Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Buffalo Jills photos of The Week

The Buffalo Jill of The Week feature is going on hiatus until September so until then, we'll be taking a look at some current and past Buffalo Jills at some of their appearances, events, and games from the past. We'll take a look at some past Jills, some current vets, and some of the beautiful and talented rookies who joined up with the Jills just this season.
The first pair of photos are the most recent, coming from the 3rd Annual Niagara Falls Fire Department Motorcycle Run which took finished up at the Hard Rock Cafe down near the American Falls.
The 1st pic features a pair of rookies, Anna and Murissa, in a shot taken right in front of the American Falls. Anna is one of a pair of Canadians on the squad and rather enjoyed being treated like a celebrity while on the recent Jills calendar trip. Murissa lives to dance and cheer and has an incredibly supportive family...many of them came out to see her at this appearance.

The 2nd pic features a trio of vets, Jenica, Amanda F, and Vincenza, posing with 97Rock's Concert Correspondent, DJ Jickster. Jenica is in her 3rd season coming off a season as the Swimsuit calendar covergirl. Amanda and Vincenza are 2nd year members of the Ambassador Squad who've each picked up a strong following among Bills fans with their time on the squad so far.

And yes, those are new uniforms. There've been a few modifications made to the Jills uniforms since last season and we'll see more of the modifications over the coming months.

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