Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, June 19, 2015

7th Annual Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament-revisited

In the Jills' last year at Fox Valley Country Club, the summer hadn't been a great one with rain and below average temps for much of the time. Luckily, Mother Nature was a Jills fan and it was a beautiful day in Lancaster, NY that day. The beauty wasn't just in the sky that day as when I arrived, several of the Buffalo Jills were already there setting up for the day. There were gift bags for the golfers, games being set up, and when the golfers arrived for lunch before heading out onto the course, they were able to bid on caddies in the form of some of the Jills. For 2009, Danielle, Kristin , Laura, Kelly Ann, and Nicole L had the task of getting bids to go along with a group of golfers on the course for the day.
Caddies for the day Danielle and Kristin
While some of the girls were signing golfers up for games, selling raffle tickets, and the caddies were collecting bids, the rest of the squad was mingling with everyone and posing for photos before it was time to head out to the course. I spent the day on foot, starting off the day on the back 9 where I spent some time with Kristen and Lynn before dropping by where Liz and Michelle were. As it turned out, Liz and Michelle were only there for a short shift and I accompanied them back to the clubhouse where a large number of Jills were there just starting their day.
Lynn and Michelle
I took off to the front 9 next and spent some time with Lisa and Murissa. Lisa was sporting some new shorts that were a part of the Jills uniform for some events. Similar to what some squads wear on the sidelines, the Jills weren't allowed to wear them there because of the more conservative views of the Bills' owner. With the Bills having a new owner now, maybe we could see shorts like these on the sidelines when the Jills return?
Lisa about to try her hand at golf
Laura's turn
Courteney and Ashley with Rich "Bull" Gaenzler's group
After a few more stops around the course, the day started to wind down and it was back to the clubhouse for dinner, where several more of the Jills had already shown up, either from other spots around the course or from home since some of them were only scheduled to be there for dinner.
Gabrielle, Keisha, Amanda F, Omarlla, Lindsay, and Christina
Jennifer, Loren, and Ayeshia
Earlier that year, Photobucket, where our photos were posted at the time, had introduced photo tagging to its site and I had gone through the photos to make it easier for the girls on the squad to find their photos. I had the task completed in time for the golf tourney and, as it turned out 10th year vets Omarlla and Eileen were tied for the lead in the number of photos. When they arrived late in the day, I let each of them know that fact and they had some fun with that at various times throughout the course of the season, trying to one-up the other and gain or hold the lead.
Eileen and Katie K

See all the pics at
From the Bandettes comes a photo from the February game against the Colorado Mammoth. This was the game featuring the Jr Bandettes and they joined the Bandettes for a performance at halftime before posing for a big group photo.
Bandettes and Jr Bandettes

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