Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, November 21, 2014

2008-09 Buffalo Bandits Open Practice-revisited

This week, we take a look at a very special Open Practice by the Buffalo Bandits that took place in December of 2008. Why is it so special? Coming off a big win in the NLL Finals, the NLL Champions Cup was on display in the arena. Coming into the arena, it had a different feel and I wasn't alone in feeling that from hearing the chatter around the arena. When I arrived just as practice was starting, the Bandettes were already starting to circulate around the concourse to visit with fans.
As it turned out, in addition to a pair of alums who returned to the squad in Danielle and Denise, there were 5 fresh new faces on the squad for the 2009 season, including a pair who already knew me based on what they'd heard from friends on the Jills. Lauren S's friend Holly was just finishing up her single season on the Jills while Erin M's friend Jess finished up her 2nd season in Hawaii as the Jills' rep in the Pro Bowl.
Z, Lauren, and returning alum Danielle

Sarah, Erin M, Karla, Melissa, Jessica, and Alexis
Meghan, Kirsten, and Maggie
For the 1st part of the practice, the girls spent a lot of time in the concourses greeting fans and posing for photos. The way that worked out, I was able to meet each of the 5 new faces on the squad as well as talk to Erin J and Jaclyn a bit. Eventually, it was getting close to halfway through the practice and they headed down to get ready to perform for the crowd. I was able to get a seat near the tunnel they entered the field for their performance.
rookies Kirsten and Lauren smile for the camera

After the Open Practice was over, it was autograph time and the Bandettes were set up at the top of the East bank of escalators before the practice finished up. It was a pretty popular location that day as it's also where the Champions Cup was on display. After I grabbed a few photos of the girls waiting for the fans to arrive after practice, Erin J gathered the girls around the Cup to get a few great photos with what each NLL team was playing for.
posing with the Champions Cup!
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From the 2013 Buffalo Jills comes a photo from the thrilling win over the Carolina Panthers. This photo was taken at the start of the 2nd quarter as Emily's line was traveling from one corner of the stadium to another. Shown in this photo are Emily and Hayley.
Emily and Hayley

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