Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, July 4, 2014

2007 Training Camp and Jills Golf Tourney-revisited

From 2006-2011, I made a habit of making the trek to St John Fisher for the 1st Saturday of Buffalo Bills training camp to get Jills photos to share. In 2007 however, that 1st Saturday coincided with the 40th Buffalo Jills reunion so most of the squad was focused on welcoming the alumnae to the reunion. While the quantity of Jills at camp that day wasn't high, the quality was as captain and reigning Pro Bowl rep Aimee was on hand that day. In addition to posing for photos, greeting fans, and autographing the just-released Buffalo Jills Swimsuit Calendar featuring Jenica on the cover, she also showed off a new jacket from Reebok that was supposed to be available to the public in 2008. She told me her father was hoping to get it sooner but to no avail. Truthfully, I never saw it hit the shelves myself which is a shame.
Aimee at camp showing off the new jacket
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About 2 weeks later, Fox Valley Country Club in Lancaster was the location for the Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament. Some of the Jills were unavailable for the Tournament that year as Emily, Autumn, Kaitlin B, Melissa, Jill R, Stefanie J, Jenica, Jessica Z,and Eileen were overseas visiting the troops in Afghanistan. The day started out in the clubhouse where the girls posed with the golfers before lunch and some of the girls auctioned themselves off as caddies for the day. Now, I know there have been allegations about what happened in 2012 and 2013 with this but I personally saw nothing out of the ordinary when I was photographing the Golf Tournaments. What happened after the Jills director decided she didn't want the photography and support there anymore is something I have no clue about. Anyway, Katherine, Danielle, and Amanda got to play caddy for the day with different golfers after raising a good sum of money for the squad.
Katherine, Danielle, and Amanda F
rookies Jill D, Katie C, and Lisa
After the golfing got started, I started walking the course, visiting with the Jills around the links, and snapping photos of them with the golfers. I wasn't able to get all of the golfers on camera of course. It's not uncommon for guys to hit the links against the wishes of their wives after all. Some of the Jills even tried their hands at the sport, like Katie C, Kaitlin V, and Stacy!
Katie C giving it a shot
Stacy sending off a shot
Many of the girls sold tickets to family members as well as friends but no family showed more support than Aimee's, who probably bought almost half the raffle tickets sold that day and showed up in personalized jerseys, all with the number 1 and Aimee's name on them. They had them specially made for the Pro Bowl and wore them to the game when Aimee was on the field 6 months before.

Aimee and her fans
As the day wound down, we headed back to the clubhouse for more photos, dinner, and the awarding of the raffle prizes. With buying the most raffle tickets, the fact that Aimee's family came away with more prizes than anyone else came as no surprise to anyone. The prizes were set up as a Chinese auction where people could select what they hoped to win. I sat down with Katie K's bf for dinner and the prize he had the most tickets in for was a prize that Katie wanted him to win more than he did...a He was more interested in some of the autographed Bills memorabilia but making Katie happy was his primary focus, as I'm sure it still is these days.
Brianne and Kelly with one of the golfers

Of course no Jills event would be complete without a dance performance and Aimee, Omarlla, Christina, Nicole, and Kaitlin M brought it!
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From the Bandettes comes a photo from the 1st game against the Rochester Knighthawks. Unfortunately, I was running late getting to the arena and was only able to grab this quick photo of members of Kirsten's line before they had to head downstairs to get ready. I definitely heard about it from L.B. soon Shown posing for the camera are Danielle, Kirsten, Brianna, Lauren K, and Chrissy.
Danielle, Kirsten, Brianna, Lauren K, and Chrissy

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