Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Buffalo Jills and Bandettes Photos of The Week

Once again we take a look at a photo from the Jills Congratulatory Party as our first photo. This one was taken after 97Rock's DJ Jickster brought all the rookies out in front of the stage and had a few of the rookies answer some Bills trivia questions. Here we see Lonna, Lynn, and Murissa waiting for a question while Alison, seen twirling her hair in an effort to fluster poor Jickster, is about to answer the question posed to her. Not seen in this photo are the other 2 rookies were were chosen for this trivia questiona-and-answer session, Stephanie Br and Kristin B.

Our second pic is, once again, from last year's Jills Golf Tournament (this year's is coming up on the 21st!). This pic was taken after the actual tournament while the golfers were returning to the clubhouse for dinner, entertainment, and the raffle. Seen here is the director's husband Jon posing with 4 members of the Jills Ambassador Squad. From left to right are Vincenza, Amanda F, Katherine, and Danielle. A word of advice to anyone who'll be golfing at Fox Valley on Monday in the tournament. If your golf party is just ahead of Jon's and they're catching up to you, don't waste your time asking the Jills to distract him to slow him down. As Katie K told a golfer who asked that 2 years ago, "He's immune to us being able to distract him." LOL

This week, our Bandettes photo is actually from a road game. The Buffalo-Rochester rivalry in the NLL is an intense one for a few different reasons. Some players have played for both teams, they face off in the playoffs quite frequently it seems, and obviously the proximity to one another is a big factor as well. Due in part to this proximity, some Knightingales cheerleaders come to Buffalo when the teams face off and likewise, our Buffalo Bandettes have a group going to Rochester quite regularly. In this April's matchup in Rochester, the stands boasted 3 of the Buffalo Bandettes. While the quantity was small, the quality was large as the 3 that went were fan favorite Sarah and co-captains Meghan and Melissa.

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