Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, June 12, 2015

2009 Taste of Buffalo-revisited

Western NY is known for its summer festivals and chief among those is the Taste Of Buffalo, the largest 2-day food festival in the nation. Held on the 2nd weekend of July each year, one of the features many years was the Buffalo Jills. Up through 2009, the Jills would appear during the day at the 97Rock and 103.3 The Edge stations handing out Bills schedules, posing for photos, and sometimes helping with games.
Amanda F, Lindsay, Jackie, and Angelina
I got there shortly after noon on the Saturday of the festival and found a quartet of Buffalo Jills at the 97Rock booth, with Jackie and Lindsay winding down their day. With Amanda F and Angelina headed over to the 103.3 The Edge booth, I spent some time at the 97Rock booth until Jackie and Lindsay were done for the day. Afterwards, I went for some food at a few different vendors before heading over the the 103.3 booth where Loren had shown up to take over.
Loren, Angelina, and Amanda F
After Amanda and Angelina took off for the day, Loren was on her own for a bit so I held off on taking off for more food until Anna made an appearance. I grabbed some photos of the two of them with some fans, some of the very young variety, before making one last food run for the day. While out, I actually ran into a very familiar face, former Jill and Bandette Marissa D.
Anna and Loren with a little fan
It wasn't long after I made it back to Loren and Anna that another familiar face showed up. Taking in the beautiful day at the Taste was Bandettes alum Richelle, who had retired from the Bandettes two years prior. I hadn't talked to her since the night the Bandits won the NLL title in 2008 so I got too catch up with her a little while the Jills were talking to other festival-goers. Shortly after Richelle left, it was time for Loren and Anna to head out as well. They had parked in separate directions so I walked Anna to her car as it was on my way to my own..
Anna and Loren with Bandettes alum Richelle

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From the Bandettes comes a photo from the February game against Colorado. A few times a year, the whole squad will get together for a group photo, usually completely their own idea. This was one of those times in a photo taken when the squad was waiting to head out for pregame, although catching the lovely LaToya in mid-blink was purely by accident.

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