Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Buffalo Jills and Bandettes Photos of The Week

This week's Jills pictures come from the recent Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament that took place at Fox Valley Country Club on July 21st. The first pic was taken near the end of the actual golfing at the 15th tee while waiting for the last group of golfers to make it to the hole. It features Kristin B and Holly, a pair of rookies we'll see dancing on Nicole's line this fall. Kristin is a teacher when not cheering while Holly is working through college with plans of becoming a world-class surgeon.

The second pic was taken back in the clubhouse as the golfers were arriving from the course and features 3 of our second-year vets. Ayeshia is generally regarded as one of the fittest of the Jills by her squadmates while Jill D, probably her best bud on the squad is known for being a bit on the goofy side as well as her easy-going demeanor. Amanda K, known as Dr. Amanda, isn't someone you'll find operating on you unless your name is Fido or Lassie or something. She's a veterinarian and great at her job judging from her fan base of satisfied pet owners.

The Bandettes pic these week comes from the February matchup against the Philadelphia Wings. In a pic taken early in the 4th quarter, we have Melissa, Sarah, and Karla posing for the camera. Melissa was a 4th year vet this year who showed off her journalistic skills a few times for and Sarah, also a 4th year vet is best known as someone with an eye for the camera lens as she poses for more shots than anyone. Karla, a 6th year vet, actually took 2 seasons off after spending the 2001-2005 seasons on the Bandettes...and also the 2000-2002 seasons with the Jills.

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