Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, July 11, 2014

The 2007 Buffalo Jills Calendar Release Party-revisited

For several years, the Buffalo Jills held a calendar release party in a local nightclub to promote the calendar and to let the fans meet the girls on the squad. Outside of appearances and events, meeting the dancers is next to impossible for the average fans. The calendar release parties ended in 2010 however and only started up again in 2013, but far from Buffalo which kind of defeated the purpose of having it in the 1st place. Odds are that the reason it was held there was because some of the shots in the calendar were taken there.
In 2007, the party was held at Club New York in Niagara Falls owned, at the time, by the brother of one of the Jills. One of the best things about the events like these were that the Jills usually have had family members and even boyfriends on hand there to support them.
Jessica K (2006) on hand to support her twin sister, the calendar cover girl, Jenica
Jessica Z and her boyfriend (now husband)
Over the years, there were some family members/boyfriends I talked to more than the Jills they were there supporting like Eileen's mother and Katie K's boyfriend. Some boyfriends aren't always at ease going to these things but most were enthusiastic supporters of everything their girls were into and that included Laura's husband and Brianne's boyfriend, both of whom I got to meet that evening.
Katie K's boyfriend photobombs this pic of Eileen, Nicole, Jamie, Katie K, Amanda P, and Omarlla

Katie C, Kaitlin V, Ayeshia, and Jill D
Autumn and Rachael
Kelly H and Omarlla
Part of the event was the chance to get photos taken with some of the girls in uniform, a"booth" that got a lot of attention all night long with different Jills at the "booth" throughout the evening.
Jills Choreographer Kelli Wagner gets a pic with Rachael, Angelina, and Lisa
Before long, it was time for the swimsuit fashion show in which the Jills modeled the swimwear for the fans. Club New York's dance floor was an elevated stage-type area and security gave the girls safe access to and from the stage, where they walked around and posed for photos.
Melissa and Kelly

Ayeshia leads the applause for Jill R
After the fashion show, they still had time for a pair of dance numbers as Christina and Eileen did an encore performance of the dance they did at the Congratulatory Party before Omarlla, Nicole, and Katie put on a rousing dance performance of their own before Christina and Eileen came back out to perform another number.
Omarlla, Nicole, and Katie K
You can see all the pics at
From the Bandettes comes a photo from the 2nd quarter of the 1st Knighthawks game. It's been tricky getting photos of Danielle and Kelsey the past two years with where they dance during game-play. I made a point to tell Danielle after the previous game I was working to ensure the two of them got more pics and here's an example of that. Shown in this picture are Lauren K and Danielle.
Lauren K and Danielle

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