Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pics from the 4th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament-revisited

Continuing our look back series with the 2006 Jills, we come to the 4th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament, This was the 1st of these I've ever attended and wasn't sure what to expect. Basically what I was being asked to do was to roam around the tournament and take photos of the girls with the golfers. Obviously not all the golfers would want their photos taken, either because they had called off work to be there or their wives may not appreciate them spending the day on the golf course with beautiful young women.
Kristen and Diana with Jon and his buddy Joel
In 2006, the Golf Tourney was held at Fox Valley Country Club in Lancaster and began with lunch in the clubhouse. While the golfers were arriving, the Jills posed for some photos and sold raffle tickets for a 50-50 drawing and for Chinese Auction items donated by the Bills and several other businesses around western NY. After lunch, I walked around the course where there were pairs of Jills stationed at several holes to greet golfers and help them with games like the Poker Run, the Closest-to-the-pin contest, and the longest drive contest. While out at a hole with rookies Jessica D and Kaitlin B, one foursome came by with one of the Jills. Lori, back with the squad after a season away, wasn't there just as a Jill. She had also signed up to golf with some work friends and spent the day on the course doing some golfing as well as hitting a few trees.
Lori about to tee off
Jon's group with Katie, Jennifer, Danielle, Jamie F, and Korinne

My next stop had me joining 5 of the Jills at a nearby hole. Katie K, armed with a camera herself, was taking pics of golfers with Danielle M, Jennifer, Korinne, and Jamie F. It wasn't long before a golfer foursome came by, accompanied by the twins, Jenica and Jessica. Shortly after they showed up, one of the golfers asked the Jills to distract the guy in the blue shirt in the group behind them because he was catching up too quickly. Moments later, we saw who he was talking about, Jon Mateczun, the director's husband. Katie then pointed out to the golfer who Jon was and how he was immune to their charms since he was around them so much. My next stop was a hole where golfers would win a car if they got a hole-in-one from Shults Auto Group with Autumn and Rachael on hand. They were jokingly trying to talk the rep from Shults into letting them have the car if no one got a hole-in-one but to no avail. I roamed around a bit after that and even saw the twins trying their hand at golf before finally meeting up with Kelly, Brianne, and Jasmine. Talking to them, I found out that the best golfer on the course wasn't a paying golfer; it was Brianne. At the time, she was going to school, working, and fulfilling her Jills responsibilities in addition to hitting the links 2-3 times a week. When you consider she lived an hour and a half from the stadium, it's quite remarkable that she found the time to do all that.
Brianne could give Natalie Gulbis a run for her money, in beauty and golfing
I made one final stop before heading back to the clubhouse, a visit with rookie Ambassadors Tamara and Megan, who were watching the closest-to-the-pin contest and, shortly after a visit from Valerie and the group she was accompanying for the day, the contest was won. The winner was actually a part of the last group to go through so they offered us a ride back to the clubhouse where everyone was unwinding before dinner. I took a few pictures before grabbing a seat with 103.3 The Edge's Bull, Rich Gaenzler. He had purchased a lot of raffle tickets and while the prizes were being awarded, he was getting a little frustrated at not having won any. However, about halfway through the prizes being awarded, he started winning and he probably took home more raffle prizes than most anyone else, save perhaps Aimee's family. Like all Jills events, a dance performance was a part of the event and the special squad filled with some of the best dancers on the Jills did an outstanding job with a single rookie, Christina R, as a part of it. These days, Christina is the longest tenured vet on the Jills and odds are, the rookies must really look up to her. But all her hard work over the years got her to this point and it started way back in 2006. See all the pics at
Kaitlin M, Christina, Aimee, Jamie R, Nicole P, and Eileen
From the Bandettes comes a photo from the Bandits Home Opener vs the Swarm last January. Shown posing for a photo just prior to heading out to perform in 1st intermission are Danielle, Kelsey, Alicia, and Lauren K. The Bandits open the 2014 schedule on December 28th against the Philadelphia Wings at First Niagara Center. This weekend, the new 2014 Bandettes squad is selected and we'll soon find out which of these ladies will be returning as well as who will be joining them.
Danielle, Kelsey, Alicia, and Lauren K

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