Your veteran Buffalo Bandettes!

Your veteran Buffalo Bandettes!
Stephanie, Mandy, Jennifer, MaKenzie, Janelle, and Syidah

Friday, December 12, 2008

Buffalo Jill of The Week Liz

This week, we take a look at one of the rookie members of the Jills Ambassador Squad as our Jill of The Week. Liz is one of those girls whose dancing ability was not a detriment to joining the Ambassador Squad as opposed to the dance squad. Many Jills Ambassadors simply don't have as much time to commit to practice as the dancers. Ambassadors typically meet once every other week while the dancers are practicing twice a week, every week. Liz has been dancing since grade school and keeps active in the winter with snowboarding as well. Since she wants to learn to surf one day, snowboarding is a great start although she obviously wouldn't be as bundled up on a surfboard, something beach-goers those days would certainly appreciate. Too bad for them that this statuesque brunette is attached. Beyond that, Liz is aiming to become another doctor with a Jills pedigree like current Dr Amanda K and future Dr Holly. Unlike her squadmates, however, Liz is planning on dealing with the mental and emotional aspects and become a licensed clinical psychologist. You can read more about Liz at and don't forget to check out her 97Rock photo album at

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