Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Buffalo Jill of The Week Megan

This week, we take a look at rookie dancer Megan as our Buffalo Jill of The Week. Dancing on Valerie's line between Val and Lisa, her 1st exposure to the Jills came as a member of the Jr Jills. Since her first exposure with the Jr Jills, she became an outstanding gymnast and tumbler, which Bills fans got to see earlier this season when she was tumbling all over during routines on the sidelines and on the field. After her time on the Jills is done, hopefully not for several more years, she'll be working as a high school history teacher which makes me envy future generations. I generally did well in history classes but with a beauty like Megan teaching the class, I have to think she'd keep any guy's attention enough to inspire straight "A's!"You can read more about Megan at Megan's secondary photo comes from the game against New England. In this sideline shot, we have Megan, Lisa, Nicole S, and Valerie in the 3rd quarter.
Megan, Lisa, Nicole S, and Valerie
At tryouts this spring, Kelli made sure to point out that Megan was a Jr Jills cheerleader growing up as seen in Megan's intro video.

Obviously Megan's dance skills were in full force at 1st cuts as seen in her tryout video.

Stephanie O and Danielle
From the Bandettes comes a photo from the recent Bandits Open Practice. Shown posing for a photo between performances are 2nd year vet Stephanie O and rookie Danielle. See the two of them and the rest of the squad performing in front of the Bandits faithful when the Bandits face off against the Minnesota Swarm on January 12th!

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