Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Your 2016 Buffalo Bandettes!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Buffalo Jills Photos of The Week

This week, we have a couple different sources for pictures. The first pic comes from this year's Jills Congratulatory Party held at Club Paradise the night of the NFL Draft. It features the formerly shy Vincenza, a 2nd year member of the Ambassador Squad with rookie Rita, who showed off her dance moves at the Open Workshop this year. You can see her in this video for example. That's her directly behind Lisa in the white pants and red and white striped shirt.

Our second pic comes from last year's Buffalo Jills Golf Tournament and features Ambassador Squad members Danielle, Katherine, Laura, and Amanda F getting set to head out on the course with their golf parties. Danielle, Katherine, and Amanda were each bid on by golfers to join their groups for the day. So in addition to seeing the Jills at lunch and dinner as well as at various holes around the course, 3 lucky foursomes each had a member of the Buffalo Jills accompanying them all 18 holes as well. This year's Golf Tournament will also be held at Fox Valley Country Club in Lancaster, NY and takes place on July 21st so don't hesitate to make sure you have the day off for this event!

In addition to the Golf Tournament, we'll see numerous rookie Jills at the Taste of Buffalo on July 11 and 12th in Niagara Square in downtown Buffalo. Just look for the Bills booth as well as booths for 97Rock and 103.3 The Edge to meet some of these beautiful young rookie Jills.

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