Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Buffalo Jills Photos of The Week

This week's photos come from the 1st Buffalo Men's Show held at the Hamburg Agri-Center. This was an event that basically celebrated manhood and featured sports celebrities and displays from the Army and a number of electronics retailers, all stuff that guys like. Of course another thing that guys like is beautiful women and there was no shortage of that as the 97Rock Angels put on a bikini fashion show, Playboy Playmate Shannon James appeared, the CW23's Lydia was on hand and last. but far from the least, the Buffalo Jills appeared for autographs, pictures, and a dance routine.
The 1st pic features a trio of rookies. Toi goes above and beyond when it comes to dedication as she hails from Pittsburgh. The fall will be Shana's first time at an NFL game as she grew up in Oakland, and what father would actually want his little girl to visit the Black Hole of Oakland Coliseum? Dana was actually the first rookie we met as she didn't come to the Open workshop on her own, but with returning vets Jess L and Stephanie B.

Our 2nd pic, taken with former Bills All-Pro G Ruben Brown and his motorcycle features 3 rookies and 1 vet. Rookie Stephanie Br is looking forward to her final year at grad school and vet Lisa is coming off a season as the Jills Rookie of The Year. Lonna is, in addition to being an ace at Guitar Hero, someone who can be very self-critical while Amelina, the shortest girl on the squad, makes up for her lack of height with her outstanding enthusiastic approach to dancing.

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