Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Jills at the 2005 Animal Attraction Tailgate-revisited

Continuing on our look at the events of Dec 3rd, 2005, we come to the Animal Attraction Tailgate Event. At the time, was a fledgling dating website for pet lovers. To spur interest and attention, they hosted "tailgate parties" in various cities around the NFL complete with NFL Cheerleaders and their pets. To advertise the Buffalo event, rookies Amanda W, Krystalore, and Marissa G submitted photos with their pampered pooches.
Melissa and Autumn with Daisy and Dakota
In Buffalo, the event was held at Pearl Street Grill and Brewery and as I drove past to get a parking spot, I spotted Autumn outside trying to figure out where to go. After I got parked, I joined up with her and went ahead inside to find out that the event was taking place on the 3rd floor. As Autumn and Dakota headed in, I spotted Marissa coming over with her two rottweilers, Rocky and Beretta. I made sure to let Marissa and her mother know where to go and then caught up with Autumn. Unfortunately, Dakota was being a little difficult when it came to walking up the stairs and things only got worse once Rocky and Beretta came into view as Dakota lay down on the landing between the 2nd and 3rd floors. We tried to coax Dakota up the final flight of stairs and even Marissa pulling Rocky and Beretta into hiding did no good. Since none of that was working, I did the only thing left and lifted Dakota, a medium-sized dog, up into my arms and carried him up the final flight of stairs. After we got up there, he was fine, even after Marissa brought her two rottweilers up.
Marissa with Rocky and Beretta
Danielle and Katie
Ashlee and Frado

After we were all there, we mingled with a few fans, the director of Animal Attraction, and the dogs that the other girls brought along. Since it was a tailgate party, food was provided as well, in both people and dog varieties. I spent some time talking with Brittany's boyfriend, now-husband, over there. At first, the event didn't have a whole lot of attendance but with the Bandits Open Practice going on that morning, that was soon to change. A lot of Bandits fans, upon coming over to the post-practice party on the 2nd floor of Pearl Street, heard about what was going on upstairs and joined us. The director of the Bandettes, Erin J, even made her way up to join us, being a former Pro Bowl Buffalo Jill (1998-2002) herself and was joined by Jills alum Michelle M (1998-2000). With all the turnover on the squad since she last cheered, I was the only person Erin recognized at the event. As a matter of fact, 2nd year vet Melissa was the only vet there.
Brittany and Bentley

  • Melissa brought her dog Daisy
  • Autumn had Dakota
  • Brittany brought along her boyfriend Dan and her dog Bentley
  • Ashlee and her mother brought along Frado, dressed in a Santa outfit
  • Marissa and her mother were taken there by rottweilers Rocky and Beretta
  • Danielle M and Katie K were on hand without pets.
Danielle, Katie, Melissa, Erin J, Michelle M, Autumn, Ashlee, Marissa, and Brittany

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