Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, November 14, 2014

2008 Bandits Open Practice and Bandits road game in Rochester-revisited

The 2007-08 Buffalo Bandits Open Practice saw a lot of changes with the Bandettes as 9 vets returned to the squad joined by 3 fresh-faced new rookies and 3 returning alumnae. The squad started off the day by doing their poster shoot on the turf before the players came out to practice and then following that up with a dance performance. Afterwards, they let the players have the field while they headed up into the concourse and the stands to visit with fans, sign autographs, and pose for photos. Joining the squad as rookies that year were Justina, Jessica, and Amanda Z. Justina started making her mark early that season with her leadership qualities even as a rookie. For as vocal as Justina was from the start, Jessica's training through the Navy had her coming off as more reserved. Amanda, known affectionately as Z to her squadmates, made her mark showing off her tumbling skills.
Shooting the poster
About halfway through the practice session, the girls were back on the field performing once again before spending some more time in the stands with the fans. While they were out in the concourse, I was able to track them down and get a few photos as well as have a few reunions. Returning to the squad were Karla, Korinne, and Casey, each of whom had taken a few years off. I had only met Casey once briefly during her earlier time on the squad but Karla and Korinne I knew pretty well from their time on the Jills. Long-time readers of this site will remember that Karla was an active member of the Yahoo club and group for a few years after we first started.
A couple of familiar faces re-joining the squad
As the practice wound down, the girls headed back down to the field and joined the players on the turf for an autograph and photos session with the fans. You can see all the pics at
Our second look-back this week actually revolves around an away game for the Bandits. With Buffalo and Rochester being so close together, fans travel to away games in droves but besides the fans traveling, sometimes groups from the dance teams go to the away games as well. Bandettes taking in a Bandits game in Rochester is a pretty common occurence and in 2008, that was no different. At the game I attended, I was just up the main stairs inside the Blue Cross Arena talking to an old friend when Sarah, Meghan, and Melissa came by.  They were having a bit of girls' night out by taking in the game in Rochester and posed for a quick photo before heading into the game.

Sarah, Meghan, and Melissa
After the game, I got a chance to catch up with my friend againafter grabbing a few photos of her and her squadmates in action at the game. Allison spent 2002-05 with the Jills and even though I had only met her briefly her 1st few years on the squad, I got along with her about as well as with anyone that first season I worked closely with the squad in 2005. In 2008, she had gotten a spot with the Rochester Knightingales and I caught up with her a little before and after the game.
Allison and friend
Anytime someone leaves one of Buffalo's pro cheer squads, we're saddened but will continue to support them in all they do, especially when it's something public like performing, even elsewhere like Rochester. It requires a lot of work and dedication to get a spot on a professional cheerleading squad and that's definitely deserving of a lot of support, especially if they chose to cheer on a Buffalo sports team. You can see all the pics at
From the 2013 Buffalo Jills we have a photo from last year's home Opener against the New England Patriots. This photo was taken just prior to halftime when the squad was coming off the field to re-energize for the 2nd half. Shown coming up the tunnel are Katrina, Jayanti, Hayley, and Emily.
Katrina, Jayanti, Hayley, and Emily

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