Your Lady 716ers coaches!

Your Lady 716ers coaches!
Director LaToya and Coordinator Loren

Friday, September 12, 2008

Buffalo Jill of The Week Kristin B

This week, we look at one of our rookies as the Jill of The Week. Kristin B is a dancer on Nicole's line on the end next to Holly and took a different route to the squad than many young ladies have. A lot of girls will try head straight for the pro ranks fresh out of high school, or at least while still in college. Kristin waited until she not only graduated college, but got her master's degree as well. She thinks of herself as dedicated and the fact that she kept dancing while maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA throughout college speaks volumes about that dedication. She's currently using her degree in two ways, both as a teacher and also working for her city's youth department, a group that works to enrich the lives of the city's youth and their families through recreational, educational, and cultural activities. You can read more about Kristin at
You can also check out her 97Rock Photo Gallery at

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