Included are a pair of rookies, 2 2nd year vets, and a certain captain who had a visit to Hawaii pretty recently.
See the article at
Also, from July 8-12, members of the Buffalo Jills will be at Niagara County Community College for their annual Cheerleading Camp. The camp is designed to teach young cheerleaders the importance of teamwork, commitment, and the reward of hard work. Staff will work with each cheerleader to enhance their individual level of cheerleading as well as encourage them to move forward. The NFL Buffalo Jills Cheerleaders have advanced to professional cheerleading from all types of backgrounds. With experts in tumbling, dance, stunting and performance training, each cheerleader will be sure to grow! Get all the info and registration, liability, and health forms at
Also, take a look at the following video for a look at last year's camp!

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Anabelle Bailey said...

Sounds good to do this kind of work, as they constitute an important role in the team. Excellente presentation, good for them. Interesting blog, very good information.